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Jack Haldrup: Dr. Squatch

A simple idea raised the bar on the men’s grooming industry and how men approach their hygiene. Heeding Nature’s Call Sometimes the biggest success stories are spawned by the simplest of ideas. This was the case for Jack Haldrup, who came up with a business idea and scrawled it on a napkin while on an airplane flight. He was restless, wanting something more than what his current job could offer. By the time he stepped off the plane, he knew exactly what he wanted to pour his energy into – creating a line of high-quality natural soap for men. Going at it from scratch wasn’t easy but he was determined. He did his homework and learned to build a website, researched suppliers, and honed marketing skills – practical tools he needed to launch his product. Not knowing a thing about soap-making, he taught himself how and learned all about natural ingredients. “A major advantage I had was that I was creating a product I wanted to buy myself. I also didn’t really identify with any of the brandings that were

Douglas Klutz: Top-Rated College Professor

In the field of criminal justice, there is one man making an indelible impression on his college students. Student ratings of their professors have become a valuable tool for those seeking to choose the best instructor for their chosen field of study. While some in higher education see ratings as inconsequential, others view it as an important source of student feedback. Receiving consistent glowing remarks would make any professor feel a sense of accomplishment. Case in point is that of a criminal justice professor… “One of the most caring professors I have encountered throughout my college career. He is incredibly helpful with career advice.” “You learn so much in his class about your rights and different cases. He is a really great mentor.” “CJ 220 was my second class with Klutz. He is an AMAZING professor. Always is willing to help with career advice.” “Excellent professor. Fun lectures and very caring and helpful.” “LEGEND.” These are just some of the hundreds of comments that students submitted about Professor Douglas Klutz of the University of Alabama on RateMyProfessor.com, the largest online

Nigel Franklyn: Creating Mindful Luxury

Trusting his instincts, he’s reenergized the world’s finest spas and hotels into “result retreats.” Life events often create life missions for creative people; their work becoming a process of discovery and purpose. Such is the case for internationally renowned “Spa Whisperer” Nigel Franklyn. A particularly soulful treatment session at an Atlanta spa awakened in him the desire to share just how emotionally powerful and healing the spa journey can be. He set off to change the way they operate, one luxurious location at a time. Life Event #1 – Emotional Chaos The youngest of six children, Franklyn began British life surrounded by siblings and enjoying his creative talents. At 14, his beloved mother passed away and his world was thrown into emotional chaos. The sensitive child felt lost for many years, struggling to heal. When he finally came through to the other side he felt grateful for having lived it. It gifted him with a unique spiritual empathy that would ultimately revolutionize an industry. The Road to Spa-dom Franklyn originally wanted a career as an actor, and his good looks