Dave Hill: Become What You Think About

Master hypnotist suggests that you can change your life by changing your thoughts. The Power of the Mind As humans, our minds are the most powerful tool we possess. Sadly, many people don’t use it as they should. The thoughts that pass through our minds control everyone one of our actions. It’s OK to look for quick fixes to our problems, but we rarely realize that we have our own solutions hidden within our brains. Normally, this is a very dense and heavy topic, but Dr. Dave Hill, a world-famous comedy hypnotist, has found a way to make the message about brain power fun. While his shows will keep you laughing, he demonstrates how subjective the mind is and how one carefully planted thought can make a world of difference. Certified as a Master Hypnotist with a Ph.D. in clinical hypnotherapy, Dr. Hill is the world’s greatest hypnotist (self-proclaimed). He has been in the entertainment business for over 30 years, and has performed at more than 8,000 shows around the world, including at Las Vegas, Reno, Lake Tahoe, and Atlantic

Haben Girma: A Champion of Disability Inclusion as Part of Diversity

From refugee to Harvard grad: She champions inclusion and dignity for people with disabilities.  We Are All Able The word “disability” usually comes with a negative connotation. It seems to deny the fact that there are people of all shapes, sizes, and skills that require judgement-free social services. Today, sadly, it seems that the differences that make our world colorful, unique, and progressive can also be a cause for isolation for many people. But Haben Girma, a deaf-blind Harvard scholar, is living proof that we are all able to complete grand missions no matter our abilities if we have the courage in our hearts and the support of our communities.  Girma is a public speaker and disability rights advocate with international fame. She aims to have inclusive practices for people with disabilities in every aspect of our daily lives. And she believes that technology can level the playing field.  She’s a lawyer, activist, and author who has been named a White House Champion of Change by President Barack Obama, spoken at national conferences, and gave a lecture on accessible design

B.J. Mendelson Speaks His Mind

Blowing the lid off social media was just the start, he addresses issues with insightful opinions and comic book wit. B.J. Mendelson is rash, crass, and is quite comfortable speaking his mind. Voicing strong opinions, sparking controversy, and offering new perspectives come naturally to him. He shares his thought-provoking insights unabashedly as a public speaker, comedian, author, and comic book creator. He wrote the book Social Media Is Bullshit based on his own experiences in 2012. At a time when social media seemed to be sent from the marketing gods, Mendelson held a different opinion. It proved profitable as his book launched him from starving millennial to thriving businessman. Major news outlets were drawn to his success and he was featured in Newsweek, Los Angeles Times, CNN, The Wall Street Journal, and The New York Times, just to name a few. He also published other books like Privacy: And How to Get it Back and two comic books called Vengeance, Nevada and A National Story of Minor Significance. Currently, he tours colleges and universities in North America, dispelling the myths and misconceptions on

Jake Hanrahan: Irregular Warfare

As audiences turn from mainstream news reporting, independent journalism is gaining in popularity and trust. Riveting stories of conflicts and crime on the world stage are brought to us by journalists who accept the risk of putting themselves in harms way. They do it to get the story behind today’s headlines so the rest of us can know what’s actually happening in the world. One such independent journalist is Jake Hanrahan of the UK, who brings us stories from some of the world’s most dangerous hotspots. His firsthand reporting also covers the underworld of organized crime, exposes extremist political views, and dives into conspiracy theories. Take a look at his showreel to see what takes to get the story… Journalistic Integrity at Stake In an interview with Defiance, Hanrahan shares his view on why audiences are becoming distrustful of mainstream news, “Because a lot of people are getting sick of what they’re seeing every day. It’s not just kooky people. Normal people now, everybody is just going like, ‘Hang on, I’m sick of this. I’m sick of being told what

Estella Mims Pyfrom And Her Brilliant Bus For Underprivileged Kids

Underprivileged kids take charge of their destiny on a magical mobile learning lab. Magic School Bus  In today’s digital age, information is everywhere. This has made for a more informed general public, but some poor and rural locations have fallen behind due to a lack of resources. That’s why Estella Pyfrom, an 82-year-old activist and educator from Quincy, Florida, is giving those who need it an “education on wheels.” Her ‘magic school bus’ established a movement to make education accessible to all. The Brilliant Bus is a non-profit, designed to help both underprivileged children and adults access education, modern technology, and educational resources no matter where they live. The project is helping to eliminate the digital divide in communities and has been featured during a Microsoft Super Bowl commercial, in O, The Oprah Magazine, and was a recipient of Toyota’s Standing O-vation award. Pyfrom was also named a CNN Top 10 Hero. You can watch her hero story here… Retirement Redefined When most people retire, they usually spend their savings on traveling, moving to a different country, or satisfying their

Laura Galante: Cyber Crime Fighter

Expert in cyber intelligence and 4-H clubs she’s looking to build a future for rural Virginia. There are some undeniable threats to safety, such as an assailant with a gun, a natural disaster, or a burning building, but what about the threats that are more mysterious? Like those that lay in the dark webs of cyberspace. Just because the naked eye can’t see them doesn’t make these threats any less dangerous. In fact, because of this they are even more dangerous, according to Laura Galante, a world-renowned cybersecurity expert. She deals with these types of crises every day. From security breaches that hold entire governments hostage, viruses that seek to steal your personal information, or teams of cyber spies attempting to sway public opinion, these are obstacles that Galante conquers. She’s spoken to the United Nations about hackers and malware, and documented Chinese interference with American trade secrets. Her skillset has allowed her to regularly appear on CNN, BBC, and other networks and in publications on matters of cybersecurity and adapting to digital threats. Fighting cyber crime is a taxing

Anastassia Elias: Heart for Art

A thing of beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Artists like Anastassia Elias make our world come to life. Their ingenuity, resourcefulness and clever outlook allow us to see beyond the norm. Elias pushes artistic boundaries by using often overlooked materials and turning them into masterful artistry. “I often take what others don’t see and turn it into something that everyone can connect to,” she says. Elias is a Paris-based digital artist, illustrator, and innovative do-it-yourself (DIY) designer, residing in Landerneau, a small town in the western part of France (Brittany) near Brest, who uses precise techniques to inspire free thinking and bring attention to important global issues. Her mediums include painting, paper collages, ink, photos, fiber, drawings, and recycled materials. Thanks to her unique outlook, her artwork has been featured in exhibits all over the world, including the National Museum of Singapore, the Portuguese Film Festival, and in Milan, Italy. She’s on a Roll We’ve all heard the phrase, “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure,” but Elias knows this all too well. As an artist, illustrator,

Jonna Mendez: Veil of Spies

Risking it all to turn the odds to America’s favor. If I told you the Soviet Union fell with the help of glued-on facial hair and commuter dummies would you believe me? Well, probably not. But if a former CIA master of disguise told you it was true, you would. Seemingly innocuous things like wigs and ink pens were essential parts of the CIA’s ingenious toolkit for protecting assets who gave us vital information, consequently protecting millions of American lives. Tools like this were invented out of necessity during the Cold War, and Jonna Mendez, former Master of Disguise at the CIA, was the Mother of Invention. All-American Girl Mendez was born in Campbellsville, Kentucky to a family whose roots in the county were six generations deep. The plucky blonde no doubt learned the ways of the hills as all Kentucky children do; how to make something from nothing and fashion what you need with what’s on hand. Skills like these would come in very handy in her career. She graduated high school in Wichita, Kansas, attended nearby Wichita State,

Jack Haldrup: Dr. Squatch

A simple idea raised the bar on the men’s grooming industry and how men approach their hygiene. Heeding Nature’s Call Sometimes the biggest success stories are spawned by the simplest of ideas. This was the case for Jack Haldrup, who came up with a business idea and scrawled it on a napkin while on an airplane flight. He was restless, wanting something more than what his current job could offer. By the time he stepped off the plane, he knew exactly what he wanted to pour his energy into – creating a line of high-quality natural soap for men. Going at it from scratch wasn’t easy but he was determined. He did his homework and learned to build a website, researched suppliers, and honed marketing skills – practical tools he needed to launch his product. Not knowing a thing about soap-making, he taught himself how and learned all about natural ingredients. “A major advantage I had was that I was creating a product I wanted to buy myself. I also didn’t really identify with any of the brandings that were

Bernadette Placky: Climate Central’s Weather Expert

She’s educating the public on extreme weather events and the impact of climate change. Weather the Storm There is no Planet B. Climate change is real and it is threatening the way most people live. Bernadette Woods Placky says there is no debating the science that weather is heating up and that the global population is feeling the effects. Woods Placky is the Chief Meteorologist and Program Director for the Climate Matters program on Climate Central, a nonprofit news organization focused on climate research. Discussing the effects of greenhouse gases, carbon dioxide, fossil fuels, and human consumption on our ecosystem are normal conversations for Woods Placky. She understands the dangers of extreme weather patterns, like sea level rise, drought, heat, and more. As an accomplished journalist, she has a knack for simplifying complex terms and spitting out the truth. She’s appeared on MSNBC, Public Radio, ABC, PBS, and other major networks linking our weather to climate change. “You can’t go outside if the weather is not cooperating. I learned this lesson when I was young, and it still applies to