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Mirror: The Nearly Invisible, Interactive Home Gym

World’s first immersive home fitness system brings live and on-demand fitness workouts into your home. As I clicked through TV channels one evening, something grabbed my attention —a commercial about a sleek looking mirror. But this is no ordinary mirror. Aptly named the “Mirror,” this simple looking glass turns into a boutique gym complete with fitness instructors and classmates right in your home. Wow, imagine that! No more trudging off to the local gym, no more waitlists or sweaty locker rooms, no more paying exorbitant membership fees or waiting for a parking spot. It’s perfect for those of us who want something more convenient.   For months I’ve been contemplating whether to rejoin a gym or invest in a home gym. I prefer a home gym but there’s not much space to accommodate fitness equipment. I haven’t found anything suitable for my needs. Now, I am thrilled to come across this divine solution for my problem. I don’t even need space for clunky exercise equipment. All I need is the space of a yoga mat. Initial cost is $1,500 for

Teri Turner: Superb Summer Food Selections

Everyday foods made with love, inspiration, and packed with health-enhancing goodness. A scoop of love, a dash of seasoning, and a whole lot of creativity — those are Terri Turner’s favorite ingredients. She adds this heartfelt concoction to every one of her thousands of recipes, like cheesy tomato chickpea pasta, Greek lemon chicken, and sizzling shrimp lettuce wraps. There is no doubt that Turner is a woman about her food. As a food and lifestyle blogger and creator of No Crumbs Left, a blog featuring healthy recipes and products, she is one of those few people who manages to make a living doing what they love the most. Turner is known for her healthy, everyday recipes. She believes good food brings people together. “I live for the moments when people realize all they need is food that’s good for them and actually tastes good,” she said. Turner cooks from the bottom of her heart and her more than 800,000 social media fans appreciate it. “I try to give people the best food options,” she said. Those options can be found

Pedego Electric Bikes

A love of cycling and dislike of hills prompted the co-founding of Pedego Electric Bikes. In 2008, Don DiCostanzo and Terry Sherry were at lunch talking about what they wanted to do with the rest of their lives. They were both 50-something serial entrepreneurs who were in between ventures. Best friends since college, they loved cycling but hated hills. They loved the concept of electric bikes but hadn’t found a really great electric bike. Despite having no bicycle industry experience, they decided to create their own. Over lunch, they designed their first bike on a napkin. The first Pedego electric cruiser bike was designed with a nostalgic look reminiscent of 1950s beach cruisers. Overcoming Challenge #1: Manufacturing in China Manufacturing challenges included persuading big-name bicycle components companies to allow Pedego to use their parts. Most were unfamiliar with electric bikes and were reluctant, but DiCostanzo was highly persuasive. Another challenge was finding the perfect factory in China to manufacture the bicycles, eventually they found one. Overcoming Challenge #2: Distributing Electric Bikes In 2009, the first Pedego Comfort Cruiser bikes rolled

Salad Days of Summer

Discover the origins of some of America’s most beloved salads. The long days of summer are here, and with it comes hot steamy weather and a yearning to cool off. Heavy meals give way to lighter ones and salads with all their fixings rule the day. Sink your teeth into a crisp Caesar Salad or taste the tang of cool coleslaw or chunky Cobb salad. Whatever your preference, salad makes the perfect main course or accompaniment to your favorite meals. Here, we’ll explore some of the classics with histories most people may not know. Caesar Salad Hail Caesar for what could be America’s top salad choice. The origin of Caeser salad began in of all places, Tijuana, Mexico. Credited with its creation was Caesar Cardini, an Italian chef who lived in San Diego, California, and worked at his restaurant in Tijuana to avoid U.S. prohibition restrictions. His daughter recounted that the salad was invented on July 4th, 1924, when there was a big rush for food and supplies ran low. Using what he had, Cardini wowed his guests by preparing