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3D-Printed House: Revolutionary Living Spaces

New technology is set to transform global homelessness and build planetary habitats. Growing up, you may remember seeing Sears catalog kit houses in your neighborhood. Those early 20th century “modern homes” offered the latest technology in homebuilding and were easy to assemble with a group of friends. We’ve come a long way since then. How about printing up your own custom home? Technology has caught up with homebuilding methods and now homes can be built using 3D printing. Yes, you can actually download and print up to a 2,000-square-foot house or even entire communities. Austin, Texas based ICON is a newly launched construction technologies company that is pioneering the future of homebuilding. They are using 3D printing to make major advancements in affordability, sustainability, building performance, and customization. ICON developed the Vulcan II, a proprietary printer that uses 3D robotics, advanced software, and cutting-edge materials. “Conventional construction methods have many baked-in drawbacks and problems that we’ve taken for granted for so long that we forgot how to imagine any alternative,” says Jason Ballard, co-founder and CEO of ICON. “With 3D

Where to Go on Safari To See the Big 5

If it’s your first time to go on safari, your list of wildlife to see probably includes the “Big 5.” The term, originally coined by the big game hunters of the early safari days, refers to the five most difficult animals to see while on foot: lion, leopard, rhinoceros, elephant, and Cape buffalo. Spotting them on the safaris of today can still be challenging… unless you know where to look. The Big 5 are present in several countries across Africa. South Africa South Africa is one of the best countries to visit for first-time safari-goers and families traveling together. The country offers a lot of diversity with its cities, beaches, culture, and of course safaris. If it’s a Big 5 safari you’re after, the Sabi Sand Game Reserve is the place to go. Of the Big 5, the leopard is the most elusive of all. However, they are frequently spotted on game drives in the Sabi Sand. There are a number of excellent lodges to choose from, but a few of our favorite go-to places that provide unparalleled luxury and

10 Popular Social Crutches

1. Smartphones The most obvious social crutch used to be smoking. You would see people light up and puff away, not because they really needed or wanted a cigarette but just to have something to do with their hands. Health warnings have led to a huge reduction in smoking in Western countries in the last few decades. It’s no longer socially acceptable and is banned outright in many public areas. So what do people do now? Smartphones are to the current generation what cigarettes were to the last. Primarily designed to help people stay in touch, they are also a popular crutch to avoid social awkwardness. It’s a rare person who finds themselves at a loose end in a public place (waiting for something, eating alone, and so on) and doesn’t pull out their phone to give themselves something to do. Some people with low self-confidence take this even further and may pretend to text someone or even fake making a call. I once saw a girl on a train doing this, but her phone rang while she was talking

3 Must Know Tips for Dating After 40

If you are venturing back out again into dating after 40 as a lady seeking a long term love relationship and not just a Tinder hookup, then there are 3 tips you must know in order to be smart, safe and successful in midlife courtship. These are 3 must know tips for women for dating after 40 looking to date quality men and find a life long love relationship. 3 Must Know Tips for Women Dating for After 40: You Deserve More Than a Hook Up Ladies, You Deserve a Relationship with a Man Who Loves You By the way, gentlemen, I believe and inculcate that you deserve to be in a relationship with a woman who loves you and appreciates you for the man that you are, too. This is not a one-sided thing. There is no one-sidedness in marriage. There is no winning. Marriage and long term committed relationship always require a win-win approach to relating, love, intimacy, and communication. Dating certainly is different now at midlife than it was in your 20s and 30s. If you are

Solar-Powered Tent: Modern Comforts for the Happy Camper

Stay cool, well lit, and charged up with a solar-powered camping experience! We went camping last August. To my malaise, it turns out my hair doesn’t get that beachy, salty look in the middle of the Everglades in South Florida. Who knew? The people a couple hundred feet south of us knew, that’s who! It was late evening and the lightning bugs were dancing above the swampy sawgrass to the west. Suddenly, I heard an all too familiar sound … a blow dryer. Sweet six-ounce lord and savior! The tent to the south had some sort of power system. It was far too quiet to be a generator, unless the motor sounded like a bad acoustic version of Creedence Clearwater Revival. But that’s a whole other story. What they had was a solar-powered tent. Or, so we found out the following morning… Even though many swear by the tranquility of camping without the distractions of our daily bombardment of digital gadgets and fluorescent lighting, it’s not an ubiquitous preference. Personally, the lack of modern comforts has kept me from enjoying

Stanford Thompson: Creating Social Harmony

By his example, he’s helping the under-served through the power of music. Change the Tune For Stanford Thompson, music is more than notes and pitches. He believes, like many others, that music can heal broken communities, uplift downtrodden children, and make Philadelphia a better place. Unlike others, Thompson is a world-renowned trumpet player who uses his musical talent for social justice initiatives. His art is undeniable, he’s performed solos with Ocean City Pops Orchestra, the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra, and the North Springs Philharmonic, and traveled as far China, Czech Republic, Germany, Kenya, and Austria playing his tunes. But to Thompson, the sweetest sound doesn’t come from his trumpet, it comes from helping those in need. His organization, Play On Philly, pairs world-class musicians with students who are struggling academically due to life circumstances. He shares his results about the life-changing effects of music and remains committed to the arts through his many leadership positions on the board of the Marian Anderson Award, American Composers Forum, and the Greater Philadelphia Cultural Alliance. Due to his commitment to social justice through music,

Jim Ziolkowski: Building the Human Spirit

One brick at a time, his labor of love empowers lives and communities through education. A man with a wonderful soul wrote a book about walking in the shoes of the less fortunate. If you took a walk in Jim Ziolkowski’s shoes not only would they be covered in dust from foreign lands, they’d make your heart swell with love for your fellow man. In his book, Walk in Their Shoes, he poses the question: can one person change the world? In his life he’s already proven it. Heartland Upbringing Ziolkowski grew up like millions of other kind souls in the heartland of America. Raised in Jackson, Michigan, he enjoyed the peaceful life of small town U.S.A. and all the charming trappings associated with it. Attending Church with his parents was a big part of that wonderful childhood. His faith, deeply embedded in his consciousness, would affect not only his life but the fates of thousands. College Grad with a Conscience After graduating from college, Ziolkowski traveled the world, but not like your typical Eurorail backpacker. After hitchhiking around Europe

Safi Bahcall: From Loonshots to Moonshots

Shooting for the stars: The nurturing of wild ideas into innovations that change the world. What do James Bond and Lipitor have in common? What can we learn about human nature and world history from a glass of water? These are questions physicist, entrepreneur, and author, Safi Bahcall, answers using the science of phase transitions. He became interested in how important ideas were either set aside and forgotten or became major innovations with the potential to change the world. He says, “The most important breakthroughs rarely follow blaring trumpets and a red carpet, with central authorities offering overflowing pots of tools and money. They pass through long dark tunnels of skepticism and uncertainty, crushed or neglected; their champions often dismissed as crazy.” The Gardener’s Hand According to Bahcall, a moonshot is a destination —an idea that culminates into a big goal like landing a man on the moon or curing cancer. A loonshot is how we get there. But what is a loonshot? It is an idea deemed too farfetched and is therefore set aside to be neglected and buried.

NOTA NOTA: The Incredible Do-It-Yourself Perfumery

Enliven your senses and discover your own aromatic journey by creating perfumes at home. Every day we want to put our best face forward for the world to see. We make sure to wear the perfect combination of our choosing. Our hair is styled to perfection, makeup is appropriate for the occasion, and we’re dressed to impress. But have we given much thought about how we smell every day? Most of us imbue ourselves with fragrances designed by big name celebrities, couturiers, or perfumeries. But now, after half a decade in the making, we have an incredible way to personalize and share fragrances of our own making. Introducing the NOTA NOTA perfume machine created by Abdullah S. Bahabri. A New Scentsation! Now men and women can enter the olfactory world of fragrance designers and create unique fragrances with NOTA NOTA. It’s the newest tool in perfume mixology and is intended to become a part of our daily ritual. Just as routine as waking up to your alarm clock, yawning, and brushing your teeth, you can now dip yourself in an

Sarah Williams: Challenging Women to Toughen Up

Bored city worker turned adventurer inspires women to push their limits and get the most out of life. Some women sit in their corporate cubicles fantasizing about travelling the world. Still others at management level fantasize about naps in the middle of 80-hour work weeks. But Sarah Williams isn’t your typical woman. She was created with the factory setting “limitless” and used her exit from corporate life to flip the switch. From Pushing Papers to Pushing Barriers Williams was by all measures a success. She’d graduated from university and landed a great job in the buzzing financial center of London. By age 32 she was restless and bored out of her skull. The dormant explorer inside her was stirring, ready to awaken a veritable powerhouse of sheer will and human accomplishment. In 2013 she left her job and set off on an 18-month journey around the globe.   “I Quite Like Shocking People.” Hoping this expedition would show her a different path forward; Williams proceeded to blaze several all over the globe. She cycled Death Road in Bolivia.  She climbed