Ubuntu Life: Empowering Lives

A unifying idea, ubuntu means to be human is to recognize the humanity of others. “Ubuntu” is a simple African word that has deep meaning in society. It is a philosophy that holds a universal truth and is a way of life. Ubuntu means appreciating one’s uniqueness and having respect for each other. Each person brings different skills and strengths that contribute to the success of a society as a whole. But ubuntu also encompasses sharing, being helpful, caring, trust, selflessness, and community. Such a philosophy leaves no room for mean-spiritedness or retaliation. Instead, hatred and anger are conquered through compassion and peace. Nelson Mandela, an inspirational figure of freedom in the world, has been called the personification of ubuntu. He did not harbor retribution, bought sought peace, understanding, and harmony. Mandela once described ubuntu as “a traveler through a country would stop at a village, and he didn’t have to ask for food or for water. Once he stops, the people give him food, entertain him. That is one aspect of ubuntu, but it will have various aspects. Ubuntu

Experiential Art: Reimagining the Museum Experience

The art of engaging museum visitors brings together culture, technology, and science. Museums are exploring ways to increase visitor traffic and interest in their artworks through emerging technology and interactive exhibits. Their vision is to create immersive environments to form emotional relationships with art. Instead of being set up in static installations, more exhibits are staged to stimulate people’s interest. Immersive exhibits immediately draw visitors into an exhibit, tantalizing their senses and curiosity. Deep Dive Experiences Historical exhibits, for example, usually consist of complex, hard to digest content dealing with timelines, events, various historical figures, and changing territories. The exhibit designer must convert all that into bits of information that’s easily understood and enjoyed by visitors. By having visitors participate in the exhibit itself, learning history becomes fun, intriguing, and memorable. People become engaged, learning at their own pace, and having fun while doing it. The content of the exhibit speaks for itself, providing a more satisfying experience. Museums also benefit by reducing printing costs and inventory space for guides and exhibit information, all of which can be digitized and

Wendi Levy: Hair Care Pioneer Behind Mixed Chicks

Not even Coronavirus can bring bad hair days to this entrepreneur of curly tresses. During the COVID-19 pandemic, people had to learn to do things for themselves. Those who frequented gyms had to figure out at-home workouts, those used to eating out had to brush up on their cooking skills, and those who used to run to the hair and nail salon had to find new ways to maintain their beauty. While times have been tough, beauty guru and co-founder of Mixed Chicks, Wendi Levy, had to adjust in the same way. Her beauty empire, which has products in stores like Target, Walgreens, and CVS, was temporarily halted by the virus. However, she encourages people to see the positivity in it all. “We’re all down right now,” Levy says. “So, nobody’s winning the race. The race is on pause, so really use this time to love and be present and learn from it so that we can make healthier, wiser, more caring choices when things return to the new normal.” Coronavirus Effects on Life and Business Thankfully, Levy’s family, which

Alain de Botton: Philosopher of Everyday Life

The “reigning master of popular philosophy” shares guidance on fulfilling your every day. These days, many of us may think that modern living is more about coping with stress than enjoying life. Listening to today’s news, dealing with the pandemic’s socio-economic impact, a growing reliance on technology with less personal communication, and just getting through each day unscathed by society’s ills seems to become more personally challenging. We turn to positive thinking, try modalities to improve wellness, and focus on healthy foods and exercise to enhance our quality of life. Still, there’s no escaping the impact modern life is having on us psychologically. What if there’s another perspective on coping with modern living? That was the case with someone whose personal challenges led to an extraordinary life in helping others. Pulled to Be a Writer Born in Zurich in 1969 and living in London, Alain de Botton published his first novel at age 23, Essays in Love. The book dealt with falling in and out of love and was adapted to a romantic comedy film by Julian Kemp called My

Krystle Wright
: Canon Master Photographer

Shooting on the Edge: One gutsy woman takes adventure photography where few dare to go. What does it take to live the life of your dreams? For Krystle Wright, the sacrifice is massive. She’s suffered internal bodily damage, a fractured foot, blood clots, swallowed her own broken teeth, and more. But after each injury, she smiles at the camera and continues her journey. It is all, of course, worth it, when you get to live your life to the fullest, skyrocket to the top of your field, and have the freedom to follow your instincts without limitations.  A Sense of Adventure  Wright, a 31-year-old from Australia, is an adventure photographer, director, and cinematographer. She’s known for her extreme photographs taken at perplexing angles. Growing up in Australia, she’s used to beautiful scenery. When she was a child, you could find her surfing along the coast, playing sports, hiking, or exploring nature. In high school, she began toting a camera along with her and unknowingly began her lifelong mission to do whatever it takes to get the right shot. She started

Alicia Keys: Keep a Child Alive

Superstar takes positive action to combat the physical, social, and economic impacts of HIV. Star Power Alicia Keys, a world-renowned songstress and piano player, uses her global fame to make the world a better place. For years, her soulful voice and lyrics about hope, love, and freedom have inspired fans worldwide. As a classically trained pianist with 15 Grammys, she understands the power of music. She was signed to Columbia Records when she was 15 and has recorded megahits like No One, Empire State of Mind, If I Ain’t Got You, and Girl on Fire. Aside from music, Keys has acted in films such as The Secret Life of Bees and The Nanny Diaries. Even though Alicia Keys’ powerful voice, undeniable piano skills, and star power are her claim to fame, that’s not the only way she wants to leave her mark on the world. Few people know that she is a human rights activist and a spokesperson for afflicted women and children around the world. Musical Mission One of Keys’ most pivotal moments was when she traveled to South Africa

Randy Hetrick: The Man Behind TRX Empowerment

Not long ago, in celebration of “the most inspiring, insightful, inventive risk-takers of 2017,” Entrepreneur Magazine featured a piece titled “50 Most Daring Entrepreneurs.” By my perusal, the list was a provocative mix of exceedingly influential business leaders, all hyper-busy changing their worlds for the better from whatever is their chosen vocation. Some were early stage in their project’s development, others well along, and several others were global (and beyond) titans of industry. Their various pursuits were across the map and included: social media startups, media entertainment giants, various software applications, marketers, restaurateurs, coffee shop moguls, national and international retailers, alternative energy applications, rocket ships to outer space, etc.. And then there was a fitness guy on the list named Randy Hetrick, being acknowledged for the exercise equipment and training systems he’s developed called ‘TRX.’ Interesting. I wondered why this young man and his exercise gear should be considered amongst so illustrious a group of world shakers? We were wise enough to ask and Hetrick was generous enough to carve out some time to answer. In truth, he gave us

Guardians of the Children

Biker heroes serve to shield and protect the powerless victims of child abuse. They’re not just another biker club rumbling down the open road. They are not a Motorcycle club at all. Rough looking on the outside, they’re soft on the inside when it comes to kids, especially victims of child abuse. Meet Guardians of the Children (GOC), a non-profit biker organization formed in 2006 by Founders “LT” Trevino and “Bamm-Bamm” Cano whose members protect abused and neglected children. GOC’s members cover a broad range of professions united in a cause through their love of motorcycles. As bikers, they leverage their alliances to serve victims and their families. More Than Bikers “We’re an organization within the biker community,” says the Vice President of San Antonio Chapter. “It’s a matter of dedication to the lifestyle — we’re a group of volunteers that uses the image of the biker to help us in our mission, but we’re not living out the full lifestyle that the motorcycle clubs do.” GOC benefits communities by informing the public of how widespread the child abuse crisis

Transforming the World

Speaking powerfully and conscious listening can lead to a world of connection, understanding, and peace. Generally, we don’t give much thought to sound except when we put on headphones to tune out what’s around us or when we strain our ears to hear someone at a noisy restaurant. We’ve gotten so used to noise pollution we hardly notice it anymore. Meantime, our fixation on texting and typing emails has dulled our listening and speaking abilities to the point of being detrimental to our well-being. But, becoming aware of sound and its significance can actually improve our lives. How we speak and how we listen matters; it affects our daily life at home, in the workplace, in school, and relationships. The human voice has been described as being so powerful it can start wars and speak sweet words of love. But speaking and listening effectively today is being overlooked by most people, and we wonder why no one is listening to what we are saying. These observations are by Julian Treasure, a sound and communication expert. A leading authority on work

Bob Dickinson: Voyage of Mercy

Caring for those in need is to consider others of more importance than ourselves even though they may never be able to repay the kindness. Jesus taught us many things that linger in most hearts today; to be kind, compassionate, and to love one another. One teaching many people know is Matthew 6:21, “Where your heart is, there will your treasure be also.” Another is Mark 8:36, “For what will it profit a man if he gains the whole world but lose his own soul?” Such relevant statements fit any age and are worthy of patterning a life after. The very successful former CEO of the world’s largest cruise ship line strives daily to live these ideals. He is often quoted on how one never sees a Brink’s truck at a funeral. He knows acquired wealth is not something to be hoarded; instead, one’s treasure is to be put to better use rescuing the less fortunate; people who have fallen into homelessness and need a way back. Bob Dickinson, Miami’s innovative philanthropist and renowned wine aficionado is that man. And