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Kingsford SteakAger: Steakhouse Quality at Home

Now you can really have it your way —the finest dry aged beef made right in your kitchen. Peter Luger’s … Pappas Brothers … Bern’s … Gibson’s … CUT, each and every one a worthy destination for those searching for the very best in steak. What if you could duplicate these iconic restaurants in your own home for a fraction of the price?  Not Possible?  Think again… A Superior Steak One of the most universal myths about the finest steakhouses in America is that the unique flavor and textures of their steaks come from some special grades of meat that are only available to restaurants.  In actuality, the secret to great steak is dry aging.  Steakhouses have known about this for decades, and it’s one of the many reasons why people simply give up when trying to duplicate it at home. Dry aging is a process by which large cuts of beef are refrigerated with consistent air circulation taking anywhere from several weeks to several months, resulting in a much more flavorful and tender steak.  And now you can age your steaks,

Steven Raichlen: Ultimate Pit Boss

Back to School  “I spent a lot of time attending school in my younger days.  After graduating high school, I went to college for four years, graduating from Hofstra University on Long Island.  As if that wasn’t enough, I attended Brooklyn Law School for another three years after that! Honestly, after those experiences, I never wanted to see another school again and was ready to start my career.  But now, around 40 years later, I’m ready to go back to school!  Yes, I’ve re-acquired “the bug” to go back to school. “Barbecue University, here I come!”  Barbecue University?  Seriously? Yes, as a matter of fact, Steven Raichlen, the world’s foremost authority on live-fire cooking, is the professor at this esteemed university. Mastering His Fiery Craft A passion for primal flavor in food cooked over a live fire ignites a backyard grill mania. Known as the man who reinvented modern barbecue, Steven Raichlen is an accomplished author, journalist, cooking instructor, and TV host. As inspiration for his books, he has traveled the world in search of all things barbecue and considers cooking


Cuba stole our hearts months before we arrived. Images of vintage cars, colorful facades and expressive locals mesmerized, gratified and consumed us, so we acted on the desire. We booked a spontaneous, four-day trip from Boston to Havana to experience and photograph the country ourselves, proving to be a timely and opportune decision (new regulations announced two days before our departure will make it more difficult for Americans to visit in the near future). While we anticipated incredible pictures in Cuba, we knew very little about the people and the culture. American travel is still relatively new, so there’s not an overwhelming amount of information available online. With that, although both well-traveled, we had initial concerns as two young females alone in a country in which communication isn’t readily available; however, all of our worries subsided at the onset of our trip. Cuba is vibrant and alive. Buildings are brightly painted, and the streets carry an unmistakably powerful and contagious energy. Cubans are incredibly inviting, warm and inquisitive; they’re just as interested in us as we are in them. We

Crisis Behavior: Lessons Learned

For over 30 years, nearly every business day, I sat at my Merrill Lynch financial advisory desk serving our clients. I was there for them in good times and bad – especially the bad. That’s when people need their financial advisors the most. For a large majority of my career, times were good. In retrospect, my timing looks impeccable. When I was hired by Merrill Lynch in 1983, the Dow Jones Index traded at 1200. The year I retired, 2017, the same index traded at 25,000. Not bad at all. Because the Dow Jones Index tracks a diversified mix of 30 of America’s largest and most stable companies, otherwise known as ‘Blue Chips,’ it is a good indicator of the health of the U.S. and global economies. Can you just imagine if the U.S. Treasury had been smart and optimistic enough to invest a portion of its Social Security trust fund in the American economy, instead of timidly settling for the lowest return available every year (i.e. the three-month treasury bill)? In short, there wouldn’t be a chance of ever

Barry Moltz: The Unstuck Guy

Entrepreneurial success and failure have molded a man on a mission to cure the small business blues with his extensive wealth of knowledge. Barry Moltz, a small business and entrepreneur expert, has a unique talent for helping business owners regain focus and grow their potential for success. He is a best-selling author of several books on practical business advice. His first book, “You Need to Be A Little Crazy: The Truth about Starting and Growing Your Business” is in its fifth reprint with translations in Chinese, Russian, Korean, and Thai. His books cover a range of entrepreneurial and small business topics such as reputation management, profitability, business confidence, digital strategies, customer service, and more. Getting Stuck One of his favorite quotes to live by is, “Start from where you are.” This is where the launchpad for change takes place and where the mindset for success begins. Small business owners and entrepreneurs often dive in whole-heartedly into fulfilling their business dreams, but soon realize they have shortcomings in critical areas to keep them afloat, such as finance know-how and marketing skills. He

Black Rifle Coffee Company

“Among the numerous luxuries of the table, coffee may be considered as one of the most valuable. It excites cheerfulness without intoxication; and the pleasing flow of spirits which it occasions is never followed by sadness, languor or debility.” -Benjamin Franklin There’s a special place in my heart for organizations managed by, and employing, veterans of our armed forces. In my opinion, all of us should be grateful for their contributions to our great country, and should give back as a way of saying thanks at each and every opportunity. I am embarrassed to admit, however, that when it comes to my obsession with coffee and my quest for the perfect cup, I tend to set aside my preferences about veterans. I sincerely apologize for that, but I have to be honest. Well, I’m excited to report, I have found the best of both worlds – a veteran-owned company that makes the best coffee I have ever tasted! Black Rifle Coffee Company (BRCC)is a premium small-batch, roast-to-order, veteran-owned coffee company. BRCC imports their high-quality coffee beans directly from Colombia and Brazil. Then, they personally blend and roast

Coravin: Keeping Wines Fresh Forever

How physics, mechanical engineering, nuclear power, and medical devices changed the world of wine. I am not a wine aficionado, to say the least, but I enjoy an occasional glass or two. I must admit, however, that I find it very frustrating that if I don’t finish the bottle in one sitting, or certainly, within 24 hours, I find myself pouring it down the drain! That becomes pretty painful when considering price and quality. A Fine Gadget for Fine Wine When discussing my frustrations with a friend recently, he looked at me like I was a moron and asked “Haven’t you heard about Coravin?” Well, no, I’d never heard of Coravin at that time, but I’ve certainly learned a lot since then. So, what is Coravin? It’s a device that inserts a needle into a bottle of wine, allowing you to enjoy its contents without removing the cork and, more importantly, without spoiling the rest of the bottle. Can you imagine? Every sip will taste as good as the first, you can enjoy multiple bottles at the same time, and

Happy Father’s Day from the Luckiest Dad

First, I want to say Happy Father’s Day to all dads. Hearing our children call us “dad, daddy, papa,” or whatever name, is one of the greatest gifts we’re given.  It’s often said but cannot be said enough…regardless of our world, our children’s comments and hugs quickly change the day (even when they’re teenagers with attitudes😊.) Second, thanks to CHOA and the team at Sibley for everything you do. You’re the superstars. You live in a world with so much on your shoulders, yet your spirit, talent, and caring never cease to amaze. Third, thanks to Sibley for asking me to write about Taylor, knowing ahead of time that I’m going to be a little schmaltzy. It’s great to be given a blank canvas on which to express the feelings of being a father. I have the greatest Father’s Day gift – two amazing daughters who are each, in their own unique ways, my heroes. Emerson, 12, is my hummingbird, who throughout the entire ordeal with Taylor, stayed positive and brightened everyone’s day.  Taylor’s story is a miracle, and the

Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet: Grill Mastering

High-end outdoor kitchens having all the accoutrements of indoor cooking are raising the bar on backyard grilling. The warmer weather has finally arrived, and it’s time for barbecue. Actually, as a resident of South Florida, it’s always barbecue season! I love my brisket and, if you haven’t already checked out our article featuring Steven Raichlen, now is the time to do so. I also enjoy just about anything else you can cook on the barbecue.      American Craftsmanship One of my favorite companies is Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet, which makes custom outdoor kitchens that are downright gorgeous, and can liven up anyone’s backyard.  Forbes calls it the the “Rolls Royce of Grills.” You can see and feel the difference that sets Kalamazoo grills apart from the rest. It’s all in the details, they take pride in their quality, craftsmanship, and performance, and ship directly from their workshop in Michigan to homes all over the world. Kalamazoo has been in business for over 100 years, focusing on custom food and dairy processing equipment. Almost 20 years ago, Kalamazoo decided to expand operations,

Father’s Day 2019: The Coolest Gifts To Blow His Mind

Happy Father’s Day to one and all! I have some unique gift ideas that most dads will be thankful for.  Let’s see if any spark your interest! BEN & JERRY’S PINT LOCK We need to start with the ultimate “fun” gift for anyone and everyone. Yes, we are talking about the Ben & Jerry’s pint lock. As it says on the Ben & Jerry’s website, “they can steal your heart, but don’t let them steal a single scoop . . . ” It’s only $9.99 if you buy it directly from their website. EX OFFICIO UNDERWEAR A few years ago, I went on the greatest trip of my life – an African safari!  It seemed like I had to buy a new wardrobe because you are only allowed to bring a small duffel bag that will easily fit on the little airplanes that take you from one camp to another! I read an article that had mentioned this special travel underwear whose slogan is “17 countries. 6 wees. One pair of award-winning underwear. (OK, maybe two).” Several years later, my