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The Power of Positive Aging: Coping with the Inconveniences of Aging

New in self-help, The Power of Positive Aging presents a fearless and optimistic plan for embracing old age “The Power of Positive Aging is an essential resource for anyone facing the prospect of older age. David Lereah adeptly shows how aging does not have to be the negative experience we’ve been taught it is.”—Lawrence R. Samuel, author of Aging in America and Boomers 3.0 Americans now live longer than ever — a full 30 years longer than they did in the early 20th century — but older Americans are not fully prepared for the challenges of living so long. Our forever-young culture and personal expectations have not yet adapted to our extended life spans. Cancer survivor David Lereah, PhD, presents a wise, practical and fearless guide to the new world of massively expanded life spans in his new book The Power of Positive Aging: Successfully Coping with the Inconveniences of Aging.  Our ageist culture associates old age with chronic illness and dementia, but Lereah teaches that the extra years at the end of your life are not a burden, but

Touring Castles from Home

Take a great getaway to fairytale castles in faraway places without ever leaving your armchair. Now that summer is here, many of us wonder when we will be able to travel abroad again. Vacationing on sunny Caribbean isles, taking that long-awaited Mediterranean cruise, being pampered in spa resorts, or immersing in European and Asian cultures – all of it seems so distant now as we continue to endure the worldwide pandemic with its travel restrictions. However, we can satisfy our wanderlust by traveling while at home, albeit virtually. How about an escape to some of the world’s most fascinating castles? There’s nothing quite like viewing architectural grandeur and exquisite artisanship that has captured our imaginations, as we have seen in movie sets like Harry Potter and Star Wars and television series like Downton Abbey and the aptly named Versailles. Or, perhaps it is some battle-scarred Medieval stone fortress that has withstood sieges and the test of time. We can easily visualize knights in shining armor on their trusty steeds crossing a drawbridge and heading off to battle while ladies in

Overcoming Fear

Some people have a difficult time in managing their depression. Sometimes, their depression and fears can become a huge factor in their personal life and professional career. Here are six tips that a person can use to help manage their depression. Challenge Your Depressing Thoughts: One of the ways to manage your depression is to challenge your negative thinking with positive statements and realistic thinking. When encountering thoughts that make you fearful or depressed, challenge those thoughts by asking yourself questions that will maintain objectivity and common sense. Your fearful thoughts are usually not based on reality. Distract Yourself: Some people can get depressed over doing a certain task. When this happens, a person should take a deep breath and try to find something to do to get their mind off of the problem. A person could take a walk, listen to some music, read the newspaper or do an activity that will give them a fresh perspective on things. Doing something will get your mind off of the problem and give you confidence to do other things. Worrying Makes

Transforming the World

Speaking powerfully and conscious listening can lead to a world of connection, understanding, and peace. Generally, we don’t give much thought to sound except when we put on headphones to tune out what’s around us or when we strain our ears to hear someone at a noisy restaurant. We’ve gotten so used to noise pollution we hardly notice it anymore. Meantime, our fixation on texting and typing emails has dulled our listening and speaking abilities to the point of being detrimental to our well-being. But, becoming aware of sound and its significance can actually improve our lives. How we speak and how we listen matters; it affects our daily life at home, in the workplace, in school, and relationships. The human voice has been described as being so powerful it can start wars and speak sweet words of love. But speaking and listening effectively today is being overlooked by most people, and we wonder why no one is listening to what we are saying. These observations are by Julian Treasure, a sound and communication expert. A leading authority on work

Bob Dickinson: Voyage of Mercy

Caring for those in need is to consider others of more importance than ourselves even though they may never be able to repay the kindness. Jesus taught us many things that linger in most hearts today; to be kind, compassionate, and to love one another. One teaching many people know is Matthew 6:21, “Where your heart is, there will your treasure be also.” Another is Mark 8:36, “For what will it profit a man if he gains the whole world but lose his own soul?” Such relevant statements fit any age and are worthy of patterning a life after. The very successful former CEO of the world’s largest cruise ship line strives daily to live these ideals. He is often quoted on how one never sees a Brink’s truck at a funeral. He knows acquired wealth is not something to be hoarded; instead, one’s treasure is to be put to better use rescuing the less fortunate; people who have fallen into homelessness and need a way back. Bob Dickinson, Miami’s innovative philanthropist and renowned wine aficionado is that man. And

Protector of Rainforests

Transforming recycled cell phones into solar powered guardians of the rainforests. Rainforests are Earth’s oldest living ecosystems, some surviving in their present form for at least 70 million years, according to National Geographic. But deforestation by illegal logging is a colossal threat to critically important ecosystems and contributes to global warming. Endangered species are facing extinction as a result of a loss of habitat and poaching. According to the International Union for Conservation of Nature, every second, nearly three acres of rainforest are destroyed or significantly degraded and could lead to complete deforestation by the year 2100. An estimated 50 to 90 percent of all rainforest logging is illegal, according to INTERPOL. The need to prevent illegal logging of our rainforests is at a critical point. A lack of surveillance in the deepest rainforests and the inability to alert responders promptly are the primary reasons illegal activity is so rampant. What grand scale solution could be devised and quickly implemented to save our rainforests and, ultimately, our existence? Saving the Rainforest Sometimes brilliant ideas come in small packages. With a

Shawn Hardnett: Beacon Of Hope For Our Youth

Going above and beyond to educate those who need it most, he illuminates their future, offers a role model, and makes them a part of a legacy. He was told that North Forest was a “wasteland in Houston.” That was exactly why he was determined to go. Though weary from years of work in the struggling education system in New York, he was focused on entering one of the lowest performing districts in Texas as a force of change. Educational Reset “We opened the school for black and brown boys, taking the lowest performing demographic out of the lowest performing district. Now, these kids are outperforming the state in Reading and Math,” says Shawn Hardnett. His title is Founder and Chief Executive Officer for Statesmen College Preparatory Academy for Boys Public Charter School. That said, he has proudly worn many other worthy titles – school founder, leadership coach, principal, educational consultant and, most notably – teacher.  What Hardnett does may not be obvious to the casual observer, but his results clearly are, and they are profound. You can see it

Jonathan Mangum: Love of the Laugh

He sees laughter as a beautiful experience that makes us better people. Jonathan Mangum lives in the moment. For him, inspiration is everywhere, and life wouldn’t be fun without the spontaneity of it all. That’s how it was when he lost a bet and switched pants with Wayne Brady on live TV, or when he rapped about benign topics with his hilarious co-stars, or when he crossed the stage in a snazzy power suit and stiletto heels to relate to an audience member’s pain. Mangum is an actor, comedian, and co-host of Let’s Make A Deal, the popular multi-generational television game show on CBS. His ability to think on his feet and bring comedy to any situation has allowed Mangum to be featured in over 100 TV commercials, movies, and shows, like Whose Line is it Anyway?, Reno 911!, Married…With Children, and NCIS. Let’s Make A Deal Mangum is most known for being the announcer on Let’s Make A Deal with Wayne Brady. The TV game show began in 1963 in the United States with hosts’ Monty Hall and Stefan

Andrew Gross: Thrilling the Page

#1 New York Times bestselling author takes us on one thrill ride after another with his suspense novels. As an amateur writer, I began my research into the life of author Andrew Gross completely intimidated. Picture a finger-painting kindergartener standing in front of the Mona Lisa. Yeah, like that.  Once I discovered we had some things in common regarding style, I felt a bit more comfortable. Like me, he uses fragments on occasion instead of Grammarly-approved sentences. He also likes to kill off characters unexpectedly. I soon felt a kinship with this literary genius that I had absolutely no right to possess, and I’m keeping it. Being an amiable genius, I’m sure Gross won’t mind. It was kinship with an established author that began his own climb up the literary ladder of fame. But as anyone knows, once you reach certain heights, the struggle is to stay there and keep proving yourself worthy. No one has done that more effectively than Andrew Gross, penning 14 action-packed thrillers and blockbuster collaborations with world-renowned author James Patterson. Big Apple Beginnings Gross was

The Ultimate Gift: An Unforgettable Father’s Day

One young man’s Father’s Day gift completely changed life as he knew it. Grateful fathers around the country crack their smiles as they read their child’s handmade Father’s Day card and open up their gift to find the proverbial mug or clothing item. But for one stepdad, this past Father’s Day brought a gift beyond measure, an unforgettable surprise to last a lifetime and beyond. It started like any other Father’s Day. Unsuspecting Donzell Powell, a successful real estate investor based out of Suffolk, Virginia, was being treated to the usual Father’s Day activities. His 17-year-old stepson, Keon Wiggins, had something extraordinary in store for the stepdad he loved. Wiggins desired to give the ultimate gift in gratitude for all his stepdad had done in his life. What could he give that would be more meaningful than anything money could buy? In Gratitude Wiggins recognized it took an extraordinary man with a big heart to take him and his mother into his life. Powell was willing to take on the role of stepfather and created a loving, nurturing relationship with