TV Commercials: The Boomer Connection

Baby boomers and television commercials have a kinship like no other generation in history. It’s been about 60 years since television became the advertiser’s dream come true. Marketing pitches for goods and services began to be pumped into living rooms across the country, captivating audiences with clever messages often accompanied by a catchy tune. On average, today’s American consumers are exposed to over an hour of TV ads a day – and that’s not including radio, print, online, and mobile ads, which could run into several thousand exposures a day. Boomtime Boomers are fortunate to witness the evolution of TV ads during the most transformative television broadcasting years in history. After WWII, consumerism, optimism, and technology launched us into the modern era, which coincided with the baby-boomer generation. Boomers have been watching television ads aimed at them their entire lives. Today, the boomer generation wields the most spending power according to an analysis by MagnifyMoney of Federal Reserve data, providing a prime demographic for television advertisers. But which television ads are the most memorable? What makes them memorable? To find

Hairstyles and the “Me Generation”

A look into how an era of individualism was expressed through the styling of hair. Growing up as boomers, we’ve seen so many changes in society and cultural trends that have influenced our fashion, arts, and individualism. Baby boomers were nicknamed the “me generation” because of the perception of being self-absorbed, ascribing to self-realization, and self-fulfillment. During a time of political unrest, activism, and cultural experimentation, boomers also took up new diets and health trends and popularized jogging. Nowhere is this generational odyssey more poignantly portrayed than in the award-winning film, Forest Gump. And what could immortalize our generation more than the musical Hair: The American Tribal Love-Rock Musical, first debuted in 1967. Treat yourself to this bit of nostalgia, the title song of the musical: When it came to self-identity, nothing made a statement clearer than the hairstyles boomers donned on their heads. We learned our hairstyle was reflective of our personality and a source of self-expression. Both men and women sported their dos according to the changing times. Women went from bouffant to sleek and straight to carefree

Rainbow Ryders – Hot Air Balloons

Taking flight to lofty heights gives the adventurer in all of us an exhilarating new perspective on our world.   In 1970, a young boy named Scott Appleman and his family moved from Los Angeles, California to Albuquerque, New Mexico. In February 1971, the very first world hot air balloon championships would take place in the city where he lived. The 12-year-old seventh-grader became incredibly curious over these hot air balloons that could reach heights of up to 3,000 feet. He decided to ditch his class one day and make his way to the event being held at the New Mexico State Fairgrounds. Fascinated with these huge billowy balloons, he volunteered as a balloon chase crew member and went on his first ride. Captivated by his adventure into the sky, he was hooked. Little did he know this experience would launch him into an amazing career that would lead to world recognition. Winds of Change His family has always had an entrepreneurial spirit. His father owned his own company, a plumbing, heating, air conditioning, and electrical service company in Albuquerque.

Kingsford SteakAger: Steakhouse Quality at Home

Now you can really have it your way —the finest dry aged beef made right in your kitchen. Peter Luger’s … Pappas Brothers … Bern’s … Gibson’s … CUT, each and every one a worthy destination for those searching for the very best in steak. What if you could duplicate these iconic restaurants in your own home for a fraction of the price?  Not Possible?  Think again… A Superior Steak One of the most universal myths about the finest steakhouses in America is that the unique flavor and textures of their steaks come from some special grades of meat that are only available to restaurants.  In actuality, the secret to great steak is dry aging.  Steakhouses have known about this for decades, and it’s one of the many reasons why people simply give up when trying to duplicate it at home. Dry aging is a process by which large cuts of beef are refrigerated with consistent air circulation taking anywhere from several weeks to several months, resulting in a much more flavorful and tender steak.  And now you can age your steaks,

Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet: Grill Mastering

High-end outdoor kitchens having all the accoutrements of indoor cooking are raising the bar on backyard grilling. The warmer weather has finally arrived, and it’s time for barbecue. Actually, as a resident of South Florida, it’s always barbecue season! I love my brisket and, if you haven’t already checked out our article featuring Steven Raichlen, now is the time to do so. I also enjoy just about anything else you can cook on the barbecue.      American Craftsmanship One of my favorite companies is Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet, which makes custom outdoor kitchens that are downright gorgeous, and can liven up anyone’s backyard.  Forbes calls it the the “Rolls Royce of Grills.” You can see and feel the difference that sets Kalamazoo grills apart from the rest. It’s all in the details, they take pride in their quality, craftsmanship, and performance, and ship directly from their workshop in Michigan to homes all over the world. Kalamazoo has been in business for over 100 years, focusing on custom food and dairy processing equipment. Almost 20 years ago, Kalamazoo decided to expand operations,

Steven Raichlen: Ultimate Pit Boss & Grillmaster

Back to School  “I spent a lot of time attending school in my younger days.  After graduating high school, I went to college for four years, graduating from Hofstra University on Long Island.  As if that wasn’t enough, I attended Brooklyn Law School for another three years after that! Honestly, after those experiences, I never wanted to see another school again and was ready to start my career.  But now, around 40 years later, I’m ready to go back to school!  Yes, I’ve re-acquired “the bug” to go back to school. “Barbecue University, here I come!”  Barbecue University?  Seriously? Yes, as a matter of fact, Steven Raichlen, the world’s foremost authority on live-fire cooking, is the professor at this esteemed university. Mastering His Fiery Craft A passion for primal flavor in food cooked over a live fire ignites a backyard grill mania. Known as the man who reinvented modern barbecue, Steven Raichlen is an accomplished author, journalist, cooking instructor, and TV host. As inspiration for his books, he has traveled the world in search of all things barbecue and considers cooking

Counterfeit Beer: Will Craft Brews Go The Way Of Vapes & Spirits

There’s a troubling trend on the rise around the world, and it’s finally getting some much-needed attention from the relevant authorities. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), roughly twenty-five percent of all alcohol consumption worldwide is currently linked to sales of so-called “unrecorded” alcohol products. Sadly, this alarming phenomenon isn’t limited to peppery wines purportedly from the Mediterranean or flat, ostensibly Russian vodkas with metallic aftertastes. So-called “dank vapes” — which are essentially cheap replicas of actual vape mods and tanks — have saturated the online vape market, causing everything from poor flavor to outright explosions on the user end that cause serious injury. Even branded vape juice – the electronic smoking mixture usually made up of nicotine, propylene glycol (PG), and vegetable glycerin (VG) – has fallen victim to counterfeiting. This concerning pattern not only generates unwarranted negative publicity for legitimate companies; it also puts the health and safety of unwitting consumers at serious risk. In recent years, even premium brands such as those associated with Big Beer and cigar companies have fallen victim to the rise of

TED Talks: Sharing Ideas From Around The World

TED, the viral video phenomenon unites a worldwide community of curious people. A few years ago, I discovered TED Talks, and to this day, I enjoy watching them. If you haven’t already done so, these “expert presentations” typically last from a few minutes to around 20 minutes, and they range from incredible entertainers to intriguing topics of all kinds, including science, business, and global issues. According to their website, TED is a global community, spreading ideas from every discipline and culture for people who desire a deeper understanding of our world. They are passionate about the power of ideas that can change attitudes, lives, and, ultimately, the world we live in. The website TED.com is intended to be a clearinghouse of free knowledge compiled from some of the world’s most inspired and influential thinkers. The platform is built around an engaging community of curiosity seekers sharing ideas, both online and at TED and TEDx events held throughout the year all around the world. Margaret Wertheim speaking at TED showing off some hyperbolic surfaces that can only be created by crochet.

World Championships You May Not Know About

From wife carrying, pumpkin chucking, shovel racing, worm charming to swimming in grits, competitions are as limitless as our imagination. Growing up, so many of us dream and fantasize about being a world champion one day, and so few of us reach that goal. But what if it was truly possible? Let me give you something to think about: HIDE-AND-SEEK WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP The Nascondino World Championship takes place in the abandoned village of Consonno in Northern Italy every September. In the 1960s and 1970s, Consonno was being developed as Italy’s version of Las Vegas until it was wiped out by a landslide in 1976. The city was abandoned and ultimately became the perfect playground for an international hide-and-seek competition. Since 2010, five-person teams from many countries have made the trek to Consonno to seek their glory. WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP SIGN SPINNING This past January, Las Vegas hosted the 2020 competition, where a panel of experts judged sign spinners from across the globe for their technical ability, execution, and style. You must check out this video from this year’s event, including the

Learning How Smartphones Are Built

There arguably isn’t any piece of technological innovation in the past decade as impactful and as ubiquitous as the smartphone. From being simple communication devices for calling and texting, today’s phones now double as your pocket office, entertainment hub, and so much more. These smartphones, and the many ways in which we use them, certainly did not exist when throomers were much younger. Today, the average American spends around 5 hours a day on their phone — and yes, this includes even baby boomers. A huge portion of this time is spent on social media and looking through the Internet. As apps become more crucial in our everyday dealings; however, these hours can quickly add up. Where it’s made While we have become dependent on our smartphones, most don’t entirely know how these tech wonders are built. Believe it or not, that device in the palm of your hand is an aggregate product of the world’s natural resources and an entire global supply chain. Take the iPhone, for instance. You may have heard that Apple’s smartphones are made in China,