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Rejuvenating the Immune System

Aubrey De Grey: Rejuvenating the Immune System of the Elderly Could Give Them a Fighting Chance Against Infectious Diseases Like Coronavirus. Like most of us, Aubrey de Grey, a biomedical gerontologist, has had his run-ins with coronavirus. His wife caught the virus in January while in China. A little later, his stepdaughter contracted the virus while in the United Kingdom. Both recovered, now de Grey is staying at home in the mountains of Silicon Valley with his supplies, pursuing his life’s work — the fight against aging. While de Grey believes that governments across the world are doing what they can to help slow the spread of the disease, there’s one thing they’re not talking about, and that’s aging. It has become clear that the elderly population, especially those with underlying conditions, are at an increased risk of contracting coronavirus. Because of this, de Grey has pushed his passion into overdrive to find the cure for aging. He wants us to think of the elderly who contract coronavirus as persons fighting at least two diseases: aging, COVID-19, as well as

COVID-19: The Unseen Enemy

Jonna Mendez: The Master of Disguise Discusses an Unseen Enemy A Different Kind of Threat Living undercover for years,  Jonna Mendez has served tours of duty around the world and became the CIA’s chief of disguise. She’s helped steal a top-secret encryption machine from a Soviet Embassy and helped America win the Cold War. Now, the coronavirus is threatening Americans and everyone worldwide. We’ve asked Mendez for her insights on this unseen enemy. Behind Closed Doors HOW ARE YOU, YOUR FAMILY, FRIENDS, COLLEAGUES, ETC., DOING? My circle of family, friends, and colleagues is knitting itself together a little more closely as we each hunker down in our respective caves. Family checks in with me often; as the matriarch of the group, there is a little extra concern regarding my wellbeing. My son had already risen to the occasion following our loss of his dad in 2019. And he, too, keeps close tabs. I have used this quiet time to reach out to those I interact with less frequently, catching up and listening hard. I have been in touch with an

Finishing The Semester Virtually

Douglas Klutz: While the Pandemic Takes Its Course, College Students Turn to Virtual Classes to Finish Theirs Coronavirus is having a devasting impact in every sector of society, testing our healthcare system, economy, and personal health. Even our educational system is shut down, but not shut off. Distance learning has been around for over a decade; now, it is a tool used to slow the spread of COVID-19. Hundreds of thousands of college students around the country were told to head home and continue their classes online. Professors had to scramble to convert from in-person to virtual classrooms. But for Douglas Klutz, number one rated professor in the country, teaching virtual classes is nothing new. We’ve asked Klutz, who teaches criminal justice courses at the University of Alabama, to provide his insight about the coronavirus and the impact it’s having on higher education. Work and Play at Home Spending time at home has allowed Klutz to engage in some extra R&R and keep in touch with loved ones and friends. He says, “Most of my family was in Wilmington, North

Auntie Anne’s Pretzels On COVID-19

Auntie Anne’s Pretzels Founder Gives Her Twist on Easing the Impact COVID-19 is Having on Employees When we first spoke to Anne Beiler, founder of Auntie Anne’s pretzels, we were amazed to discover how she was able to overcome unfortunate events and tragic personal loss and go on to create one of the most successful franchises in the world. Now, the coronavirus pandemic is ravaging businesses and workforces globally, and full economic recovery is uncertain. Throomers caught up with Beiler to get her take on the coronavirus effects on her, the company she founded, and future outlook. Auntie Anne’s became the biggest soft-pretzel franchise on the planet with 1,700 outlets in malls, airports, military bases, travel plazas, universities, and many other places. The coronavirus has dealt a heavy blow to the foodservice industry and accounts for 60% of jobs lost in the U.S. in March. Some eateries have shuttered their doors while others are being creative to weather the storm. Auntie Anne’s has introduced mobile ordering to skip waiting in lines and offers delivery so you can still enjoy their

Building Support During COVID-19

Luke Mickelson: From Building Beds to Building Support During COVID-19 Luke Mickelson, Idaho’s hero to bedless children across America, has shifted focus during the coronavirus quarantine. Normally, Mickelson would be swinging a hammer in his workshop, tirelessly building bunk beds for sleepy kids who desperately need a proper place to sleep. During the current crisis he’s adjusting to hunkering down like the rest of us to wait it out. Staying Busy For him personally, the hectic daily schedule hasn’t changed. It’s just a different to-do list. Mickelson homeschools his kids like thousands of parents across the country, making sure they don’t fall behind. He also works on projects he normally wouldn’t have time for while running his non-profit Sleep in Heavenly Peace (SHP), whose mission is to end child bedlessness in America. “I still work from home three days a week and help homeschool. I always find ways to stay busy,” Mickelson says. The Fundraising Struggle Being a non-profit, SHP relies heavily on private contributions to run his charity. With the crisis affecting the livelihoods of most Americans in a

NYC During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Peter Shankman: Running in Place in NYC During the COVID-19 Pandemic How does one cope being cooped up in a high-rise apartment when you’re used to living every day at full tilt? The key is to stay active physically and mentally to hit the ground running when we’re cut loose. Peter Shankman, PR Superstar and all-around goal-crusher extraordinaire, has his infamous ADHD superpowers idling with purpose. Shankman rose to the top of every chosen profession in NYC by harnessing his so-called impediment to work in his favor. Founder of the successful journalist/specialist resource website HARO, Shankman later sold it and moved on to PR for Fortune 500 companies, coaching, keynote speaking, book writing, and TedX Talks. Staying busy came naturally for him, so he harnessed his natural impulses to become a successful Jack-of-all-trades in the world’s toughest arena. We decided to ask how he and fellow New Yorkers are coping with the lockdown. HOW ARE YOU, YOUR FAMILY, FRIENDS, COLLEAGUES, ETC., DOING? Well, here in Manhattan, life is not fun right now. New York is usually pretty crazy, but now

Colonel Terry W. Virts: Stuck on Earth

Author’s Note Writing articles for Throomers is always a privilege because the subjects are among the most interesting and accomplished people on the planet. Recently presented with a list of potential subjects, I jumped at the chance to write about Colonel Terry W. Virts for two reasons. First, in my opinion, there is no more uniquely courageous, even heroic, career choice than the life of an astronaut. Second, the most famous person I’ve ever been lucky enough to call my friend was an astronaut. In the early 1980’s, I moved into a neighborhood in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, and soon learned a celebrity lived a few houses away. Over the next several years, I became friends with Al Worden, pilot of Endeavour, the command-module for the Apollo 15 mission in 1971, and his lovely wife, Jill. Although there was an air of specialness about Al, a calming otherworldliness, he proved to be a genuinely grounded and humble man. He and Jill were warm and welcoming neighbors to all comers in our community.On March 18, 2020, Al passed away in Sugar

Business Practices to Survive a Pandemic

Catching Up with Coss Marte: Adapting Business Practices to Survive a Pandemic. An entrepreneur, fitness and lifestyle virtuoso, and prison reform advocate, Coss Marte is a positive force in our society. He provides the formerly incarcerated (and many others) with an opportunity to truly rehabilitate and find their place in the world. His life’s mission is to tackle issues such as prejudice in our justice system and dangerous conditions in prison. Now, there is yet another hurdle to jump. COVID-19 is posing a tremendous threat to all of us, but it is acutely dangerous for incarcerated populations. The hunger strikes and worldwide riots may not be enough to shine a light on the subpar treatment and low regard for the health and wellbeing of prisoners. We caught up with Marte to catch up and get his perspective on the worldwide pandemic and its impact on the incarcerated and business. Getting fit while in prison was his impetus to create the program that would save so many. About three years after his release, he created the workout fitness company, ConBody, and hired

Entrepreneurial Boom After Coronavirus

Dru Riess: He Sees an Entrepreneurial Boom After Coronavirus Passes. His Time Had Come Stumbling upon a long-shot business opportunity, Dru Riess knew it was the moment to make something of himself. He pulled out all the stops and took all the risks to build a multi-million-dollar success story in the flexible packaging industry. Now, during this time of crisis in our nation, his printing presses are constantly running to meet the demand for food and medical packaging. Riess offers his insight on the impact coronavirus is having on business and life in general. Up for the Challenge HOW ARE YOU, YOUR FAMILY, FRIENDS, COLLEAGUES, ETC., DOING? Mentally, the days are long and lack stimulation for a guy who is used to moving at fighter jet speeds daily. My normal is everyone else’s sprint, but with working from home, you start to get bored. You lack stimulation and wonder if your efforts are truly having an impact. My family is becoming stir crazy but spending more time than ever together. We do fear our son (4) loves home school so much

Compassion and Vigilance

Jan K. Rader, Fire Chief: Using Compassion and Vigilance to Battle the Greatest Scourges of Our Time. Fighting an epidemic is nothing new to Huntington, West Virginia, fire chief Jan Rader. She’s been on the front lines battling one of the most rampant plagues of our time, the opioid epidemic. From urban metropolises to small towns and across the entire economic spectrum, overdose deaths are skyrocketing throughout our country. In this battle, she knows she’s facing Goliath, yet she perseveres, collecting her strength and showing compassion to save lives in her community. Now there’s another blight striking our nation, the coronavirus pandemic, and Rader will not stand down to this threat either. Instead, she is steadfast and sure to fight this second front. Her fire department is ready to face this challenge. Like others around the country, members of her department are putting their lives at risk to save folks like you and me from this dangerous foe. Courageous acts are often underreported, yet we recognize Rader, her team, and other front liners can make the difference between life and death.