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Hunkering Down: The Living Room Concert Series

Bust lock-down blues, watch Elton John hosting “Living Room Concert for America” this weekend. The New Venue: Your Living Room While hunkering down the past couple of weeks, we’ve come to realize all of our neighbors are in the same predicament. It doesn’t matter if you are rich or poor, famous or infamous, happy or sad, alone or with loved ones, we need to be at home to get through these difficult times. It is not a time to be selfish or take an undue risk; in fact, nothing could be worse. So, with venues and bars shut down from coast to coast, some of our favorite entertainers have taken it upon themselves to do what they do best. They’re performing from the safety of their own homes filming with their personal cell phones, cameras, and audio equipment. Billboard magazine is keeping its readers informed about the latest and greatest live streams and virtual concerts to watch while at home, as well as other current events in the music world. Living Room Concert for America While there have been a

D.W. Pine: Creating Instantaneous Impact

The man behind “one of the most iconic pieces of real estate in journalism.” It’s true, time is intangible, but one iconic magazine has made time concrete. Time magazine, the printed hub for the latest political commentary, science, and technology news, boasts the largest circulation in the world for a weekly news magazine. While the publication is known for its unique writing style, its bold red-bordered covers featuring influential leaders and controversial topics garner just as much attention. For the past ten years, the magazine’s creative director, D.W. Pine has made sure to bring eye-catching and talk-worthy covers to newsstands around the world. Prior to becoming TIME’s Creative Director, Pine designed seven Person of the Year cover packages, numerous TIME 100 assignments, dozens of special issues, as well as hundreds of Time cover features and stories. He has also designed over two dozen book covers for Time, including Ted Kennedy, Barack Obama: Eight Years, The 100 Greatest Places in History, and JFK. Judge This Book by Its Cover Pine is a design director, creative director, manager, writer and speaker. He

Third Half Advisors: Bridging the Gap for Post-Career Professionals

A post-retirement consulting venture helps retiring boomers navigate through their “third half” in life. At last, retirement has finally arrived! So well deserved, it is the crowning achievement of a hard-working career, the off-ramp of a demanding, challenging profession. You’ve looked forward to this for so long, and now you can finally bask on that sunny Florida beach, sleep in, play golf, spend more time with the grandkids. No more fighting rush hour traffic, working late night hours, meeting deadlines, or crafting that perfect presentation, just lots and lots of R&R … maybe too much R&R. Living in the fast lane juggling responsibilities, goals, number crunching, project management, family, and then suddenly switching to a slower-paced lifestyle can be jarring to one’s physical and emotional wellbeing. Some may view this as being led out to pasture and envision themselves sitting among old folks nodding off in front of a television. It’s a scary thought for those who feel they still have so much to contribute and crave a sense of fulfillment like their successful careers once gave them. Retiring with

What’s Missing from Minimalism

Everything in life works better without clutter. But some minimalists take this too far and try to exist with the absolute minimum number of things they need to get by. Does it matter how many things you own? It certainly does matter if you get to the level of hoarding behaviour, where you have so much stuff in your home that you can no longer function normally. Up to 5% of people in the western world are now thought to be in this situation, and the numbers are increasing each year. It also matters to around 30% of the population who, according to a survey conducted at About.com, say they avoid going home because they have so much clutter. In fact, only 6% of people surveyed claimed to live clutter-free. Everyone else has more things than they need and is struggling to some degree to keep their home tidy, organized and as they want it. Is minimalism the answer? The message of minimalism is excellent. It’s clear the world needs to consume less. But the practicalities are challenging and it tends

Kevin Sorbo Q&A

YOU’VE OBVIOUSLY EXPERIENCED A GREAT DEAL OF SUCCESS IN YOUR LIFE. WHAT WOULD YOU SAY IS YOUR GREATEST ACCOMPLISHMENT, AND WHY? Business wise, obviously its Hercules.  If it wasn’t for that, I wouldn’t have anything that followed.  That led into Andromeda, and that led into all the movies I’ve been doing now.  I’ve gotta brag a little bit, we did pass Baywatch by our third year – – we became the most-watched TV show in the world, topped out at 176 countries, it’s still in 60 countries all these years later. LIKE EVERYONE ELSE, LIFE IS NOT ALWAYS SMOOTH. CAN YOU TALK ABOUT A SETBACK OR TRAGEDY YOU’VE ENCOUNTERED, HOW YOU DEALT WITH IT, AND THE IMPACT IT HAS HAD ON YOU? The biggest one happened at the end of Season 5 on Hercules.  I. had a problem with my left shoulder.  I was blowing all that stuff off because I was working out two hours every day, doing all my stunts, working 12 to 14 hours each day on the set,   I came back from New Zealand to America

Jonna Mendez Q&A

YOU’VE OBVIOUSLY EXPERIENCED A GREAT DEAL OF SUCCESS IN YOUR LIFE. WHAT WOULD YOU SAY IS YOUR GREATEST ACCOMPLISHMENT, AND WHY? Success – I am just like every other woman. Raising my son is probably the most profound experience of my life. I was an older mother, waited a long time to have a baby, and it was life-changing. In fact, I left the CIA early in order to participate full-time in his upbringing. LIKE EVERYONE ELSE, LIFE IS NOT ALWAYS SMOOTH. CAN YOU TALK ABOUT A SETBACK OR TRAGEDY YOU’VE ENCOUNTERED, HOW YOU DEALT WITH IT, AND THE IMPACT IT HAS HAD ON YOU? Losing my older sister was almost the most difficult life experience. Jennifer was 15 months older than me, and we were close. Even though she lived in Aspen for many years, and I was on the other side of the world, we were always close. She died of a brain tumor. The experience gave meaning to the “carpe diem” meme. Losing my husband in January was the most difficult. I am still unable to talk

Zahi Q&A

YOU’VE OBVIOUSLY EXPERIENCED A GREAT DEAL OF SUCCESS IN YOUR LIFE. WHAT WOULD YOU SAY IS YOUR GREATEST ACCOMPLISHMENT, AND WHY? I think the greatest accomplishment of mine  is the major site management program for the pharaonic, Coptic, jewish and Islamic sites in Egypt from 2022 to 2011; this included the training of the young people in the excavation tehcniques and museum management. LIKE EVERYONE ELSE, LIFE IS NOT ALWAYS SMOOTH. CAN YOU TALK ABOUT A SETBACK OR TRAGEDY YOU’VE ENCOUNTERED, HOW YOU DEALT WITH IT, AND THE IMPACT IT HAS HAD ON YOU? I think the tragedy that I faced when the Egyptian government decided to build the ring road on the South of the Great Pyramid. At that time the Head of Antiquities and Head of Ancient Egyptian  Egyptian authorities agreed to the construction of that road. I confronted them and I objected to the construction of the road, because it would damage the Giza plateau. At that time, I found that everyone was against me except UNESCO which supported me and my claim. I was ready to

Coronavirus Prevention May Be in Your Pocket

From travel checkpoints to at-home screening, smartphone-based digital health tools could play a role in limiting outbreaks, writes Binah.ai CEO David Maman David Maman is CEO and founder of Binah.ai, a company that developed a video-based vital signs monitoring application for smartphones using artificial intelligence technology. To date, more than 2,400 deaths and 78,000 cases worldwide have been confirmed as a result of the coronavirus. Officially named COVID-19, the mortality and incidence of the disease are still rising, and these numbers will be even greater by the time you read this article. In an age where data, technology and connectivity are more advanced than ever before, each and every one of us bears personal responsibility for preventing the reach of a known epidemic. We live in a time where technology is at our fingertips and can be leveraged to potentially prevent public health emergencies, enabling all of us to share in and lighten the burden. While we are still learning about COVID-19, the initial panic has forced thousands of people to flock to hospitals and primary care centers to be

Coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2, COVID-19: Is it Over-hyped?

As of this minute according to a dashboard produced by Johns Hopkins with data sourced from the US CDC and the WHO, there have been 82,550 confirmed cases of COVID-19, the respiratory disease caused by the novel coronavirus that is now called SARS-CoV-2. That sounds pretty scary when the talking heads in the news media breathlessly toss out figures. And also as of this minute, 2,810 people, mostly elderly, immuno-compromised patients, have lost their lives as a result of this disease. What the media are loathe to tell us, however, are the number of people in whom the disease has run its course and who are now recovered. That number currently stands at 33,252. The news media are in the business of selling advertising. More viewers enable them to sell more ads at a higher price. And nothing sells air time like the latest tragedy, whether it exists or not. Humans have a natural fear of the unknown and COVID-19 was unknown when it burst onto the scene in December 2019. No one understood how virulent it was, or how

Antarctica: An Unforgettable Journey

Satisfy your wanderlust with an ultra-luxury cruise to an otherworldly destination where icebergs churn, mountains tower, and glaciers reign. It was like a dream. A couple of years ago, I received a phone call offering my wife and me a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to visit Antarctica at a vastly discounted rate, provided we could travel 30 days later.  Fortunately, my wife and I had the flexibility to say “yes,” and we did.  Wow, to this day, we remain thrilled by the experience! Embarking on a Great Adventure In a matter of weeks, we were on a plane traveling to one of our favorite cities, Buenos Aires, Argentina home of some of the world’s best steaks and pizza (yes, pizza). It’s also where we were mugged a few years ago, but that’s a story for another day. Following our one-day stopover in Buenos Aires, we traveled to Ushuaia, the southernmost city on Earth, also known as “The End of the World.”  I was somewhat familiar with Ushuaia for two reasons — Leonardo DiCaprio had filmed The Revenant there several years ago. And in a