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Your Vote Is Your Voice: Vote Now

We often forget how lucky we are to live in the greatest country in the world, one that is not without its blemishes, but still the land of the free and home of the brave.  Yet, our news is dominated by negativity, so much so that it is virtually impossible to read the newspapers or listen to TV without becoming depressed.

Recognizing this, and aware of all of the good news that should dominate our lives, Throomers has undertaken the mission of being a source of positivity, to inspire our readers and promote philanthropy without being sidetracked by negativity.  Thus, we have consistently avoided controversial topics such as politics and religion, to name a couple, in our articles.

Recognizing that we are at a unique time in our lives, a crossroad, facing an invisible virus that is relentless, it is time to take a stand.  We are confident that our medical experts will find a cure, that it is just a matter of time, before we can resume what used to be our normal lives, and be able to shake hands or hug one another without thinking twice.

However, until then, why aren’t we listening to the experts?  The vast majority of the leaders in the health and medical industries have implored us to wear masks as a basic step to fight the proper fight.  Most of us listened to their advice, and we were winning the battle, but it is apparent that we have lost our momentum.

Yet, we must recognize that it’s not too late!  We will win this war, we will develop the vaccines, life will return to normal. But, somehow, we lost our focus and we must recognize that we need to adjust our way of thinking.  And why would we possibly listen to anyone other than the medical experts?

Please, respect yourselves, your families, and your neighbors.  For the time being, keep your distance and wear a mask when you are among others, for your safety and theirs. And be prepared to exercise your privilege to vote, to influence who your future leaders will be and to be certain that they share their expertise for the good of one and all!

Here is our message in the format of a poem:

We wish to inspire, with positivity and charity
No politics or religion, no sense of disparity
We reside in the land of opportunity
Thanks to others who sacrifice without impunity
But this time is unique, our lives have been changed
By an invisible illness that has many deranged
Heroes among us, stepping up to fight,
Everyday people challenging our plight
Politicians are absent, and stuck in denial
While neighborhoods suffer, and statistics spiral
Where are our leaders, why aren’t they leading
Isn’t it apparent, we must stop the bleeding
Experts insist that we must wear a mask
So why not communicate that this is our task
A signal of strength is to make an admission,
That an error was made, as we strive for remission

It’s time to step up, there’s safety in numbers
And rescue our neighbors, as our leadership slumbers

Protect your families, that is our priority
Keep wearing your masks, join the majority

Stay healthy and safe, it’s ok to emote,
And, express your feelings by planning to vote!