Kevin Sorbo: From Mythical Hero to Purveyor of Faith

As the invincible Hercules, he has thrilled audiences around the world. Now he inspires with messages of hope, faith, and family. In 2019, the release of the faith-based action film, The Reliant, fueled more debate on one of the most burning issues of our day. Kevin Sorbo, who starred in the movie, supports the film’s defense of the second amendment and how faith in God provides sanctuary during troubled times. Sorbo doesn’t mind controversy when it comes to difficult subjects, and when it comes to faith, the veteran actor is immovable even if it means being shunned by Hollywood. Emerging Star It wasn’t always this way for him. Sorbo rose to international stardom but attributes his success to humble beginnings. Born in 1958 in Mound, Minnesota, and proud of his Norwegian heritage and small-town upbringing, he was raised in a loving Lutheran family and taught Christian values. His father was a junior-high-school teacher, and his mother gave up a nursing career to raise their brood of five children. His passion for acting was sparked during a school trip to a

Marian Hamilton and The Ken Hamilton Caregiver Center

A private sanctuary for caregivers eases the everyday stress associated with the care of ailing loved ones. Unsung Heroes Imagine having a break in your day, time so precious you can have a moment all to yourself to escape, relax, and recharge. This momentary freedom is appreciated beyond measure by family members whose lives have been dramatically altered to become the courageous caregivers of loved ones with serious illnesses or injuries. Caregivers give their all to support the physical and well-being needs of loved ones. Caregiving is more than a loving, noble, selfless act —it speaks of endurance when courage and strength seem exhausted. But usually, one dives into their newfound role and then realizes how inadequate they are to take on the responsibility. Their own lives become disrupted even to forgo paid work to accommodate the needs of the loved one. Exhaustion, stress, frustration, anxiety, isolation, and depression often creep into a caregiver’s life. Patience and fortitude become precious commodities to survive caregiving. Where does one turn for help? Roughly one third of family caregivers have difficulty in finding

Lisa Klein and Loved Twice: Starting Life with Compassion

A new mother finds room in her heart to help at-risk newborns. It’s another busy day at a San Francisco Bay Area warehouse filled with volunteers sorting through mountains of baby clothes. Another box filled to the brim is sealed, labeled “Baby Boy,” and placed on a stack of similar boxes ready for delivery. Among the piles of baby garments, Lisa Klein can be found examining each article and lovingly divvies them up by size 0 through 12 months. A Head Start in Life Klein is the founder of this non-profit enterprise, Loved Twice, that collects and distributes donated baby clothes to help underprivileged newborns, giving them a better start in life. They collect gently used baby clothes that would otherwise end up in a landfill and pack them lovingly into a boy’s or girl’s wardrobe-in-a-box. Each box contains 75 items including socks, hats, pants, sleepwear, booties, bibs, books, and other items. Deliveries are made to social workers who hand out the boxes to desperate new mothers and guardians in local hospitals, shelters, and clinics. It all started in 2005

Susan Nastasi: “Horsing Around” is Good for You

Sharing the unconditional love of miniature horses promotes peace, joy, comfort, and healing. Humans and animals have shared a bond since prehistoric times, one helping the other for mutual benefit. Our lives are enriched by an animal’s unconditional love and ability to sooth the wounds of our body and soul. A cuddle, a snuggle, a wagging tail acts like a balm for our emotional, psychological, and physical well-being. Just interacting with animals uplifts our spirit, and the feeling is mutual. What place better for this friendly bond to be experienced than at SOUL Haven Ranch in Winter Garden, Florida. It’s the perfect place to immerse in peace, tranquility, and nature, yet only a half-hour’s drive from mega-parks Disney World, Universal Studios, and Sea World. Guests are welcomed to a charming Victorian-style house with a wrap-around porch complete with rocking chairs. Upscale accommodations await the tired traveler as do friendly dogs, cats, and goats. Relax and unwind in the gazebo, hammocks, and swings beneath the large shady oak trees. There’s even a horse-drawn carriage service available for tours, weddings, birthdays, and

Story Musgrave: Conquering Life in the Cosmos

An astonishing list of achievements in the life of one remarkable man has inspired many to strive for their own story of success. Is it possible to be a pragmatist of the highest order while your spirit floats above the earth seeking the age-old answers of what it means to be human? Is it possible to peer into the heavens, connecting with the vastness of it all, while rummaging through your NASA toolbox for just the right screwdriver? Does a man exist who admits he knows nothing about a problem but is confident enough to know he can fix whatever you’ve got if you just let him try? Why yes, he does. His name is Story Musgrave and his life can be a lesson to all of us. He’ll walk through any door of opportunity so the chance isn’t wasted. If the door is closed, he’ll stick his foot on the threshold and talk his way in. He shows us just what can be accomplished with enough bullheadedness not to give up; not ever. A Born Survivor Musgrave was born

David Černý: Prague’s Bad-Boy of the Art World

Shock and Awe: Czech sculptor revels in creating outlandish, highly controversial public art. Known as the “bad boy of Eastern European art,” David Černý doesn’t mind stirring up controversy through his bold art forms. Skilled in mixed media, he is most known for his larger than life sculptures dotted around the city of Prague, Czech Republic. His best-known works project his displeasure with communist and post-revolution politics. Some of his sculptures are 3-dimensional commentary on Czech grin-and-bear-it attitudes through hundreds of years of occupation by other countries and Marxist regimes. Others display his interpretation of inept and corrupt politicians directing the course of the nation. In the post-communist era, repressed ideas and suppression are unbridled as the country embraces democracy and free thought. For the non-conformist Černý, the freedom of artistic and political expression has become the perfect storm for boundless inspiration. His brazen attitude is perhaps best portrayed in his bronze sculpture of two men with swiveling hips urinating into a pond shaped like the Czech Republic. The water stream is actually writing famous Czech quotes. Unabashed, he delights

Danny Gold Reporting from the Frontlines

Going where others dare not to get the real story. In a time when the term “fake news” is thrown about freely, Danny Gold, a U.S. journalist and documentary filmmaker, is on a mission to show the public what true crime, politics, and international conflict are like in the real world. He’s reported on school shootings, bombings, international gang warfare, and political upheavals. He sees the fragility of human life and constant battles between good and evil, although it may sound far-fetched, Gold is on the frontlines of the world’s most pressing events, covering the world’s most volatile issues. Gold is a freelance journalist who also doubles as a producer, correspondent, and writer in countries with armed conflicts, organized crime, and political crises. Gold’s recent work has been published in The Guardian, Wired magazine, PBS Newshour, HBO, Fusion TV, and the 2019 September issue of The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and Esquire. Furthermore, Gold was a founding host, producer, and correspondent for VICE News, a New York-based media group with worldwide bureaus focused on documentaries and essays on

Making Miracles in Camden, New Jersey

A passion for education leads to creating one of the nation’s best charter schools, bringing a path to success for inner-city children. Dr. Gloria Bonilla-Santiago believes that education can take you where you want to go. “It’s a passport to a better life,” she says. Growing up in Puerto Rico, Florida, and New Jersey as a migrant farmworker, Dr. Santiago knew that she wanted more out of life. Her pursuit of education allowed her to earn her current prestigious position as a Board of Governors Distinguished Service Professor, Department of Public Policy and Administration at Rutgers University in Camden, New Jersey. She is also their Director of the Center for Strategic Urban Community Leadership. In 1997, she used her passion for education as the foundation for LEAP Academy University Charter School in Camden, New Jersey. The charter school teaches at-risk urban kids what they need to know to advance their careers and break the cycle of poverty. Dr. Santiago has done such glorious work that the LEAP Academy has been dubbed the “Miracle on Cooper Street.” As the founder, Dr.

Jason deCaires Taylor: Art in the Depths

The art of saving our planet through underwater living eco-sculptures. When you see Jason deCaires Taylor directing a giant crane to lower his sculpture gingerly to the ocean floor, he might strike you as a modern-day Michelangelo. After all, the legendary Italian was a true innovator, as is Taylor. He also reflected the society around him with a passion for beauty and soulful things. Taylor does this as well, with a touch of social commentary thrown in. But Taylor goes a step beyond: he uses the beauty around him as the very paintbrush; the living creatures in his watery world become part of an interactive installation, changing and evolving with time. A multi-talented sculptor, marine conservationist and photographer, Taylor creates “living” pieces of art in tandem with the ocean. Placing groupings of statues in carefully selected locations, Taylor steps back and gives coral, parrot fish and fire worms free reign to live among and transform his underwater museum as they wish. The result is both groundbreaking … and breathtaking. Born by the Sea Taylor was raised in the shadow of

Melody Trice: Living An Incredible Unlimited Life

TV personality inspires others to live their life without limits. As a child, Trice always wanted to see her name in lights. Today, her dreams have come true as she conquers the airwaves as a media personality, actress, and model with her own weekly daytime talk TV show which secured over two million viewers in just two years. On The Melody Trice Show, Trice discusses topics that mean the most to women — from food, relationships, career, health and beauty, and overcoming abuse. Most of the topics are taken from the chapters of Trice’s life, as she’s overcome health issues and domestic violence, and continues to put her best foot forward as an example for other women. The Melody Trice Show Every week, viewers in Los Angeles, Long Beach, San Francisco, Pasadena, Monrovia, Berkeley, and Duarte can tune in via a local broadcast, while others enjoy her show over the Internet and through social media. The Melody Trice Show covers trendy topics like business, music, technology, careers, entertainment, health, and consumer trends with the special vibe that only Trice can bring.