CINEMOOD: The Family Entertainment Experience

Access an endless library of movies and shows and project them up to 12-feet wide on any flat surface. How to keep your kids and grandkids entertained: Switch on the CINEMOOD smart projector and watch the good times roll. It’s a wireless portable mini-cinema that projects onto any flat surface. It looks like a small cube with rounded corners and has the ability to stream a broad range of content from TV shows to pre-loaded, kid-friendly cartoons. It’s not only great for kids, but for adults too and provides a much-needed solution for families with special needs. CINEMOOD is the world’s first noiseless, ultralight standalone content projector. It combines the high-quality image of a projector with child-friendly portability and fits in the palm of your hand. It’s so easy to use, even a young child can control it. “We created a safe and smart cinema for the whole family. The variety of CINEMOOD’s content is endless,” says co-founder, Paul Zhuravlev. CINEMOOD is getting a lot of press. According to Forbes, “For a pocket-sized projector that’s portable, multifunctional and free of any

Santiago Chile: Uncorked

Nature’s beauty paired with great wine and food makes Chile’s wine country a memorable destination. I had the pleasure of traveling to Buenos Aires, Argentina, and Santiago, Chile, a few years ago.  While in Santiago, I was fortunate to find Uncorked Wine Tours which gave us an unforgettable experience. We had a great time in Buenos Aires, taking several walking tours and enjoying the wine, the steaks, and, most of all, the pizza!  Yes, Argentine pizza!  If you are a pizza lover and have not had Argentine pizza, I strongly suggest you do so! Wine Country Excursion After a few days in Buenos Aires, we took a flight to Santiago. Unlike Buenos Aires, which is a fabulous city to walk around, Santiago tends to be more spread out, so we decided it would be best to book a couple tours, including a visit to wine country.  We were really fortunate to learn about Uncorked Wine Tours, which is highly-rated on TripAdvisor. Uncorked Wine Tours is a wine-tourism agency with nine years of experience.  With Uncorked, we scheduled a trip to

GPS Trackers: Keeping Track of Your Loved Ones

Do you know where your loved ones are? Location devices have evolved into smart high-tech monitoring systems with the simplicity of using a phone app. Keeping track of loved ones is serious business these days. Unlike the old days when we grew up with neighbors and friends watching over us, today is very different with safety becoming a real concern. We’ve all heard the stories of missing children, abductions, wandering elders, and lost travelers. We may not be able to have a watchful eye over our loved ones 24/7 but there is a way to check on their whereabouts. GPS tracking enables parents to locate children and elderly loved ones. It’s a great tool for grandparents who watch the grandkids while mom and dad are at work or when the kids come over for summer vacation. It’s perfect for keeping family or friends informed when traveling or going on a big adventure. For families, the wonders of technology have been put to good use with advances in tracking devices, GPS systems, communications, and phone apps. Quality Matters When safety is