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Europe’s Christmas Markets Destination Winter Wonderland

There’s nothing quite like ushering in the holiday season than going on a multi-stop European yuletide adventure. Travel in Wintertime In December 2019, my wife and I spent nine nights in Romania and Poland. We looked forward to enjoying seasonal festivities, munching on holiday specialties, and strolling in streets filled with happy holiday-goers, all in an old world setting steeped in traditions and history. Ok, ok. I know some of you must be thinking my wife and I are out of our minds. Traveling from the sunny confines of South Florida to the sub-freezing landscape of Eastern Europe does seem ludicrous. Believe me; you would not be the first person to ask why on Earth did we decide to travel to Eastern Europe in the heart of the winter? Well, I always wanted to visit the Christmas markets, and if you share this interest, that means you need to travel in December.  And, in spite of the frigid weather, we had a great time visiting the fabulous cities of Bucharest, Warsaw, and Krakow.  We had such a good time that we

Ker & Downey: Support Australia Now and in the Future

When a crisis like Australia’s bushfires dominates the news, much-loved travel destinations can quickly be labeled no-goes. In recent years we’ve seen it happen after unrest in Egypt, natural disasters in Nepal, and fires in the Amazon, even when safe travel is possible. There are things you can do (and yes, even places you can visit right now) to support Australia and their recovery from the ongoing wildfires. We invite you to join us in helping our friends “down under”—they’re going to need us, and you. What to do now Ker & Downey is proud to support the NSW Rural Fire Service and their ongoing efforts to control the bushfires. Through April 15, 2020, we will match every new Ker & Downey booking with a $100 donation to the NSW Rural Fire Service. Regardless of where in the world you choose to travel, Ker & Downey will support Australia on your behalf with this gift. Join us and make a secure donation on their website Where to go now While the threat of wildfire is lowest in these areas, it’s

Keep Your Dating Pipeline Full!

Ladies, get OUT and meet more men.  This is best way actually to GET MORE DATES. How many men did you flirt with this week? How many men did you speak with this week? In line at Starbucks? Seattle’s Best for coffee? Or were you too aloof to notice Mr. Financial District next to you? Too snobby to chat up Mr. Blue Collar ordering the Grande Drip, black? I date a LOT because I make an effort to meet a lot of men. I also REALLY LIKE men. I feel they can FEEL that about me. I appreciate them.  I admire them.  And I am very accepting of them that they are very visually stimulated and think about sex every 3.7 nano seconds.  Wow!  Aren’t you grateful that they do that?  It just means they think about it more than you do, and I am SO glad that they ARE thinking about it more than I.  Or things would just be too, too, too terribly embarrassing, n’est pas? How about yourself?  Do you really LIKE men?  Sure, you’re heterosexual (if you

Daniel Gartenberg: How Sonic Sleep Can Help

As a sleep scientist, I have focused most of my adult life studying sleep intricacies. I use my PhD in cognitive psychology and ten years of experience in the field to help people improve their sleep. I have worked extensively on a sleep application, Sonic Sleep, to enhance sleep environment and thus, overall sleep quality. Additionally, I provide personalized, insightful solutions to help get to the root of your sleep issues. Our work has been featured on TED, Daily Mail and Time Magazine. Sleep is a critical component in optimizing our daily functionality and overall health. There are four common sleep disorders that hinder the ability to get the restful, regenerative sleep we need. It is important to know the potential signs for each one to get the appropriate diagnosis and treatment plan from a professional. Sleep Apnea Sleep apnea is a disorder that involves difficulty and disruption of breathing throughout the night. The word “apnea” literally translates from the Latin to “without breathing.” Snoring loudly is a common symptom of sleep apnea. This occurs during the night when a

Kevin Sorbo: From Mythical Hero to Purveyor of Faith

As the invincible Hercules, he has thrilled audiences around the world. Now he inspires with messages of hope, faith, and family. In 2019, the release of the faith-based action film, The Reliant, fueled more debate on one of the most burning issues of our day. Kevin Sorbo, who starred in the movie, supports the film’s defense of the second amendment and how faith in God provides sanctuary during troubled times. Sorbo doesn’t mind controversy when it comes to difficult subjects, and when it comes to faith, the veteran actor is immovable even if it means being shunned by Hollywood. Emerging Star It wasn’t always this way for him. Sorbo rose to international stardom but attributes his success to humble beginnings. Born in 1958 in Mound, Minnesota, and proud of his Norwegian heritage and small-town upbringing, he was raised in a loving Lutheran family and taught Christian values. His father was a junior-high-school teacher, and his mother gave up a nursing career to raise their brood of five children. His passion for acting was sparked during a school trip to a

Lorraine C. Ladish: Creator of Viva Fifty!

Fabulous, fit, fun, and over 50, she’s inspiring women everywhere to live life to the fullest. 50 Candles An AARP membership isn’t the only thing to be excited about once you blow out the 50th candle. Ask Lorraine C. Ladish, a bilingual author and blogger, who believes that 50 is the start of something new. “It’s the best age,” Ladish says. “You have all this wisdom and confidence at this age, and with the right perspective you feel like you have no choice but to live your best life.” And through her digital publication – Viva Fifty!, Ladish is giving seniors just like her tips and tricks to live a life worthwhile. On her blog, Ladish and other contributing authors use a fun-loving, easy-going writing style to discuss topics that thriving boomers care about, like culture, money, health and fitness, relationships, and style. “I want people in this age group to have fun, all while breaking existing stereotypes around aging and midlife.” Writing is in the Blood Ladish was born in 1963 in Madrid, Spain, to a family of writers, so

Plain English Legal Documents Aim to Simplify Legal Speak

Complicated legal jargon may be fine for some folks, but using plain English makes complex information an easier read. In 1936, Fred Rodell, a professor of law at Yale University, said, “There are two things wrong with almost all legal writing.  One is its style.  The other is its content. That, I think, about covers the ground.” After graduating from law school and spending my career in the business world, I have always felt comfortable with legal documents, a necessity when it comes to making sure your financial affairs are in order, but grossly misunderstood by most.  But are legal documents necessary?  More importantly, are they enough? Cut the Clutter, Gain Clarity For me, complicated legal documents are a necessity.  My legacy is critically important to me, and when my time is up, I will be leaving my assets IN TRUST. Thus, I’ll be providing my loved ones with access to their shares but have the assurance that the principal will remain protected from divorce, lawsuits, and bankruptcy and will ultimately pass to the next generation of my family. These

Myka Meier: Tech Manners & Etiquette For 2020

Should mobile devices be allowed at the dinner table at home or at a restaurant? I advise people put their phones on silent or vibrate and put them away during a meal. Unless it’s a working lunch over business, it can be seen as rude to be taking calls or checking your phone while someone else is dining across from you. If you are expecting an important call that may come through during the meal, I advise telling the person you are dining with at the beginning of the meal that it may come during your time together, and if it does, that you will only be a minute. Then, if the call comes through, you would excuse yourself and take the call away from the table. Is it proper for someone to answer their cell phone and engage in conversation in front of other people? Etiquette is simply about showing respect to those around you. I think it can be dependent on the situation, but in a social setting I think it’s best to put phones away or on

Marian Hamilton and The Ken Hamilton Caregiver Center

A private sanctuary for caregivers eases the everyday stress associated with the care of ailing loved ones. Unsung Heroes Imagine having a break in your day, time so precious you can have a moment all to yourself to escape, relax, and recharge. This momentary freedom is appreciated beyond measure by family members whose lives have been dramatically altered to become the courageous caregivers of loved ones with serious illnesses or injuries. Caregivers give their all to support the physical and well-being needs of loved ones. Caregiving is more than a loving, noble, selfless act —it speaks of endurance when courage and strength seem exhausted. But usually, one dives into their newfound role and then realizes how inadequate they are to take on the responsibility. Their own lives become disrupted even to forgo paid work to accommodate the needs of the loved one. Exhaustion, stress, frustration, anxiety, isolation, and depression often creep into a caregiver’s life. Patience and fortitude become precious commodities to survive caregiving. Where does one turn for help? Roughly one third of family caregivers have difficulty in finding

Gear for Dog Lovers: Cool Finds for Lucky Dogs

It’s a dog’s life! Make it easier on you and your cuddly canine with gadgets that’ll earn you more tail wags. Dog owners are always on the lookout for ways to enhance their pet’s comfort, activity, and health. New innovations and technology are making pet care options more convenient, easier, and safer for both you and your dog. We’ve come up with a list of well-thought out, highly-rated, essential gear and gadgets that’ll keep your furry friend in dog heaven! The Headlight Harness This patent-pending dog harness provides superior lighting for both you and those in the immediate area with its 80 lumen LED focused beam. The Headlight Harness is just what’s needed for those nighttime walks and hikes. Light is projected up to 100 feet and a reflective stripe make visibility easy and night outings safer. Four points of adjustments provide a no-pull design and a customizable fit for superior comfort. Check it out at the Headlight Harness website or on Amazon. Furbo Dog Camera Over 5,000 vets and professional dog trainers approve of the Furbo Dog Camera. It’s