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Safi Bahcall: From Loonshots to Moonshots

Shooting for the stars: The nurturing of wild ideas into innovations that change the world. What do James Bond and Lipitor have in common? What can we learn about human nature and world history from a glass of water? These are questions physicist, entrepreneur, and author, Safi Bahcall, answers using the science of phase transitions. He became interested in how important ideas were either set aside and forgotten or became major innovations with the potential to change the world. He says, “The most important breakthroughs rarely follow blaring trumpets and a red carpet, with central authorities offering overflowing pots of tools and money. They pass through long dark tunnels of skepticism and uncertainty, crushed or neglected; their champions often dismissed as crazy.” The Gardener’s Hand According to Bahcall, a moonshot is a destination —an idea that culminates into a big goal like landing a man on the moon or curing cancer. A loonshot is how we get there. But what is a loonshot? It is an idea deemed too farfetched and is therefore set aside to be neglected and buried.

NOTA NOTA: The Incredible Do-It-Yourself Perfumery

Enliven your senses and discover your own aromatic journey by creating perfumes at home. Every day we want to put our best face forward for the world to see. We make sure to wear the perfect combination of our choosing. Our hair is styled to perfection, makeup is appropriate for the occasion, and we’re dressed to impress. But have we given much thought about how we smell every day? Most of us imbue ourselves with fragrances designed by big name celebrities, couturiers, or perfumeries. But now, after half a decade in the making, we have an incredible way to personalize and share fragrances of our own making. Introducing the NOTA NOTA perfume machine created by Abdullah S. Bahabri. A New Scentsation! Now men and women can enter the olfactory world of fragrance designers and create unique fragrances with NOTA NOTA. It’s the newest tool in perfume mixology and is intended to become a part of our daily ritual. Just as routine as waking up to your alarm clock, yawning, and brushing your teeth, you can now dip yourself in an

Sarah Williams: Challenging Women to Toughen Up

Bored city worker turned adventurer inspires women to push their limits and get the most out of life. Some women sit in their corporate cubicles fantasizing about travelling the world. Still others at management level fantasize about naps in the middle of 80-hour work weeks. But Sarah Williams isn’t your typical woman. She was created with the factory setting “limitless” and used her exit from corporate life to flip the switch. From Pushing Papers to Pushing Barriers Williams was by all measures a success. She’d graduated from university and landed a great job in the buzzing financial center of London. By age 32 she was restless and bored out of her skull. The dormant explorer inside her was stirring, ready to awaken a veritable powerhouse of sheer will and human accomplishment. In 2013 she left her job and set off on an 18-month journey around the globe.   “I Quite Like Shocking People.” Hoping this expedition would show her a different path forward; Williams proceeded to blaze several all over the globe. She cycled Death Road in Bolivia.  She climbed

Allen Stone: Love Where You’re At

It’s true: the only one who could ever reach me was the son of a preacher man. Meet Allen Stone, a musician who never falls flat. I was first introduced to Allen Stone in September 2012. A trendy, always in-the-know coworker approached me during lunch and bluntly stated, “Listen, my friend just bailed, so I have an extra ticket to see this dude Allen Stone tonight at the Highline Ballroom in Chelsea.” She either safely assumed I’d never heard of him or accurately interpreted my facial cues before continuing: “He’s a soul singer; covers Bob Marley; and is friends with Macklemore and Ryan. The ticket is only $20 … want to grab a drink after work and join me?” Hip-hop duo Macklemore and Ryan Lewis had released Thrift Shop a few weeks prior, and it was off the charts worldwide. If Allen Stone was friends with the most desirable and sought-after artists of the time, he had to be something special. Plus, $20 in New York City was pocket change: One subpar cocktail disguised in a pretty glass costs $20,

Allison Fisher: The Deadliest Cue

Chalking up victory after victory, she’s been hailed the greatest woman pool player of all time. Imagine a high-class billiards room; very elegant with polished wood on the walls and smooth red felt on the tables. It’s full of tuxedoed men making bets and bragging about their technical prowess. Piles of cash line the table for active bets. In walks a lithe blond in a black evening gown, cue stick in hand and ready to rock. While the men are working out how to get with her, she’s already calculated every move of every ball across the red felt necessary to relieve the men of their cash piles. Using precision and killer instinct, she proceeds to do just that. Congratulations. You’ve just met mega-talent Allison Fisher. Child Prodigy Fisher grew up in Tonbridge, Kent, UK, with an innate ability to demonstrate physics in real time on a pool table. She grabbed her first pool cue at age seven after watching snooker with dad and proceeded to blow everyone’s mind with her talent. Born with a fierce competitive streak, she was

Shauna Robertson: Chic Over 50

She turned a hobby into one of the top style influencer blogs, inspiring women to be confident and beautiful. Ask her about fashion, skin care, makeup, fitness, or hairstyle, and her answer will surely make you feel beautiful and great about yourself. Shauna Robertson, fashionista superstar and founder of Chic Over 50, loves making women feel great with her effervescent personality and style wizardry. Always reinventing her look, she enjoys making endless fashion statements by wearing bold, colorful, patterned, and feminine looks. She loves thinking of what to wear each day, challenging herself to look her best. Blending new trends and classics with age consideration is her specialty. Every 50+ woman will find new inspiration in their closets by getting a daily dose of Chic Over 50.   “I may push the boundaries a bit more than most, but I’m not afraid to and don’t do anything outside of my confidence level. If you have confidence, YOU CAN DO ANYTHING!” she says in an interview with Trendeing. Just for the Fun of It Robertson thought she’d have a little fun

Sean Swarner: Redefining Impossible

Living fearlessly, he’s inspiring cancer patients to dream big, reach high, and never give up. Sean Swarner holds nothing back when it comes to living, in fact, he’s up for any challenge. Obstacles that would instill fear in most, Swarner has added to his list of accomplishments. Climbing the highest mountain in the world? Check. Beating cancer? Check. Competing in grueling athletic events? Check. After beating cancer twice, Swarner decided that there was more to life than school, work, and mundane hobbies. He dropped out of college, sold everything and set his sights on the top of the world. So, he climbed 29,035 feet to the top of Mount Everest, making him the first cancer survivor to do so. He’s also climbed the highest mountain in each continent, competed in the Hawaii Ironman and skied at the North and South Poles. His mind-over-matter attitude is what has allowed him to transform tragedy to triumph. Through it all, he continues to be an advocate for cancer research. He’s the winner of the Never Give Up Award presented by the Jimmy V

Tullis Onstott: Subterranaut

Finding life in the underworld could lead to possible discoveries in other worlds. Imagine a young boy standing deep inside the imposing chasms of Carlsbad Caverns, disappointed he couldn’t spelunk any deeper than 1,000 feet. When the advertised “bottomless” pit revealed itself to be a mere 140 feet, its actual bottom concealed in darkness, Tullis Onstott became more than intrigued. Already enthralled with the wonders of indigenous life in the terra above him, he hungered for knowledge about this fascinating underworld. He found his life’s quest: the search for subsurface life. Caves for a Neighbor Onstott was born in otherworldly Carlsbad, New Mexico; the very town named for the epic chasms that would draw him to a career far beneath the earth’s surface. Thousands of visitors pass through the monstrous caves every year jaws agape at the sheer size of it. But Onstott had other fascinations. He wanted to see what lived there, if anything. And if it did hold life, what kind? His life’s work would soon provide the answer not just for himself, but the world. The Science

Cyrus Schenck: How I started a Ski company

Creating the best job in the world. Hello, my name is Cyrus Schenck and I run a ski company. People say I have the best job in the world — but let me set the record straight. It’s been 8 years, 6 months and 21 days since I started RENOUN. It’s been one of the hardest things I have ever done — taking more time, and more money than I ever thought necessary to get where we are today. It’s not always been fun, and often times has made me feel stupid and crazy for even attempting to start a company in a shrinking, over-saturated market. Well, maybe because it is a stupid idea to start a business in a market like this. Yet, here I am. I funded RENOUN by washing windows — for 7 years. Yep, I was was washing windows all summer years after we won our first international ISPO Gold award. Years after we sold our 100th ski. Years after our first Patents. RENOUN wasn’t funded by some big investor group or wealthy parents – it