Strategic Placement to Meet More Targeted Singles

Location, Location, LocationWhy Where You Hang Matters in Romance and Business

I just emailed a male coaching client who is in my flagship VIP Matchmaking program because he is highly motivated to find a really top quality match. He’s dated a ton a girls, many of them quite beautiful. And while looks do matter, this man gets it. He wants an interesting and intelligent woman with an intriguing head on her shoulders to marry. He’s an entrepreneur. He does not lead your average life. Sometimes he works long hours. He’s a reader. He thinks a lot. His idea of fun is not just hanging on the coach in the evening after work watching endless hours of television. Yes, he enjoys tv, but it better be something fun and intriguing, not just some kind of drivel like Honey Boo Boo.

For him, he’s not interested in going to the same old haunts.

He doesn’t want to go on a date anymore just to get out.

If he’s going to go somewhere, it’s gotta be worthwhile.

For him and all my VIP Matchmaking clients, I direct them to strategic places. I do a massive custom intake about their lives and what they’re looking for. And then I direct them places, locations, and social events where others who just might be aligned with that will be.

You might notice I am always blogging about social events. I might have my own politics and faith, but you’ll notice I’m sending you to all kinds of faith communities singles events when I hear about them. Because I do want you getting out, and I want you to be meeting people who are aligned with you and how you are.

If you’re a Libertarian, I’m not going to be pointing you over to the Young Liberals of Orange County’s social soiree. It might end up in a bar room fight or worse still just leave you feeling defeated and daunted with that sinking feeling of, “There’s no-one out there for me.”

Take heart. There is.

Now if you’re in business, allow me to suggest that this is not just a dating article for singles. The idea of Strategic Placement is important for you to apply to your business as well. Much as I love a small coffee from McDonald’s the business executives who want to work with a coach are not going to be hanging out there all afternoon. So, don’t hang there. However, Strategic Placement can be applied there by your dressing up in good business garb and always having your business personal card on you at all times. So when you jet in there during the morning breakfast rush and you’re in line with 2 other well dressed business people, you can break the ice and find some little reason to engage them in conversation. Carry an interesting prop that is genuine for you such as perhaps The Bible. Someone who is Christian can leverage that to break the ice with you.

Happy Dating and Relationships,

April Braswell

April Braswell is internationally recognized as America’s Midlife Dating and Relationship Expert and the award winning expert columnist at DatingAdvice.com. Author of best seller, Get Swipe Right, April coaches marriage-minded men and women to find and attract love, your best life partner.