Dr. David Casarett: Pain Management

A Pain Management Crisis A tragically high number of people in the United States are in pain, both physically and emotionally. In the past few years, the prescribing of pharmaceuticals for mollifying or eliminating such pain, including opioids and other controlled substances, has reached epidemic proportions. As access to these drugs become more restricted, an unintended gateway has opened for newly created addicts who move on to illicit street drugs such as synthetic opioids (fentanyl), black tar heroin and others. This unfolding calamity is happening across the country and destroying families at every income level. The inadvertent consequences of pain management have been devastating and the statistics are grim. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, in 2016 more than 42,000 deaths were related to opioid overdoses, including synthetic opioids (fentanyl), prescription opioids and heroin. That number rose to 47,000 in 2017, the most recent available data. As the nation’s pain eradication crisis continues to mushroom, the availability of a potential solution some call a “miracle drug” is also escalating rapidly. State by state, the U.S. is moving steadily

Bill Magee And His Family: Operation Smile

Giving Disadvantaged Children Worldwide a Reason to Smile. Healthy Self-Esteem, a Process As children, we look in the mirror and carefully inspect just who is looking back, usually with degrees of disappointment or harsh judgment, much of it unfair. Out in public, while most people are friendly and complimentary, a handful of others will be unfriendly, mean-spirited and at times bullying. Maybe we have a bad haircut, an acne breakout, braces that look like steel girders, a head the size of Charlie Brown’s, or some other perceived imperfection. Every time we hear a compliment, we feel good and are drawn to that person. When we are the target of derision, we withdraw and shrink a little. I certainly did. All of it, the good and the bad, is absorbed like a bone-dry sponge for future self-judgment. Our self-esteem, the very fuel for all our potential achievements, is formed in these moments. It can be boosted with a smile and compliment or torn to shreds by mean-spirited ridicule. Most of us learn to brush it off, put it in perspective and

A Preeminent Technology – Futurist Looks into the Mirror

The Making of a Futurist We recently had the privilege of interviewing a gentleman named Kevin Kelly, the former editor/publisher of Whole Earth Review (1983-90), co-founder of Wired magazine (1993), and founding editor and co-publisher of the Cool Tools website (2003). Born in Pennsylvania in 1952, Kelly was educated in New Jersey. Because his father used systems analysis in his job at Time magazine, his son developed an early interest in cybernetics, which is the science of communications and automatic control systems in both machines and living things. Given the future that was speeding towards us, his timing was impeccable. After spending one year at the University of Rhode Island studying geology, he decided to take his studies outside the classroom by traveling extensively, including backpacking throughout Asia. This experience remains today one of the influential periods of his life. Now 66 years of age, Kelly, his wife, biochemist Gia-Miin Fuh, and their three children live near San Francisco. He is an accomplished author and an exceptionally popular lecturer focused on the future of science and technology. His Future Vision is Our

Tanea Smith: Triumphant Wordsmith

Sharing her art and words, she’s living proof you can craft your own path to success despite the odds.  The three words Tanea Smith uses to describe her life philosophy are faith, tenacity, and determination. All are well-chosen words for this amazing NYC phoenix who rewrote her life’s plan at the tender age of 19. But another comes to mind as well, and that word is victorious.  Against All Odds  Born in 1975 in Brooklyn, New York to a hardworking single mother, Smith experienced the struggles that often accompany life in the ghetto. Her mother was strict with her and her sister, reminding them as they came of age not to become young mothers themselves. But it happened for Smith all the same. The young woman faced the consequences head-on without flinching.  Ambitious Resolve  When her baby son was nine-months old, Smith became resolved toward a different future than what fate might have planned. At age 19, she put into practice the three words that would become her life’s mantra: faith, tenacity, and determination. She refused to accept her reality as

M.L. Liebler: American Poet, Professor, Activist

Detroit’s working-class champion of poetry wants everyone to experience true freedom of expression through literary arts. A poet captures the free flow of ideas and feelings into written form, rousing powerful imagery and stirring emotions of the reader or listener. Among great contemporary poets is Professor Michael L. Liebler, recipient of many awards including the 2017-2018 Murray E. Jackson Scholar in the Arts Award from Wayne State University. Beloved Poet and Teacher Liebler is a senior lecturer at Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan where he has been since 1980, teaching graduate and undergraduate courses on varied subjects including English, Creative Writing, American Studies, Labor Studies, Living Authors, and World Fiction. He is also recognized as a leading literary arts activist and organizer. To further educate and inspire people in the craft of writing, Liebler became the founding director of The National Writer’s Voice Project in Detroit as well as the Springfed Arts: Metro Detroit Writers Literary Arts Organization. Called the “bard of Detroit” by the Detroit Free Press, he describes what we get from poetry in an interview with

Dr. K. Renee Horton: World Class NASA Scientist

She’s teaching diversity and elevating courage and resilience in those aspiring to be in scientific fields. The race to space is a mission filled with heroes of legend. These are the people we look up to, the people we remember and put up on our walls. Our list, however, is incomplete. We need to add those unsung heroes, those men and women who make a difference, to its roster. At the NASA Residential Management Office at Michoud Assembly Facility in New Orleans, Louisiana, we find one of those hidden figures, Dr. K. Renee Horton, who fought adversity and a disability yet excelled in one of the world’s most prestigious scientific fields. She works as the quality engineer at the facility and the former Lead Metallic and Weld Engineer for the NASA Space Launch System (SLS), a key player in the success of deep space exploration on this, the most powerful rocket ever built. She was nine-years old, when her love of space, the universe, and the stars was initiated upon receipt of a gift by her father, a telescope. “I

Theo Fennell: The Ultimate Precious Metal Wizard

Elegant, theatrical, indulgent — his fanciful flair in craftsmanship is the ultimate in luxury jewelry and silverware. Imagine having a gorgeous dream. You’re running through a field of sparkling jewels dotted with buttercups of the purest gold. Sparkling bumble bees dance in the air around you, trailing all the colors of the rainbow from their wings. Now wake up and see your dream sitting on your nightstand in the shape of a ring you can slip on and wear with delight. This is the upscale, whimsical world of Theo Fennell. Born for Conquest Fennell was born in exotic Egypt to a military family and it isn’t surprising that one of his heroes is Lord Nelson who gallantly saved Britain from Napoleon’s invasion. Perhaps this was a foreshadowing of a soon-to-be master jeweler defending traditional British jewelry smithing from extinction. Fennell, although having been raised in an army atmosphere, emerged from childhood with an innate propensity for whimsy which would serve him very well later in life. The Etonian Schooled at Eton College, one of the most famous schools in the

Mareko Maumasi: Forged in Folded Steel

He found his calling in the fiery flames of blade smithing and became a master of stunning hand-forged blades. Many years ago, there stood a child on the banks of the Puget Sound, the salty sea breeze fanning his creative embers. Born with the innate desire to craft and build, he made many things from a very young age. As he looked out across the Sound, he didn’t know the kind of Kill Bill ancient blade master and epic artisan he would become. If he did, he would’ve smiled like a knowing Beatrix Kiddo. How Awesome Began Mareko Maumasi grew up in Washington State and, like many other kids, liked to build stuff. He was a budding artist who loved crafting things with his bare hands. It just came naturally to him. By his teen years the creative embers led him to cooking and he opted for a career in the restaurant industry. Some years later, while concentrating on his food craft, he met a man named Bob Kramer who would fan Maumasi’s creative embers into an inferno of metal artistry.

Nonny de la Peña: Immersive Journalist

Storytelling brought to life: Experience the true impact of news and stories by being there through virtual reality. Hunger prowls the streets of Los Angeles like a wolf. Living in LA is a struggle and making ends meet to provide for family is coming up short. Another day is about to pass in hunger, and you are there, a witness to this sad commentary on hunger in America. You’ve just been immersed in a true-life journalistic drama using virtual reality. When you’re done, take off your headset and have a nice day, or better yet, feel compelled to do something to make a difference in our world. It’s one thing to read about something and another thing entirely to live it. Award-winning Mexican-American journalist, documentary filmmaker, and CEO/Founder of Emblematic Group, Nonny de la Peña is spearheading a new tech movement that will help bridge the gap between experience and reality and bring the story to life through virtual reality. De la Peña’s virtual reality projects through the Emblematic Group have won many awards and she has been nicknamed the

Kevin Stone: Hollywood Hypnotist

Ever daydreamed,  realized you’ve driven past your exit,  or been totally engrossed in a movie? You’ve experienced a natural hypnosis! Having hypnotized over 1 million people, internationally acclaimed hypnotist, Kevin Stone, is still going strong helping people overcome their battles with stopping smoking, losing weight, conquering phobias, and managing stress among many other of life’s issues.  Best known as the Hollywood Hypnotist, Stone’s been called upon by celebrities for the past 25 years and is the owner and CEO of two companies Mind Growth Technologies and Deep Sleep Entertainment. He’s known as the only nationally recognized hypnotist for his work with high-profile celebrities, sports figures and politicians.  An Extraordinary Hypnotist Beverly Hills, California is home to Stone’s world-famous hypnotherapy clinic and is where he helps over a hundred clients weekly. He treats clients dealing with past trauma, intrusive thoughts, anxiety, and addiction. As a hypnosis consultant, he has been instrumental in treating TMJ, autism, and eating disorders.  His natural approach helps people make positive and lasting changes in their lives without the use of medication. Law enforcement agencies, doctors, dentists,