Reveling in the Art of True Potential

Defying perceived limitations, she became a warrior for all who dare to dream. Aimee Mullins is an accomplished athlete, actress, fashion model, and activist for sports, women, and innovative prosthetics. Through her example, she is changing our perception of people with physical disabilities, proving their ability to define their own identity and achieve success. Mullins encourages and motivates not only the disabled but anyone who is short on hope and wants to overcome feeling marginalized. All her life, she tore down barriers and shattered stigmas to become the firebrand she is today. Mullins describes her journey as being open to adventure and following her curiosity into everything that challenged her comfort zone. Her messages uplift the human spirit by amplifying the need to fulfill individual potential and making the possibility of dreams coming true within reach. “It’s Just Me.” “It’s factual to say I am a bilateral-below-the-knee amputee. I think it’s a subjective opinion as to whether or not I am disabled because of that,” she says. The Allentown, Pennsylvania native, was born without shinbones requiring amputation of both her

Painless Payment Plans

A groundbreaking humanitarian initiative gives patients access to free medical care in exchange for community service. Healthcare is so expensive in America. Did you know that medical debts are the leading cause of individual bankruptcies in the United States? Moreover, more than 65% of these patients utilize their insurance but still can’t cover the bill. Now, imagine if you could volunteer your time instead of paying your medical debt. Well, Dr. Demetrio Aguila III is a Nebraska-based plastic surgeon who is allowing his patients to do just that. He is also the president and CEO of Healing Hands of Nebraska, a medical and multi-specialty surgical practice that offers surgical solutions to chronic pain, as well as surgical treatments for conditions of the nose, throat, and ears. “I see too many people who need surgery, but just can’t afford it,” he says. “I decided to make it fair, as long as people agreed to pay the goodness forward.” Through his surgeries, Dr. Aguila has helped the immobile walk, veterans recover from chronic pain, alleviate the pressures of sinusitis, and many more

Leading The Agritech Revolution

Mother Nature and high-tech combine forces to urbanize sustainable food for the masses. When a former investment banker and IT geek does a career 180 uprooting himself from a comfortable lifestyle in Tokyo to live in squalor among China’s hutongs, one might cock their head and ask why. But only if you don’t know the back story of visionary Stuart Oda would you question his motives. This second-generation Japanese-American has dedicated his life and career to a cause quite far from his training. He’s helping to solve world hunger both now and in the future. An International Childhood Oda was born in Colorado, surrounded by the majestic Rocky Mountains. Growing up bilingual didn’t hurt his future one bit and came in handy while attending high school in Singapore. He returned to the U.S. to attend UCLA, where he studied political science, nurturing his initial intentions to become a lawyer and eventually work at the State Department. Upon graduation, he needed a job, and Merrill Lynch Tokyo was the only one to give him a call back in his job search.

Andrew Nemr: A Tapper Tour de Force

Embodying the oral tradition of an American art form, he promotes tap dance as a means of storytelling and community building. An audience sits transfixed by the rapid-fire taps emanated by the solo performer as he pummels the stage with his metal-tapped leather shoes. He slows down and begins to speak profound truths, weaved into the story of his craft. All the while, he’s tap dancing, creating his own background “music,” accentuated with a flurry of riffs to emphasize his points. The story brought to life by his message in tap moves the audience, leaving them inspired with souls enriched. Such is the work of Andrew Nemr, a celebrated tap dancer, champion of a uniquely American legacy. His love for the art of tap dance permeates every part of his being. He uses his whole body to communicate with an audience. Through incredible control of his lower body, his seemingly weightless, fluid moves, and feet striking the floor clearly and decisively, Nemr’s taps become his “vocabulary.” He’s an international performer and choreographer, runs his own tap dance company, educates, and

James Logan On Sniffing Out Malaria

The world’s best scent detectors could one day be used to help diagnose deadly diseases. While most of us are squeamish about discussing infections, body odor, parasites, and insects, there are those who enthusiastically embrace these to bring about solutions for one of mankind’s greatest banes: disease. In years past, great strides have been taken to battle deadly diseases, but there’s a long way to go in finding ways to control and eradicate them. For instance, malaria is a leading cause of death and half the world’s population remains at risk. Developing an effective treatment has been elusive as people who are infectious with the disease are needed for further study. A person who has survived a malaria infection can pass it on even though they show no symptoms. Finding these people has been the biggest challenge … until now. I Like Bugs Professor James Logan, biologist and medical entomologist, is the UK’s leading expert on insect repellents and methods of personal protection against arthropod vectors. Fascinated with bugs since he was a child, he now heads the Department of

Victorious Visions and Triumph

He uses the power of graffiti art and poetry to compel viewers to protect their eyes from the damaging effects of blue and LED lights. His is a story of not just hope but of victory. His art springs forth from what he calls “Victorious Visions and Triumphs.” Relying on God and the universe, his prayer is to bring out Victorious visions one day at a time and to bring out the greatness that is a reflection of God. “Many pray for God to put something inside them. I realize it is the opposite; we have the resources within us and must learn to bring them out,” says the award-winning, multi-talented, and leading influencer, Tony Cruz. Visionary Bronx Legend PRESERVING A CULTURAL ART FORM. A MOMENT IN TIME WITH BRONX GRAFFITI LEGEND RAM 2 SIX TRAIN BOYS 1980S. PRODUCED BY @gforcetrackz pic.twitter.com/NUCf7BaOYv — TONY CRUZ RAM2 (@TONYCRUZRAM2) September 19, 2017 His urban surroundings and life in the boroughs of a world capital inspired Cruz. In 1984, he created a business model, monetizing his graffiti art talent to create advertising design

COVID-19 Antibody Therapy Developed

Dr. James Crowe: A COVID-19 Antibody Therapy Developed by Vanderbilt Shows Promise in Neutralizing the Effects and Spread of the Virus At the forefront of battling the pandemic are men and women working diligently to find a cure for COVID-19. At Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee, a team of researchers is on the leading edge of developing an antibody therapy to stem the spread of the virus until a vaccine becomes available. Dr. James Crowe, Director of Vanderbilt Vaccine Center, has led the team in researching and creating antibodies for deadly global viruses such as Ebola, HIV, influenza, and Zika. Now, their efforts are focused on developing antibodies that not only reduce the spread of COVID-19 but help prevent a person from contracting it. In the Midst of the Storm Throomers caught up with Dr. Crowe for an interview on his insights on the coronavirus and was surprised to learn how he and his wife, Lisa, fared during the onset of the pandemic while traveling abroad. Dr. Crowe recounts, “The pandemic has been pretty disruptive to the plans my wife

COVID-19: The Unseen Enemy

Jonna Mendez: The Master of Disguise Discusses an Unseen Enemy A Different Kind of Threat Living undercover for years,  Jonna Mendez has served tours of duty around the world and became the CIA’s chief of disguise. She’s helped steal a top-secret encryption machine from a Soviet Embassy and helped America win the Cold War. Now, the coronavirus is threatening Americans and everyone worldwide. We’ve asked Mendez for her insights on this unseen enemy. Behind Closed Doors HOW ARE YOU, YOUR FAMILY, FRIENDS, COLLEAGUES, ETC., DOING? My circle of family, friends, and colleagues is knitting itself together a little more closely as we each hunker down in our respective caves. Family checks in with me often; as the matriarch of the group, there is a little extra concern regarding my wellbeing. My son had already risen to the occasion following our loss of his dad in 2019. And he, too, keeps close tabs. I have used this quiet time to reach out to those I interact with less frequently, catching up and listening hard. I have been in touch with an

Finishing The Semester Virtually

Douglas Klutz: While the Pandemic Takes Its Course, College Students Turn to Virtual Classes to Finish Theirs Coronavirus is having a devasting impact in every sector of society, testing our healthcare system, economy, and personal health. Even our educational system is shut down, but not shut off. Distance learning has been around for over a decade; now, it is a tool used to slow the spread of COVID-19. Hundreds of thousands of college students around the country were told to head home and continue their classes online. Professors had to scramble to convert from in-person to virtual classrooms. But for Douglas Klutz, number one rated professor in the country, teaching virtual classes is nothing new. We’ve asked Klutz, who teaches criminal justice courses at the University of Alabama, to provide his insight about the coronavirus and the impact it’s having on higher education. Work and Play at Home Spending time at home has allowed Klutz to engage in some extra R&R and keep in touch with loved ones and friends. He says, “Most of my family was in Wilmington, North

Auntie Anne’s Pretzels On COVID-19

Auntie Anne’s Pretzels Founder Gives Her Twist on Easing the Impact COVID-19 is Having on Employees When we first spoke to Anne Beiler, founder of Auntie Anne’s pretzels, we were amazed to discover how she was able to overcome unfortunate events and tragic personal loss and go on to create one of the most successful franchises in the world. Now, the coronavirus pandemic is ravaging businesses and workforces globally, and full economic recovery is uncertain. Throomers caught up with Beiler to get her take on the coronavirus effects on her, the company she founded, and future outlook. Auntie Anne’s became the biggest soft-pretzel franchise on the planet with 1,700 outlets in malls, airports, military bases, travel plazas, universities, and many other places. The coronavirus has dealt a heavy blow to the foodservice industry and accounts for 60% of jobs lost in the U.S. in March. Some eateries have shuttered their doors while others are being creative to weather the storm. Auntie Anne’s has introduced mobile ordering to skip waiting in lines and offers delivery so you can still enjoy their