Armando A. Diaz: Staff Writer

Armando Antonio Diaz brings a fresh mix of creative writing investigation and research partnered with people-oriented skills and originality. Armando Antonio was born in Holguin, Cuba in 1987 and emigrated to the US at just 4 years old. Throughout his life, he has always employed whimsy, creativity and a steadfast desire to learn in order to create innovative ideas and entertaining content. 
After graduating with a Bachelors Degree in fine arts from New World School and University of Florida, he began (among other things) writing professionally for doctors and small businesses, shaping their companies with his words.  
His journey allowed him to pursue endeavors in the Arts by writing and producing a one-person show “Cockroach Confessions” in 2012.  This thirty minute monologues was showcased in Broadway’s Snapple Theater.  In 2016, Armando began writing for promotions in sports, as he himself was actively competing as a sponsored triathlete in IRONMAN. 
He has also received high honors for his poetry and narrative stories in addition to working on a full length science fiction novel. Today Armando continued writing for wonderful publications such as Throomers. Find him at www.armandoantoniodiaz.com.