Cecilia Tessieri Rabassi: Elevating Luxury Foods

Meet the expert on emotive branding who raises the bar on creating super-premium luxury foods. In the world of luxury foods, Cecilia Tessieri Rabassi has excelled in establishing an ultra-luxury brand. Achieving the purest taste is the ultimate goal for professional chocolatiers. Still, few have approached the pinnacle of excellence like Cecilia Rabassi, the first woman in the world awarded the title Maître Chocolatier. She is the six-time recipient of the coveted Academy of Chocolate’s Golden Bean Award, the Oscars of the chocolate world, the most ever awarded to a chocolate manufacturer. Now, she’s also setting her sights on pushing the envelope of other luxury foods. Cecilia Rabassi is no stranger in turning ordinary into extraordinary, creating innovative ventures that achieve world-class status and recognition. She founded Amedei in 1990 and is renowned for her tireless efforts in establishing the company as a top-tier chocolate producer, building it entirely from scratch. Investing in the Future In 2017, Ferrarelle SpA, an Italian mineral water company, acquired the controlling shares of Amedei, and Cecilia Rabassi retained a one percent share. The sale

Alicia Keys and Keep a Child Alive

Superstar takes positive action to combat the physical, social, and economic impacts of HIV. Star Power Alicia Keys, a world-renowned songstress and piano player, uses her global fame to make the world a better place. For years, her soulful voice and lyrics about hope, love, and freedom have inspired fans worldwide. As a classically trained pianist with 15 Grammys, she understands the power of music. She was signed to Columbia Records when she was 15 and has recorded megahits like No One, Empire State of Mind, If I Ain’t Got You, and Girl on Fire. Aside from music, Keys has acted in films such as The Secret Life of Bees and The Nanny Diaries. Even though Alicia Keys’ powerful voice, undeniable piano skills, and star power are her claim to fame, that’s not the only way she wants to leave her mark on the world. Few people know that she is a human rights activist and a spokesperson for afflicted women and children around the world. Musical Mission One of Keys’ most pivotal moments was when she traveled to South Africa

Bethany Hamilton: Discover Hope in the Hard Things

We all have a story. And we are currently living it out. Gradually twisting and turning with sweet victories and sometimes bitter defeats. A mixture of honey and salt, like lemons and lemonade. Large or small, we encounter challenges as we live out our stories. Maybe you know “salt” as trials, tribulations, tests, traumas, hurdles, bumps in the road, setbacks, or heartbreaks. But regardless of the name, these more difficult aspects of life are part of the human experience. Where we differ is in whether we let the hard things we encounter define us. Does this salt enhance the flavor of our life or is it overpowering and making it something we can’t quite stomach? My story shifted significantly when I was 13. Faced with a trauma that altered my body, I had to answer: how will this affect my story? Fortunately, back then I had a steadfast mindset that presented only one option: move forward in faith and trust that out of bad can come good. Without knowing it I maintained a perspective that was focused on achieving the

Nnamdi Okonkwo: Artist of Abundance

At Throomers, we pride ourselves in our positivity and daily pursuit of a ‘thriving life.’ Said another way, we believe in the universal abundance that is available to nearly anyone who’s able to raise their awareness, spirit and energy and tap into the source. We recently discovered an artist who is tapped in deeply, whose inspirational life story fits so thoroughly with our philosophy that we needed to feature him in our inaugural edition. Born in Eastern Nigeria in 1965, Nnamdi Okonkwo is the consummate throomer. Inspired by all demonstrations of excellence and the core goodness of humanity, his fundamental calling is to bring that same essence to whatever he does as both an artist and a man. Further, his day-to-day focused intent is to strive for perfection in the cause of providing enduring positive value to society. This is a big, impressive vision and it clearly describes a man operating at a uniquely elevated level of energy. Just where did this determination come from? How were the seeds planted? When did his spark ignite? Buckle up, throomers, we delve

John Kay: Now That I Know, I Care

Hard-edged rock star reveals softer side as a compassionate environmental, wildlife, and human rights advocate. A Time of Renegades and Rebels My, how time flies —believe it or not, 2019 marks the 50th anniversary of the iconic film, Easy Rider, starring Peter Fonda, Dennis Hopper, and Jack Nicholson.  Facing a budget crunch, Dennis Hopper, who also directed the film, decided to use the music of Bob Dylan, The Band, Steppenwolf, and Jimi Hendrix on the soundtrack rather than hiring their own musicians to create a score. Easy Rider became one of the most influential films of the sixties, and the music most associated with it launched to stardom one of rock ‘n’ roll’s most legendary bands. I recently had the privilege of speaking with John Kay, lead singer of Steppenwolf, and one of the voices of our generation.  Preparing for our conversation, I did my homework learning that John was born in East Prussia, now part of Russia, and along with his daring and caring mother, fled their homeland and made their way to West Germany when he was 5-years old, and

Randy Hetrick: TRX Empowerment

Not long ago, in celebration of “the most inspiring, insightful, inventive risk-takers of 2017,” Entrepreneur Magazine featured a piece titled “50 Most Daring Entrepreneurs.” By my perusal, the list was a provocative mix of exceedingly influential business leaders, all hyper-busy changing their worlds for the better from whatever is their chosen vocation. Some were early stage in their project’s development, others well along, and several others were global (and beyond) titans of industry. Their various pursuits were across the map and included: social media startups, media entertainment giants, various software applications, marketers, restaurateurs, coffee shop moguls, national and international retailers, alternative energy applications, rocket ships to outer space, etc.. And then there was a fitness guy on the list named Randy Hetrick, being acknowledged for the exercise equipment and training systems he’s developed called ‘TRX.’ Interesting. I wondered why this young man and his exercise gear should be considered amongst so illustrious a group of world shakers? We were wise enough to ask and Hetrick was generous enough to carve out some time to answer. In truth, he gave us

Ken Schmidt: Harley Hero

This is not a story about a motorcycle company. This is the story of the man who revived an iconic American brand on the brink of being lost to history. In 1973, Harley-Davidson was turning out 37,000 motorcycles a year and pulling in $122 million in sales. AMF, the company who bought them in 1969, forced the company into producing far more than it should, causing compromised quality. The company, already having a reputation for leaky engines and such, was increasingly underperforming. A young boy was watching and falling in love with the Harleys during this time period. Born in 1959, Ken Schmidt sat his 14-year-old self in front of the TV, admiring the motorcycles that he would one day save. It’s About Reputation By the mid-70s, AMF replaced the Harley name with its own in a move that was widely disliked, they went too far. They didn’t notice the scale of that business decision error until sales plummeted. AMF then began looking to offload the company they were now burdened with. In 1981, Harley’s chief executive joined with a

Dr. Jim Withers: The People’s Street Physician

Meet the man who brought health care to the homeless and started the “street medicine” movement. Melancholy and despair hover above a homeless man as he limps down the dark streets of Pittsburgh in 1984. This evening he found warm shelter under a condemned and broken bridge. He found company there. An infection on his right foot has been slowly growing making it difficult to walk. He limped up to three men and painfully sat in the corner. He didn’t say anything, but they looked to be starting a fire. He’s getting a fever. Finally, some luck. One of the three men by the fire pit walked up to him, holding a leather messenger bag. “Let me see that,” said the stranger. He hardly understood; it’s been so long since someone was kind to him. But what could this other man, in the same rags as him, possibly do to help? “I’m a doctor,” the stranger continued. The homeless man pulled up his pant leg as the stranger grabbed medical gloves from the leather bag. “Thank you, doctor,” he replied,

Karina Hollekim: The Exhilaration of Fear

Doing your personal best is an understatement for this high-stakes achiever. Norwegian athlete Karina Hollekim is an accomplished BASE jumper and free skier. She is no stranger to the intoxicating adrenaline rush that comes from free-falling. She became the first woman to successfully complete a ski-BASE jump. BASE is an acronym for the types of perch jumpers use to launch into their jumps: building, antenna, span, and earth. Since its inception in 1981, there have been over 300 people who died attempting a BASE jump. Why Hollekim was attracted to this extreme sport that’s 43 times more dangerous than skydiving from a plane, is anyone’s guess. Perhaps it was because she had defied death before or maybe she wanted to amp up the fear factor for its adrenaline rush, maybe both. Whatever the case, she has succeeded in garnering our admiration and landing safely into the history books. A Fateful Day She was at the top of her game. In 2006, as she hurtled through the air at 60miles per hour, she had an epiphany. She realized that one moment

Kyle Maynard: Living Large and Going Strong

Experiencing life challenges can be daunting for most, but there are those rare individuals who can transform difficulty into true inspiration. One such person is Kyle Maynard who was born with congenital amputation that left him as a quadruple amputee. Despite what could have been a life-crushing disability, he has instead valiantly chosen to pursue an extraordinary life, oftentimes without the use of prosthetics. Perhaps it is through sheer will power or simply following his dream, or both, he’s turned his disability into his greatest asset. He continues to live a life much fuller than most of us, filled with achievement, and is a motivational force for others to follow. It’s All About Attitude Growing up, Maynard was very athletic as a wrestler, weight lifter, football player, and jiu-jitsu martial artist. More recently, he took up mountain climbing. More than a rigorous undertaking, mountain climbing presented him with a whole new set of challenges that would ensure his defeat. But his slow and persistent approach helped him achieve lofty heights and a sense of personal exhilaration. How many can say they’ve