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The Amazing and Undeniable Beauty Benefits of Pumpkin

’Tis the season for all things pumpkin. From Halloween through Thanksgiving, and on till Christmas, pumpkins can be found almost everywhere you turn. Although the Pumpkin-Spiced Latte from Starbucks may not be the healthiest source from which you get your pumpkin (note: it’s not!), I do urge you to take advantage of this super-food while it’s in season. So, for all of you would-be fairy-princesses out there, dressing up for Halloween (yes, we ALL should still be dressing up), be aware that Cinderella’s Fairy Godmother may have been on to something truly “magical” by choosing this amazing super-food for Cinderella’s carriage.  The health benefits of pumpkin are numerous. This colorful gourd promotes good vision and a healthy heart, lowers blood pressure, acts as a cancer-preventative, boosts your immune system, and improves your mood. (Why do you think Jack-o-Lanterns are always smiling?) However, less publicized are the beauty benefits of pumpkin. Yep, that’s right, adding pumpkin to your diet will make you look better. Hooray! Here is why. 1) Pumpkin gives you a hefty dose of Vitamin C, which aids in protecting your

4ocean is “Changing the Tide on Ocean Pollution”

Two entrepreneurs are effectively eradicating plastic pollution by creating the first economy for ocean plastic. Facing a Tidal Wave of Plastic For Andrew Cooper and Alex Schulze, it was the surfing trip of a lifetime when the two recent college grads went to Bali to enjoy big waves and exotic beaches. Once there, they were taken aback at all the trash piled up along the shore, spoiling their dream vacation. A local lifeguard told them the beach had been cleaned earlier in the day and what they saw washed ashore within the past few hours. Their trip of a lifetime turned into a long-term commitment to clean the oceans of plastic waste. “When you spend that much time on the water you really have an affinity for the ocean and an appreciation for it,” Schulze says to CNBC Make It. Cooper and Schulze both grew up with a love of surfing, boating, fishing, and sandy beaches. The two met at Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton, Florida, and became friends. As they looked into the problem of plastic waste, they

Tips for Getting Together While Social Distancing

It’s hard to believe we are in the month of July, that warmer weather for most of us is finally here and that we can count on sunshine to brighten most days. What we don’t know for sure is whether July means it’s also time for cautious optimism. Regardless of age, 50+ or otherwise, we are truly living through an unprecedented time that none of us have ever experienced before. We’ve all had to learn new skills, adapt to a new type of living and to make some fairly significant accommodations around spending time with loved ones. It’s been challenging but now, with the arrival of summer close at hand, we wonder – is it time for cautious optimism? If you’re reading this blog from just about anywhere in North America, no doubt your State or Province has recently announced some form of lifting of the restrictions related to COVID-19. Does this mean we are finally free to do as we please? Probably not! What we have learned about any kind of return to “normalcy” is that it will be

WiderNet: Defeating Information Poverty In Developing Nations

An “Internet in a box” bridges the information divide between developed and developing countries. Imagine not ever having access to the Internet. How could we possibly survive! We use the Internet for our communications, streaming music and videos, banking, telehealth, social media, online learning, games, exercise, cooking lessons, working remotely, and more! We’ve become so used to the Internet as part of our everyday life that we’re practically spoiled and can’t seem to go without it. The Disconnect But, did you know 90 percent of the 1.1 billion households not connected to the Internet are in developing countries? That’s according to the U.N. Telecommunication Development Bureau, which also reports fixed broadband services remain expensive in developing countries, accounting for 30.1 percent of average monthly income, compared to 1.7 percent in developed countries. And in the developing world, 31 percent of the population is online, compared to 77 percent in the developed world. It’s hard for us to imagine not having instant access to information anytime, anywhere. But in many universities, schools, clinics, and hospitals in developing countries, there is no

Operation Warp Speed: Fast-Tracking the COVID-19 Vaccine

A historic undertaking brings vaccines, therapeutics, and diagnostics to the American public in record time. We’ve heard Operation Warp Speed (OWS) described in the news as an initiative that will quickly develop a vaccine for COVID-19. But what is Operation Warp Speed, and how is it different than traditional vaccine development, and more importantly, is it safe? While coronavirus’s origins are being debated and the pandemic has turned into a political football during an election year, thousands of men and women are working above the fray to develop a safe and effective COVID-19 vaccine and other countermeasures. They’ve been at it day and night since the beginning of the year. Federal agencies, universities, research institutions, biotech, pharma, and other industries combine their efforts into a singular mission aimed at vanquishing COVID-19 now rather than later.OWS was formed after examining traditional timelines for producing and delivering a vaccine proved unacceptable. OWS is overseen by HHS Secretary Alex Azar and Defense Secretary Mark Esper. The chief advisor is former pharmaceutical executive, Dr. Moncef Slaoui, and the COO is a top immunologist, General

Quarantine Weight Gain? Tried and Tested Weight Loss Methods

The fitness industry is a notorious fickle thing. From Instagram influencers to nationally syndicated doctors, we, as consumers, are treated to a vast array of conflicting information about what to do with our bodies. Some weeks, its low carb, others its all vegetables. This week I was told by two friends, one a dietician and the other a trained doctor that eggs were problematic. Earlier in the year they told me to eat them with impunity. Thankfully I have an ace in the hole, an antidote to the madness which is our modern information ecosystem. Studying the history of health and fitness trends over the past several years has taught me two valuable lessons. First that my fiancé has indulged my vocation for far too long and second that what works tends to stick around. So with that in mind, today’s short article looks at tried and tested means of losing weight. These ‘old school’ methods were promoted by the bodybuilders of the early twentieth century. These men and women exercised at a time when steroids had not yet infiltrated

Anxiety Symptoms and Treatments

Many individuals use the term anxiety to refer to a great deal of worry. But what does anxiety really mean? And what does anxiety look like? Awareness of anxiety symptoms and treatments can increase the likelihood of getting help and relieving any stress you may be feeling. What is Anxiety? Anxiety means an excessive worry or anxiousness that lasts for more than six months. The fear and worriedness manifest themselves in various extreme forms. These forms could look like physical and emotional ailments or psychological unrest. The toll that anxiety takes on an individual is very severe. For many individuals, it may not seem clear or evident that he or she is experiencing an anxiety disorder due to the lack of knowledge and information about its manifestation (anxiety.org). Research suggests that women are more likely to develop an anxiety disorder in their lifetime than men (McLean, 2011, pp. 1). Gender differences and anxiety has shown that the manifestation of anxiety in both women and men could be presented in a similar fashion. However, research suggests that the main difference is

Mirror: The Nearly Invisible, Interactive Home Gym

World’s first immersive home fitness system brings live and on-demand fitness workouts into your home. As I clicked through TV channels one evening, something grabbed my attention —a commercial about a sleek looking mirror. But this is no ordinary mirror. Aptly named the “Mirror,” this simple looking glass turns into a boutique gym complete with fitness instructors and classmates right in your home. Wow, imagine that! No more trudging off to the local gym, no more waitlists or sweaty locker rooms, no more paying exorbitant membership fees or waiting for a parking spot. It’s perfect for those of us who want something more convenient.   For months I’ve been contemplating whether to rejoin a gym or invest in a home gym. I prefer a home gym but there’s not much space to accommodate fitness equipment. I haven’t found anything suitable for my needs. Now, I am thrilled to come across this divine solution for my problem. I don’t even need space for clunky exercise equipment. All I need is the space of a yoga mat. Initial cost is $1,500 for

Restless Nights? Meet The Calm App: The Cure For Insomnia

The #1 app for sleep, meditation, and relaxation is making the world happier and healthier. Every day we see advertisements for products that will make us look better, smell better, and improve our health.  The commercials are appealing because, well, that’s the objective of a good commercial. Some of the products work, some don’t, it’s often a matter of personal taste.  But, recently, one of these commercials caught my attention! Finding a Sleep Solution I don’t know about you, but my nights have become more and more restless as I’ve gotten older, and it’s not just the middle-of-the-night pee, I simply struggle falling and remaining asleep. Sure, I’ve made the move to a top-of-the-line latex mattress, which happens to be incredibly comfortable, and state-of-the-art and plush bamboo pillows, but the only difference is that I’m really comfortable while I think about falling asleep in the middle of the night! Somewhat desperate for help, I happened to catch a glimpse of a commercial for an app called Calm that would supposedly help cure my lousy sleeping habits. After a bit of research, I

Nadine Strossen: A Frequent Flier for Free Speech

Nadine Strossen was not only the first female President of the American Civil Liberties Union—but also its youngest, leading the organization from 1991 to 2008. Currently the John Marshall Harlan II Professor of Law at New York Law School, she continues to use her platform to forward the cause of civil liberties/human rights all over  the U.S. and also abroad — from criminal justice and drug law reform,  to gender and reproductive rights, to free speech for even the most despised  expression.  Strossen looks forward to assuming emeritus professor status next year after having taught constitutional law for 35 years; the ACLU Presidency is an unpaid, volunteer position, so even though she was an extremely active President, she also worked full-time as a law professor throughout her tenure. When she steps out of her law professor role, Strossen will miss the regular interaction with her NYLS students, but she looks forward to maintaining – and even increasing — her intense pace of public speaking and media interviews, which have averaged about 200 per year, and have brought her to about