Chloe and Maud Arnold: Sisters with Rhythm and Shoe

This sister act helped pioneer a tap dancing renaissance, tapping their way to success and stardom. Fierce Footwork As children, Chloe and Maud Arnold were usually heard before they were seen. In unison they count “Five. Six. Seven. Eight.” followed by the pitter patter of their fancy footwork — it became their calling card. They danced virtually everywhere they went. Their passion and aptitude for dance was plain to see, especially in tap. Their parents supported the “fierce footwork” of their daughters, and encouraged each hip sway, jazz kick, and paradiddle. Those tap dancing girls became tap dancing divas, grabbing the attention of mega-stars like Beyonce, Ellen Degeneres, and world-renowned dancer, Debbie Allen. The attention isn’t unwarranted, these dancing sisters are raising the bar on what it means to dance out loud. Mentored by a Legend  Eventually, the sisters tapped their way into the graces of dance legend, Debbie Allen, who mentored the girls and their talents, ensuring that they were ready for success early on. At the age of 16, Chloe was cast in Allen’s play, the Brothers of

Sean Bandawat: American Made Entrepreneur

By establishing trust and perceived value, he turned a dying business into a thriving family of businesses. About 60 years ago, a young man named Warren Buffett bought a small, troubled New England textile company called Berkshire Hathaway.  He turned it into a property and casualty insurance company, then a holding company, and then he became the richest man in the world using Berkshire as his investment vehicle. We recently had the pleasure of working with another young man, Sean Bandawat, who may be on the same path! Fostering a Business Mindset From a young age, Bandawat witnessed his father, who was a successful entrepreneur, in action.  More importantly, his dad was his hero, role model, and primary business advisor.  While in college at the University of Southern California, Bandawat creates several internet-based businesses —most notably RateMyFraternity.com and RateMySorority.com, allowing students to learn and read reviews about fraternities and sororities across the nation, and College Zoom, a counseling service that helps students apply to America’s best universities. Bandawat attended USC Marshall’s Lloyd Greif Center for Entrepreneurial Studies, perhaps the best

Words of Wisdom: Insightful And Provocative

“Change Your Thoughts and You will Change Your World…” Dr. Norman Vincent Peale How does this work you may be asking? Change your thoughts and you change your world? I believe it’s true, but before I explore how it works, I want you to take a minute or two to think about how you experience the world around you. And to help with that, I’ll describe two extreme worlds knowing that you are probably somewhere in-between. Two Extreme Worlds One extreme world tends to be chaotic, urgent, full of busyness, and has an overall sense of feeling overwhelming. This world tends to be unpredictable and uncertain which leads to feelings of worry, fear, depression, anxiety, and loneliness. The other extreme world is the complete opposite. It’s calm, less busy, pleasant, and full of deep, meaningful relationships. This world leads to feelings of optimism, fulfillment, hope, excitement, and a sense of community. Okay, so how does the process of changing your thoughts to change your world work? What Dr. Peale is referring to is more than just your thoughts. He’s referring to

Bobby and Tia Norfleet: A Win for All

Like father, like daughter. They’re setting the pace for equality on and off the track. Bobby Norfleet is in a race without a finish line. As a retired NASCAR driver, he is no stranger to competition, overcoming obstacles, and achieving one’s goals, but his drive wouldn’t let him stop after his laps were done. Norfleet is now retired, but as one of the pioneer African American NASCAR racers, he says he’s obligated to introduce more African Americans to the joys of NASCAR racing. He vowed to not let injustice, ignorance, or bigotry stand in his or other African Americans way as they pursue the sport. Instead, he’s gone full-throttle to help NASCAR become more inclusive by mentoring other African American drivers. And, his most prized protege — his daughter Tia Norfleet — is on her way to her victory lap. Getting off the Back Roads Born in 1960 in Savannah, Georgia, during the Civil Rights era, Norfleet heard about protests and sit-ins to overcome ideologies associated with white supremacy, black inferiority, and segregation. Norfleet remembers watching his brothers street race

Auntie Anne’s Pretzels: Life Is As Twisted As A Pretzel

Navigating through the twists and turns of life created one of the world’s most successful franchises. The origins of Auntie Anne’s pretzels are anything but ordinary. The real Auntie behind the popular pretzels navigated a series of unfortunate events and tragic personal loss to come out the other side with one of the most successful franchises in the world.  The aroma of freshly baked goods and homegrown happiness permeate the air when you enter an Auntie Anne’s pretzel store. No matter what location around the globe, the fresh smell of soft pretzels never changes. Like being home, you are greeted by a familiar smile and served familiar delights. Many people ask if there is a real Auntie Anne behind this universal feeling of cheer brought on by the delicious twists of dough. Who is Auntie Anne? Over half a century ago, a girl sat at her doorstep awaiting her parents. With a horse and buggy, they made their way down to the 100-acre farm with the buggy bumping and grunting behind the tired horse. She saw them in the distance

Jim Murphy: Flying High in the Corporate Cockpit

Trained to connect strategy with execution, this F-15 fighter pilot developed a powerful concept for growing businesses. The Start of Greatness He exuded an aura of confidence, standing center stage to deliver his inspirational and illuminating message, in a dark green military pilot flight suit. It was adorned with the badges of an experienced airman. The audience expected to hear about war, jets, and harrowing combat tales. They sit and listen as his commanding, yet approachable voice filled the room. “It’s a great time to execute and take market share!” Murphy says. Wait, what? Market share? To their surprise, this airman is not only a master of advanced aviation, he’s also of a brilliant business mind. Corporations stand in line to gain an understanding of Murphy and Afterburner’s winning methodology, Flawless Execution℠. Upping the Execution Game When everything is life or death, there’s no room for mistakes. Jim Murphy sat in the cockpit of an F-15, as he had done thousands of times before, but this time, he made a connection that would change his life forever. Murphy reflected on

Mitra Shahri: Fearless, Focused & Funny

Standing Up for Justice in more ways than One Monsters Revealed  On October 5, 2017, despicable sexual misconduct charges exploded across the headlines when the New York Times outed entertainment mogul, Harvey Weinstein, as the sexual predator he’d long been alleged to be. A New Yorker article soon followed with enough new accusations and salacious details to fill several seasons of content in an X-rated horror series, with the monster Weinstein in the starring role. At the same time, the trial of another powerful entertainment celebrity was making headlines. ‘America’s father,’ former superstar actor and comedian, Bill Cosby, had been suspected for decades of sexually preying on young aspiring actresses who had come to him expecting paternal mentoring. Cosby’s denials and legal maneuvering had finally been overwhelmed by the mounting accusations and evidence. As national outrage intensified, fueled by the #metoo movement’s ‘Never Again’ mantra, emboldened women emerged from hiding to tell their own horror stories. Other big-name dominos soon fell across the media gameboard including formerly revered names Charlie Rose, Matt Lauer and Tom Brokaw. It is important to note that

Michael Vetter: Extraterrestrial Carmaker

ET would have loved to go home in one of these. For the past 20 years, Michael Vetter, owner of The Car Factory, has been building custom futuristic concept cars from scratch. You may have seen his cars in movies and TV, or around town for companies and those individuals who want something no one else has. Today, his team consists of expert craftsman dedicated to producing extreme high-end cars and who appreciate each other’s fine workmanship. A Passion for Sports Cars Vetter entered the car world by accident while attending college earning a business degree in Daytona Beach, Florida. He was undecided about his future, but knew he wanted to be in charge of his own day. He happened across a fiberglass body shell of a Lamborghini Countach at the largest car show on the East Coast called the Daytona Turkey Rod Run. He was in love with its design. When he was 12-years old in 1984, he had seen this car at the Frankfurt Auto Show in Germany and never forgot about it. He remembered finding a small black and white picture of

Matt Jung: Comfort Research & The Ultimate Beanbag

A beanbag chair, two college friends, and an out of this world experience — literally. Some say getting out of your comfort zone makes for a better life but ask Matt Jung and Chip George, owners of Comfort Research, and they’ll tell you keeping things comfortable is how they became successful. When the dynamic duo were undergraduates at Hope College in Michigan in 1996, they were looking for a better way to lounge. Tired of bruised elbows and sore tailbones from their woefully uncomfortable beanbag chairs, Jung and George were determined to change dorm life from roughing it to comfort zone. Their creation was the Ahhsome Fuf — part beanbag, part mattress, part couch, and 100% comfortable. Initially, the sales of the Ahhsome Fuf were just as remarkable as its name. The two began selling the product out of the trunk of their cars during college welcome weeks. They managed to get a few into a local furniture store, which were sold out within days. As they expanded, distributors ordered larger quantities. The rest is history. Fast forward 22 years,

Tony Blauer: Hacking the Science of Self-Defense

He’s developed the only behaviorally based self-protection method in the world. Know Fear Imagine taking an afternoon walk around your neighborhood and an unfamiliar face suddenly attacks you. You can’t run away, and your adrenaline is rushing, there’s a ringing in your ears, and your heart is beating through your chest. What would you do? Would you replay a scene from a Bruce Lee movie in your head or would you know what to do to make it out alive? We can hypothesize, but the truth is that many of us don’t know how we would react in the face of fear. We’ve heard of fight or flight, but would we know what to do in that crucial moment? When running is not an option, we may freeze, go into shock, or make critical mistakes that give our attacker an advantage. Putting our personal safety and that of our loved ones first is our duty in situations like this. That’s why combat extraordinaire, Tony Blauer, is helping millions of people achieve confidence in self-defense through training offered by his company,