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Keep Your Dating Pipeline Full!

Ladies, get OUT and meet more men.  This is best way actually to GET MORE DATES.

How many men did you flirt with this week?

How many men did you speak with this week?

In line at Starbucks? Seattle’s Best for coffee?

Or were you too aloof to notice Mr. Financial District next to you?

Too snobby to chat up Mr. Blue Collar ordering the Grande Drip, black?

I date a LOT because I make an effort to meet a lot of men.

I also REALLY LIKE men.

I feel they can FEEL that about me.

I appreciate them.  I admire them.  And I am very accepting of them that they are very visually stimulated and think about sex every 3.7 nano seconds.  Wow!  Aren’t you grateful that they do that?  It just means they think about it more than you do, and I am SO glad that they ARE thinking about it more than I.  Or things would just be too, too, too terribly embarrassing, n’est pas?

How about yourself?  Do you really LIKE men?  Sure, you’re heterosexual (if you made it this far through my website, I’m just going out on a limb here that THAT is the case…..).  You are sexually and romantically attracted to men.  But do you really LIKE them?

Check your thinking.

Do you catch yourself thinking to yourself or saying to your GFs, “Ugh!  Men are such Jerks!”  Or “Ogh!  Men are such idiots.”  Mhmm.  Of course they can be.  And I can be a bitch and a shrew, thank you, but I’m hoping it’s not your predominate thought about me.

I want you to do me a favor and start saying to yourself every morning while you are happily brushing and flossing your teeth (you are flossing, right?  Be YOUR Best YOU!  Flossing is part of it.  Uh huh. OK, we’re good.), “MEN are WONDERFUL!”  Say it.  MEAN it.  Say it SMILING (easier to brush and floss while you’re smiling….). Say it with ENTHUSIASM.  Toss your head with your dazzling smile as you say it, “Men are WONDERFUL!”

And then during the day, give yourself a little challenge.  Stive to NOTICE all the wonderful things men are doing around you.  Keep note of them.  Then at night, go write them down.  Keep a pretty femmy fabulousity journal.  Have a section on “Things I Admire About Men!”  with things for which you are grateful.

April Braswell

April Braswell has been DatingAdvice.com‘s Midlife Dating expert since 2012. She coaches Midlife relationship-minded men and women to find and attract lasting love. She takes a proactive and heart-centered  approach with her clients to look for love Online with her Irresistibly Attractive Profile Writing Service and in Real Life Dating Coaching.