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Jim Blackburn: Your Potential & How To Become The Person You Are Meant To Be

Becoming the person you are meant to be is not about becoming a better person.  It is about potential. Expanding and adding to the unique and significant talents and human qualities that you already possess.  Said differently, it’s about realizing your unfulfilled “potential” with “potential” being defined as… “our existing, but hidden and not yet developed, human qualities and talents that lead to successful endeavors.” “Your unfulfilled “potential” is like a huge ocean waiting to be sailed, a new continent unexplored, and a world of possibilities waiting to be released and channeled toward some greater good…” Exploring the Unfulfilled How do you know when you have unfulfilled “potential” you might be thinking? You have unfulfilled “potential” if you are experiencing any of the following: Persistent struggle and/or feelings of being overwhelmed and out of control… Unexpected personal and/or professional relationship terminations… Increasing bouts of depression, feelings of guilt, and/or the tendency to be preoccupied with worry… Unpredictable irritability with the people closet to you as well as an inability to feel happiness and optimism… Strong resistance to change… more… What

Dr. Zahi Hawass: Egyptian Antiquities’ Living Legend

Egypt’s celebrated archaeologist is piecing together 4,700 years of his country’s rich heritage, illuminating an ancient civilization for the world to see. He is Egypt’s Indiana Jones and wears his signature hat on every adventure. You can find world-renowned Egyptologist, Dr. Zahi Hawass sifting through the desert sands of Egypt making discoveries lost to time. His goal is to preserve Egypt’s cultural heritage that has been raided and sold throughout the world. Among his major discoveries are the tombs of pyramid-builders at Giza, pyramids of Khufu and Teti, and the Valley of Golden Mummies at Bahariya Oasis. From valleys to underground tunnels to hidden chambers, his discoveries and experiences are the stuff legends are made of.   Recently, Dr. Hawass has been involved in a large-scale project covering pharaonic sites in Saqqara, Middle and Upper Egypt, and the Nile Delta. “The thrill of a discovery … You can’t really explain it,” he says in one of his lectures. “We have to look at every piece of sand to find what’s hidden.” In an interview with World Archaeology, he discloses, “But the

Wow the Home Chef with Cool Kitchen Gadgets

Every great cook needs quality tools of the trade, here’s a list of genius kitchen gadgets for the home kitchen. Choosing what to get for the chef in your life who already has everything can be difficult. Using stylish, functional, innovative tools can make culinary craft even more enjoyable for the home chef. To help you out, we’ve put together a list of kitchen gadgets fit for a professional that will inspire creativity in the kitchen. Molecular Gastronomy Kit For the truly adventurous chef, here’s something that will tantalize their inspiration. Molecule-R’s Cuisine R-Evolution makes molecular gastronomy accessible, fun, and easy for anyone. The do-it-yourself kit is fully loaded with everything needed to experiment molecular techniques at home. Take culinary art to the next level and experiment with mixology, styling, and flavoring. Turn any occasion into an elevated event. The kit comes with 20 sachets of food additives, a silicon mold, and three pipettes. Playing with food has never been this fun! Check it out on the Molecule-R website or get it on Amazon. Breville Joule Sous Vide This little

LESLIE’S WEEK: Nonprofit Gifts Vacations Away from Cancer

LESLIE’S WEEK is about Memories. Memories are 4ever! Stage 4 Breast Cancer women spend the majority of their Stage 4 lives in cancer therapies, clinical trials, and hospitals. Their families are in Financial Toxicity from the demands of cancer treatments. “Normalcy” is no longer recognizable in their lives. Receiving a diagnosis of Stage 4 Metastatic Breast Cancer changes everything – holiday plans with family, career path, attending kid’s and grandkid’s events, retirement with your spouse. Plans you were looking forward to taking on suddenly have a new perspective. Shock aside, your life has careened into a journey you never thought you would take. Visits to hospitals and oncologists, enduring cancer treatments and procedures such as chemo and radiation, seeking support and strength, feeling ill and tired —all become the new norm. One in eight women will develop breast cancer in her lifetime. In 2019, an estimated 268,600 new cases of invasive breast cancer will be diagnosed in women in the U.S. This year, an estimated 41,760 women will die from breast cancer in the U.S. On average, every 2 minutes a

Angalia Bianca: Street Hero & Gang Violence Interrupter

Recovered from a life of crime, she puts her life on the line as a gang violence interrupter. One February morning, Angalia Bianca was driving on the streets of Chicago, Illinois. She was all too familiar with the dangers of the dark side of the city. While stopped at a red light on California, she saw three shooters who began to shoot at a small crowd of young people who were gathered in front of a corner store. She saw a teenage boy drop to the ground and knew that he was he was hit. As bullets were flying, she drove her car on the wrong side of the street and hopped out to run to the 15-year-old’s rescue to put pressure on his wound. The gunfire hadn’t stopped yet, and she too could have easily been a victim, but she knew all too well what could happen if she didn’t risk it. She stayed with the young man until the paramedics came and thanks to her bravery, he survived. She was later awarded the Resolution for Bravery Award from

Jim Shooter: Creator of Superheroes And Villains

You could say he’s the super boy who revitalized America’s comic book industry. In 1966, a Pittsburgh high school freshman took his pen to paper and started creating stories of superheroes, villains, and characters we could identify with. He sold his story Legion of Super-Heroes to DC Comics. From there Jim Shooter went on to write stories of Superboy, The Legion of Super-Heroes, Superman, and others that have entertained youths in households across the country for decades. Shooter’s track record is second to none in the industry. He developed skills to become a comic book writer, editor, publisher, and occasional artist. With over 3,500 works under his belt and innovative ideas that forever changed the comic book industry, Shooter’s contributions are indelibly etched into America’s comic book culture. A Yearning for Better As an eight-year-old, Shooter like most boys his age was eager to dive into the latest issue of their favorite comic book. But he soon lost interest as he noticed a trend of sameness in each new story. Years later at 12, he was recovering from surgery in

Marina Debris: Giving Voice to the Sea

Turning waste into an artistic ecological statement. Walking along the shoreline of Australia’s Coogee Beach you might see a lithe brunette picking up trash. Stop and shake her hand. This one-woman art phenom is collecting materials for her work the way a painter might buy acrylics at an art supply store. Marina DeBris, a moniker chosen for maximum effect, uses ocean garbage to remind us all we’re not the only ones using this planet and it’s time to stop choking it with our bad habits. Her mission in life is to change those habits for the good of us all. Creative DNA DeBris was born in Detroit with the soul of an artist and the talent to back it up. After studying at Indiana University she continued developing her skills at the Rhode Island School of Design. Discovering a penchant for metal arts she worked diligently with an eye toward becoming a goldsmith. At RISD she discovered graphic design, which involved crafting marketing materials the old-school way using her hands. She moved to NYC after art school and worked for

Danielle LaPorte: Says It’s All in Your Heart

A deeper compassion for yourself leads to deeper care for others. Work Smarter, Not Harder Today, many of us have no choice but to be workaholics. With increasing costs of living, more requirements at work, and striving to take care for our loved ones, work has become synonymous with modern life. Long gone are the days of self-reflection and peace and quiet. We plan vacations and embark on missions to escape from the stress of everyday life. Author Danielle LaPorte used to be the same way, she was glued to her work and couldn’t find time to spend with the people she loved. She decided that was no life to live and became committed to loving herself and being more mindful. After exploring the tenets of Buddhist meditation, she began writing and embarked on creating an empire of her own centered on self-love, and the incredible healing power of the heart. LaPorte is a Canadian entrepreneur, author, blogger, and an inspirational speaker focused on self-help, goal setting, motivation, and creating value. Throughout her career, LaPorte has published three non-fiction books

Tapplock one+: The One-Touch Smart Padlock

Swap physical keys for digital ones and protect your belongings the smarter way. Today, all our mobile devices come with advanced security features, ranging from fingerprints to PIN numbers. With all this technology, why do we still keep an assortment of little keys to open up padlocks? If you work at a school or facility, it can become quite an ordeal finding the right maintenance personnel or employees who have access to gated supply cages and locked file cabinets. I recall a time when I forgot my bike’s lock key. There I was in the middle of downtown with my manager, waiting for maintenance to bring bolt cutters at 2am. Perhaps you found yourself in a similar situation. Or, how about going on vacation and realizing your house sitter doesn’t have the gate key. We can go on and on listing similar scenarios, but is there a simple solution to this problem? Meet the Tapplock one+ A highly rated smart padlock, the Tapplock one+, offered at $99, can be opened with your choice of a mobile app, fingerprint, or Morse

The Wadsworths: Crafting a Legacy

Inspiring a new generation with old world craftsmanship. Thousands of YouTube commenters explain the success of this father and son duo best; they are respected among millennial viewers as the “hard as nails” team driven by pure conviction toward a goal. Their amazing work ethic both inspires and uplifts others to do the same. Both Scott and Nate Wadsworth would be gratified to know this. Their self-stated goal of passing on time-honored traditions and excellent craftsmanship has already come to fruition. A Born Craftsman When he was just a lad Scott Wadsworth was fascinated by blacksmithing. He kept reading about all the things they made that were essential to life in the Old West. Everything from horse bits to printing presses were fashioned in the forge of a blacksmith. By chance one day in front of his dad’s shop he found out what it felt like to put hammer to metal and shape things. He worked a handful of penny nails over a small fire he made and began pounding them flat with his dad’s carpenter hammer using a piece