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I’m Going To Be A Grandpa

I’m a lucky guy, a really lucky guy.  I’ve got three awesome daughters, all different in their own ways, but each has made, and continues to make, my wife and I awfully proud. I just learned that my middle daughter is pregnant, and a grandson is on the way!  There’s gonna be a boy in the family . . . wow.  And I need to come to grips with the fact that my baby will soon be a mother. So, while my wife goes shopping with her for baby stuff, I’m focused on my daughter’s health, both physically and mentally.  And, I’m going shopping for her – here’s what I’m looking at: I bought the first gift for the gender reveal party last week – it’s a journal that allows my daughter to record every moment of my grandson’s first years. According to Blossom & Pear, the Hello Little Love journal is designed with modern mama’s in mind, with plenty of space for images alongside each handwritten detail following her pregnancy through to your babes first 5 years.  It’s a 98 page hard

Genius Pack: Smart Carry-On for Smart Travelers

No ordinary luggage, this carry-on redefines functionality for the modern traveler. I know, I know, everybody has their own opinion about everything.  But when I see competitors agreeing about a new gizmo or gadget or whatever, I tend to look a bit closer.  And, according to Travel & Leisure and Fodor’s Travel, the Genius Pack G4 is the best carry-on luggage you can find. And, from what I have learned, I couldn’t agree more! One thing that most of us have in common is that we will do just about anything to avoid those annoying, ridiculous, and costly luggage fees charged by virtually every airline company.  Of course, some of these airlines have already changed their policies so that they can assess you for your carry-on, but it’s usually a bit less, and certainly easier to deal with, than checking in your luggage. Carry-On Dream Come True The Genius Pack Carry-On is way ahead of the curve.  Now that the company has released the fourth generation, it seems that they have thought of everything!  Before you watch the video, allow me to

Dr. Maria T. Llopiz: Coming to America

Fleeing a communist regime, she climbed up the ranks of medicine to achieve the American dream. I arrived for my appointment and a medical assistant opened the door at the doctor’s clinic. Entering the office, she signaled me to wait. In just a few seconds, the doctor walks in still speaking to a patient outside. “Don’t worry Mirta, it’s exactly what we hoped for,” she said. Curiously, she was holding a bag of bananas. Naturally, I was curious and asked why. “Some patients can’t pay with money, so they do the best they can,” she answered. I think that moment itself encapsulates everything about her. She sat down and proceeded to let me in on her story of persistence, faith, and the American dream. Maria Teresa Llopiz, PhD ENT, is an otorhinolaryngologist, specializing in the diagnosis, treatment, and surgery of disorders of the nose, throat, ear, and related structures of the head and neck. Faced with New Challenges Due to political persecution, Dr. Llopiz fled her homeland of Cuba in 1992. Along with her two children, 4- and 10-years old,

Smart Nora: The Revolutionary Snoring Solution

At last, an anti-snoring device that lets you sleep in comfort, contact-free. What was once an occasional nudge has suddenly become an elbow in the gut, a reminder that, yet again, I must be snoring.  You may be aware that approximately 50% of all people have a snoring issue at one time or another, and 25% are habitual snorers.  In addition to being annoying to others, snoring can be a sign, or cause, of serious health issues, most notably, sleep apnea. You may have guessed that, given the statistics, a “snoring industry” has developed over the years designed to stop the noise and to increase the air flow for those who chronically snore.  Like me, many of you have probably changed your sleeping positions and/or purchased that latest and greatest pillow time and time again to try to find a solution. In most cases, we find that these solutions may work temporarily at best. Finally, A Real Solution One of the most unique solutions to enter the marketplace is called Smart Nora, a device that adjusts your pillow when it detects

Darren Jew: Master Photographer

Behind the lens of one of the world’s top photographers. Darren Jew is an Australian underwater, wildlife, and nature photographer whose technical mastery of photography is well known among his peers. Wanting to convey the beauty of nature, he pushes the envelope in practice of the medium. His creative visualization of a subject and translating that into a photograph has earned him a justly deserved reputation. He has captured perfect moments like the ethereal ballet of a 50-ton humpback whale with her calf, a dizzying whorl of thousands of fish, and pods of playful dolphins. His stunning photos of underwater subjects surrounded by sun rays or emerging from the dark abyss leave us breathless and filled with wonder. One of his most memorable underwater adventures was to photograph in mosaic panels the entire length of the shipwreck, SS Yongola, which was caught in a storm and sank off the coast of Queensland, Australia in 1911. Although Jew specializes in underwater photography, he has also photographed landscapes and animals in some of the world’s farthest reaches from Russia to Antarctica to

Joe Pulizzi: Godfather of Content Marketing

Engaging and growing an audience is key to brand building and business success. Joe Pulizzi swears by his approach of building an audience and once that audience knows, likes, and trusts a brand, then they can be monetized. Known in the digital marketing industry as the Godfather of Content Marketing, he founded the Content Marketing Institute (CMI), an industry leader in the education and practical training of content marketing. He has since sold the company which hosts the world’s largest in-person marketing event, Content Marketing World, every year in Cleveland, Ohio. The event draws people across all industries to network and learn new methods and tactics for growing and monetizing an engaged audience in the digital world.  Big Dream Goes Big Time Before Pulizzi became a major marketing heavyweight, he was just a simple person with a big dream. He had a vision of what internet marketing would be like before it became the world’s biggest platform for marketing and selling products and services. He is known for popularizing the term “content marketing” as far back as 2001, which means growing

Jim Rooney: An Amazon-Sized Awakening

While Consuming, we should also be Producing and Investing Our poor decisions and moments of regret can often carve pathways to future triumphs. If, that is, we engage in clear and self-effacing thinking. If we critically assess our errors, learn the lessons and make proper adjustments, we will begin shifting our mistakes and temporary failures into stepping stones to future opportunity and success. My subject herein is investing. In my 35 years in the business, I’ve experienced both exhilarating successes and humbling failures, and along the way made every poor decision and mistake known to humankind. Here’s one that still resonates today: In the early 2000s, I began shopping at Amazon.com. I bought a few books and music CDs (remember those?) and within the week the soon-to-be ubiquitous box was on my doorstep. Their software worked perfectly and provided better complimentary product recommendations than any store clerk I’d ever encountered. Thus, I often bought more than I’d intended. It was easy, convenient and life-changing. In the nearly two decades since, as Amazon has vastly expanded its retail footprint and influence,

Tim Kennedy: Living Legend

He’s a special ops soldier, world-class mixed martial arts fighter, top UFC middleweight champion, TV star, entrepreneur, and family man. Brave, tough, fearless, and heroic seem inadequate in describing Tim Kennedy who lives every day to its fullest. His compulsive nature turned him into a UFC Champion and a Ranger qualified, Green Beret, Special Forces Sniper. Now retired from his UFC career, he currently serves as a Senior Special Forces Weapons Sergeant assigned to a Special Operations Detachment Unit. Pianos to Punches Kennedy, the middle child of three, from San Luis Obispo, California, is of Irish-American descent. Prior to his journey in becoming a fighter, Kennedy enrolled in piano and cooking classes as his mother desired. After some time, Kennedy wasn’t fond of the choices his mother made for him and decided to follow his father’s guidance instead. During his early teenage years, his father enrolled him and his brother for lessons in boxing, wrestling, and jujitsu. Adding to the plate of hard-hitting sports and a schedule that would seem overwhelming to a teenager, Kennedy was also encouraged by his

Steven Sashen: The Barefoot Epiphany

The Man and the Barefoot Epiphany, or Cavemen Didn’t Wear Sneakers The most beautiful and genius things are often the simplest. The natural world strives for efficiency. Occasionally, an idea comes along that is so simple, so obvious, that only a great mind could have conceived it. This is the story about an idea and the man, Steven Sashen, who would conquer the barriers between him and success. Every year, a few triathletes stand around and talk shop behind a footwear store after an annual race that takes over the town. Something wasn’t the same this year. They had the most peculiar things on their feet. It looked like jewelry that went from their toes to their ankles. But it had some sort of leather sole. Runners swear by the improvement that going nearly barefoot has done for their performance. They weren’t wearing just any footwear, these are Xero Shoes, a brand that has been thousands of years in the making. Where did they come from? A sprinter, a book, and an idea A native of Bethesda, Maryland and living

Cathy Corison: Napa’s Modern Day Pioneer

A Historical Perspective What do Cathy Corison, a Franciscan missionary from Mexico named Father Serra, a Frenchman from Bordeaux named Jean-Louis Vignes, and a bunch of German Utopians have in common? They all are pioneers in the California wine world.  From the 1770’s to the 1840’s, the latter three introduced wine to the California landscape, planting their vines in places now known as San Diego, Los Angeles and Anaheim.  Two centuries later, Cathy Corison continues this tradition.  A closer look at those 200 years offers a backdrop to Cathy’s story. In 1848, a significant happening in Northern California accelerated the nascent wine industry’s momentum – the discovery of gold. The ensuing gold rush brought with it huge growth in population, commerce and wealth, including industrious Europeans voyaging west to seek their fortunes. While most didn’t find gold, they found something just as valuable – a climate and soil ideal for growing grapes and making wine. Established vine cuttings were imported from Europe, and the number of vineyards and barrels of drinkable wine grew exponentially. In 1869, the transcontinental railroad was