April Braswell: Breaking the Ice with People

Getting into a Conversation Comfortably, Confidently, and Casually

When the Holiday season is in full swing, this is a particularly easy time of year to break the ice with people every day of the week. Whatever the time of year or season, there is often a seasonal event or occasion upon which you can lean to assist you in how you break the ice with people who are complete strangers.

This can assist you whether you’re a single looking to date and get more comfortable and socially skilled or a new sales person needing to sell items, services, or just yourself as a professional. Developing your ease and agility for breaking the ice with people stands you in good stead in all social and business professional interpersonal situations.

Whether you’re a single hoping to get the cute guy to ask for your number or a get the beautiful woman to talk to you and give you her phone number when you ask for it, or possibly a sales man or woman looking to make more selling connections, many people want to learn how to break the ice comfortably, casually and confidently with complete strangers in public settings of all kinds.

Start to Break the Ice with a Focus on Seasonality

Thinking about seasonality can help you both for how to dress and what to be on the look out for to help you to open your mouth and utter the first sentence. Just opening your mouth alone can make all the difference.  If you have the urge to say something to the cutie waiting in line with you but you never even say one single word, then you remain right where you are feeling let down.

However, if you step out of your present comfort zone by breaking the ice with someone new and starting even a short exchange, then you’ve taken the first step in your goals.  Once you take one step, taking one more is just that much easier to do.

  • Halloween
  • Fall Harvest
  • Thanksgiving
  • December Holidays
  • Boxing Day

If you’re looking to make more contacts for your sales pipeline or just wanting to get more practiced and comfortable with your flirting skills, then you want both to wear something to help other people to break the ice with you and also to be on the look out for what the others are wearing. Additionally, as they say in Real Estate: location, location, location. Remember to go places where you could organically and naturally encounter other quality singles.

Happy Halloween

Start wearing fun t-shirts. Look to what the other people are wearing. Are they wearing a pirate t-shirt? They were quite popular because of all the Johnny Depp “Pirates of the Caribbean” series of movies and their great popularity.

What can I say? How can I talk to beautiful women?

Usually it’s the single guys who are begging me to help them to think of and come up with knowing in advance of being somewhere with lots of beautiful girls to know what to say. “What can I say to beautiful women?”

How to Break the Ice with People Video

What they’re really asking me is, “What can I say to a beautiful woman that won’t make me look and feel ridiculous? Help!” Another way to think of it is, how can I talk to women and still have my masculinity intact at the end of it?

Guys want to know both where to meet beautiful quality women as well as how to feel both confident as well as comfortable to talk to women. If you just start practicing in a variety of circumstances where you encounter women regularly, then when it really matters, you’ll already be ready.

Christmas Parties are just around the corner and offer another great time to socialize and meet new people.

Whatever time of year it is when you actually read this article, be sure to look at the calendar and see if you can tie in a simple break the ice phrase to the day of the week or upcoming holiday or public event which is top of mind for people.

Doing so will assist you in not only your breaking the ice but in aiding the other people to respond easily, readily, and comfortably with you!

Your confidence and poise will help to put others at ease to talk and make conversation with you today. When you sign up with your name and email down below for my newsletter, you’ll receive further more detailed scenarios and sample ice breakers to get you started and practicing regularly!

Click on the video here, filmed live in fun Downtown San Diego on how you, too, can break the ice with people confidently, calmly, and comfortably every day.

Happy Dating and Relationships,

April Braswell is internationally recognized as America’s Midlife Dating and Relationship Expert and the award winning expert columnist at DatingAdvice.com. She is the author of best seller, Get Swipe Right and coaches marriage-minded men and women to find and attract love for the best life partner.