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Restless Nights? Meet The Calm App: The Cure For Insomnia

The #1 app for sleep, meditation, and relaxation is making the world happier and healthier.

Every day we see advertisements for products that will make us look better, smell better, and improve our health.  The commercials are appealing because, well, that’s the objective of a good commercial. Some of the products work, some don’t, it’s often a matter of personal taste.  But, recently, one of these commercials caught my attention!

Finding a Sleep Solution

I don’t know about you, but my nights have become more and more restless as I’ve gotten older, and it’s not just the middle-of-the-night pee, I simply struggle falling and remaining asleep. Sure, I’ve made the move to a top-of-the-line latex mattress, which happens to be incredibly comfortable, and state-of-the-art and plush bamboo pillows, but the only difference is that I’m really comfortable while I think about falling asleep in the middle of the night!

Somewhat desperate for help, I happened to catch a glimpse of a commercial for an app called Calm that would supposedly help cure my lousy sleeping habits. After a bit of research, I realized that this app might be for real, having been named 2017 App of the Year by Apple, Google Play Editors’ Choice in 2018, and the “World’s Happiest App” by the Center for Humane Technology. More importantly, the Calm app has received hundreds of thousands of 5-star reviews on the Internet!

Mindful Relaxation

The Calm app tells descriptive, smooth, calm and soothing Sleep Stories (bedtime stories for grownups) that captivate the listener. By using descriptive, smooth, and calm words, and avoiding trigger words like coffee or snakes or lions, the listener is transported to a different world, one that allows them to relax and, after a matter of minutes, fall asleep! The stories run the gamut from wandering through the lavender fields of Provence to taking a painting class with Bob Ross to adult fairy tales to walking among waterfalls. And, I have been told that the stories typically have a happy ending although, I must admit, I’ve never made it that far!

The Calm app features unique audio content created to help strengthen mental fitness and improve some of the biggest mental health issues of today by lowering stress, calming anxiety, relieving insomnia, and lightening depression. The most popular feature is a ten-minute meditation called, The Daily Calm, that helps you ease into your day or wind down before bedtime. Calm also contains over 100 Sleep Stories guaranteed to lull you to sleep, plus music to help you focus, relax or sleep. Also included are meditation lessons, nature sounds and scenes, videos, multi-day programs, and Calm Masterclasses delivered by world experts.  Yes, that’s right, Calm Masterclasses taught by world-renowned experts!

You can download the Calm app for free and start enjoying it right away. The free version has a subset of the programs without ads and it’s free forever. But if you opt for a paid subscription to Calm Premium, you’ll receive the full set of programs with access to over 100 hours of premium content, including an ever-expanding library of advanced meditations, soothing Sleep Stories, calming nature scenes, a breathing tool, and Calm Masterclasses.

The Best Zzzs Invention

How did this little miracle app come to be? Interestingly, the two founders who created it were very innovative entrepreneurs, each in their own right. Michael Acton Smith created Firebox offering unusual gifts, then the children’s entertainment company, Mind Candy, with its successful Moshi Monsters online game.  Alex Tew created the wildly ingenious Million Dollar Homepage.But with entrepreneurship comes many a sleepless night creating, planning, new ideas, worries, to-do lists, and so on. Acton Smith was in dire need of restful sleep and focused on calming his mind. Over time, he realized its benefits and started thinking of a new venture that would help many others like him. His friend, Tew, on the other hand, was already practicing mindfulness techniques. The team created the Calm app so people like you and me can re-energize our minds and meet each day refreshed.

Restful Mindfulness for All

Even health care professionals can use the therapeutic benefits of the Calm app to help their patients. Psychologists, doctors, nurses, occupational therapists, dentists, and others are finding mindfulness techniques help support the treatment of their patients. There’s even science-based research that shows people with depression, anxiety, insomnia, chronic pain, and other ailments are benefitting from mindfulness intervention. Very cool, I should tell my doctors about it.

If you want to give someone you care about the best gift ever, then you should consider gifting a subscription of Calm Premium. What could be better than giving the gift of Calm to a friend, family member, or work colleague in need of restful sleep? They receive a whole year’s worth of better sleep, relaxation, and mindfulness. I can’t imagine a better gift than that.

How about treating yourself to a 30-second rest right now? Click here to get the app!