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Nonny de la Peña: Immersive Journalist

Storytelling brought to life: Experience the true impact of news and stories by being there through virtual reality. Hunger prowls the streets of Los Angeles like a wolf. Living in LA is a struggle and making ends meet to provide for family is coming up short. Another day is about to pass in hunger, and you are there, a witness to this sad commentary on hunger in America. You’ve just been immersed in a true-life journalistic drama using virtual reality. When you’re done, take off your headset and have a nice day, or better yet, feel compelled to do something to make a difference in our world. It’s one thing to read about something and another thing entirely to live it. Award-winning Mexican-American journalist, documentary filmmaker, and CEO/Founder of Emblematic Group, Nonny de la Peña is spearheading a new tech movement that will help bridge the gap between experience and reality and bring the story to life through virtual reality. De la Peña’s virtual reality projects through the Emblematic Group have won many awards and she has been nicknamed the

Dr. Nicole Avena: Our Love Affair with Sugar

Her pioneering research reveals how foods we love hijack our brains into addictive-like eating. Have a sweet tooth? If so, you may be one of the millions of Americans who may be consuming too much of the sweet stuff and we’re not just talking about the sugary white granules, but also the sugar hiding in many foods and beverages we love. Craving the Sweet Stuff Various studies show excess sugar consumption increases the risk of developing obesity, dental decay, diabetes, metabolic syndrome, heart disease, cholesterol levels, and hypertension. With all these risks, you might think to reduce or eliminate sugar intake. But have you noticed how hard that is to stick with? We are constantly bombarded by clever marketing tactics promoting foods that are clearly bad for our health. Alas, too often we make exceptions and indulge in just one more bite of that sweet lusciousness. At the grocery store, we walk through aisles of sugar-laden foods, trying to determine which are healthier choices. How do we know we are making the right choice? Surrounded by sweet temptations, we often

Kristen Ulmer: Extreme Skier and Fear Expert

Her mind over mountain techniques propelled her beyond the limits of fear. Step into the U.S. Ski and Snowboard Hall of Fame and you will find a fear and anxiety expert. Her name is Kristen Ulmer. But with years of painstaking training and perfecting, the New Hampshire native’s rise to the top is anything but an overnight sensation. It’s also anything but ordinary. Ulmer believes her particular knack in the maintenance of fear and anxiety was a result of her willingness to ski some of the world’s most dangerous lines and jumping off foreboding cliffs. Able to channel her fear, Ulmer has accomplished amazing feats such as jumping off 70-foot cliffs and being the first female to mountain ski a descent of Wyoming’s Grand Teton in 1997. Additionally, she’s an ice and rock climber, paraglider, adventure cyclist, and kiteboarder. In a 2000 Women’s Sports and Fitness Magazine poll she was voted as the most extreme woman athlete in all disciplines in North America. Finding the Passion Ulmer was born and raised in Henniker, a small ski town in New Hampshire. Her

Conversations with My Toilet: The Kohler Smart Toilet

Now you can personalize your throne for the ultimate toileting experience. My toilet kicks your toilet’s butt. Or, at least it can really debate it! Why? Because Kohler has once again upped the ante with a new paradisiacal product. Okay, maybe it can’t physically beat its butt (there’s a pun in there somewhere and yes, it’s intended). It does, however, know everything Google’s Alexa does. Walking into the restroom, guests lose their breath as a beam of light comes to life behind a sleek, square and luminous device sitting where a white ceramic toilet should be. It might not be immediate apparent, but this is a wonder of human innovation. If the visuals don’t take your breath away, sit down before it greets you as you faint from the glorious wonder. King of Thrones This year, if you forgot the name of your favorite actor or need to know where to buy the newest gadgets, just ask your toilet. Think some kid with a startup “disrupted” the game? Think again! A whopping 146 years ago, a little plumbing company called Kohler emerged. Today,

Kevin Stone: Hollywood Hypnotist

Ever daydreamed,  realized you’ve driven past your exit,  or been totally engrossed in a movie? You’ve experienced a natural hypnosis! Having hypnotized over 1 million people, internationally acclaimed hypnotist, Kevin Stone, is still going strong helping people overcome their battles with stopping smoking, losing weight, conquering phobias, and managing stress among many other of life’s issues.  Best known as the Hollywood Hypnotist, Stone’s been called upon by celebrities for the past 25 years and is the owner and CEO of two companies Mind Growth Technologies and Deep Sleep Entertainment. He’s known as the only nationally recognized hypnotist for his work with high-profile celebrities, sports figures and politicians.  An Extraordinary Hypnotist Beverly Hills, California is home to Stone’s world-famous hypnotherapy clinic and is where he helps over a hundred clients weekly. He treats clients dealing with past trauma, intrusive thoughts, anxiety, and addiction. As a hypnosis consultant, he has been instrumental in treating TMJ, autism, and eating disorders.  His natural approach helps people make positive and lasting changes in their lives without the use of medication. Law enforcement agencies, doctors, dentists,

Becca Stevens: on the Healing Power of Love

Thistle Farms offers women a second chance at life, but for many being served, it is their first chance at life. Throomers welcomes Becca Stevens and the amazing work she has done bringing hurting women back to life. We thank her for sharing her story with our readers. I began Thistle Farms in 1997 because women on the streets had few, if any, options for long-term, safe housing to recover from the trauma and abuse they had experienced. We started with one home for five women with criminal records of prostitution and addiction. Even though in the community the women were doing amazing healing work, their early childhood trauma, life on the streets, and felonies on their records made it difficult to find a job. In 2001, I started a business, making natural candles and body balms to provide women income. Our guiding principle that love is the strongest force for change in the world, were formed in these early days. On a Mission to Heal The story of Thistle Farms also began for me in 1968 when my parents moved

Changing the World View on Inclusion

Over 1100 races including marathons, triathlons, and Ironmans later, Dick and Rick Hoyt continue to inspire us in living life to the fullest. Crowds cheered and a slight breeze caressed the triathletes’ faces as they squinted their eyes to make out the finish line. I was one of them. The sun was hot that afternoon. The beads of sweat drips from our foreheads and I hurriedly flicked it aside. My triathlon suit was drenched, my heart was beating out of my chest, my left knee was aching, but I persisted. I thought back to my bag of motivational thoughts, clamoring for a second wind. Before every triathlon I watch a video to get inspired. I always turned to one about a father who runs the races pushing his son in a wheelchair. I recall it when I need hope.  Team Hoyt is well known within the triathlon community and competed for years at the World Championships in Kona, Hawaii. When the world seems to be against me, team Hoyt reminds me that anything is possible. Witnessing Extraordinary Greatness My shoes