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Mirror: The Nearly Invisible, Interactive Home Gym

World’s first immersive home fitness system brings live and on-demand fitness workouts into your home. As I clicked through TV channels one evening, something grabbed my attention —a commercial about a sleek looking mirror. But this is no ordinary mirror. Aptly named the “Mirror,” this simple looking glass turns into a boutique gym complete with fitness instructors and classmates right in your home. Wow, imagine that! No more trudging off to the local gym, no more waitlists or sweaty locker rooms, no more paying exorbitant membership fees or waiting for a parking spot. It’s perfect for those of us who want something more convenient.   For months I’ve been contemplating whether to rejoin a gym or invest in a home gym. I prefer a home gym but there’s not much space to accommodate fitness equipment. I haven’t found anything suitable for my needs. Now, I am thrilled to come across this divine solution for my problem. I don’t even need space for clunky exercise equipment. All I need is the space of a yoga mat. Initial cost is $1,500 for

Leading The Agritech Revolution

Mother Nature and high-tech combine forces to urbanize sustainable food for the masses. When a former investment banker and IT geek does a career 180 uprooting himself from a comfortable lifestyle in Tokyo to live in squalor among China’s hutongs, one might cock their head and ask why. But only if you don’t know the back story of visionary Stuart Oda would you question his motives. This second-generation Japanese-American has dedicated his life and career to a cause quite far from his training. He’s helping to solve world hunger both now and in the future. An International Childhood Oda was born in Colorado, surrounded by the majestic Rocky Mountains. Growing up bilingual didn’t hurt his future one bit and came in handy while attending high school in Singapore. He returned to the U.S. to attend UCLA, where he studied political science, nurturing his initial intentions to become a lawyer and eventually work at the State Department. Upon graduation, he needed a job, and Merrill Lynch Tokyo was the only one to give him a call back in his job search.