Myka Meier: Dinner Table Etiquette Essentials That You Should Know

You are having dinner at someone’s home, and you’ve been served something you’d rather not eat. What is the best way to handle the situation? First off, if you accept a dinner invitation at someone’s home and you have any dietary restrictions or allergies, it’s up to you to tell your host in plenty of time ahead of the meal that you have dietary restrictions. It is not recommended however to tell your host your likes or dislikes. That being said, if you arrive to someone’s home and are served something you do not like, it can be very hurtful to tell your host you don’t like something they prepared. I would recommend eating everything else that you can, and cut a piece or two of the food you don’t so it looks like you at least tried it.  If your host asks if you didn’t like their meal, I would simply say I had a large meal prior, however that everything they served was so lovely. If you’ve invited a guest to dinner at your house and they bring

Expeditions Unpacked: What the Great Explorers Took into the Unknown

By Ed Stafford, illustrated by Christine Barrie | Published September 17, 2019 In this unique and enthralling book, explorer and survivalist Ed Stafford curates 25 great expeditions through the lens of the kit these remarkable explorers took with them. In an environment where lack of preparation could mean certain death, the equipment carried, ridden and sailed into uncharted territories could mean the success or failure of an expedition. Was it simply a case of better provisions and preparation that helped Amundsen beat Scott to the South Pole? And how has the equipment taken to Everest changed since Hillary’s first ascent? Through carefully curated photographs and specially commissioned illustrations we can see at a glance the scale, style and complexity of the items taken into the unknown by the greatest explorers of all time, and the impact each item had on their journey. How it potentially saved a life, or was purely for comfort or entertainment, and how these objects of survival have evolved and adapted as science advances, and we plunge further into the extremes. Expeditions Unpacked offers an intimate view of

Sarah Jane Adams: Expanding The Concept Of Fashion Beyond The Expected

She is not Givenchy, Yves St. Laurent, or Chanel, but she is a bold fashion influencer and Instagram sensation. Welcome to the world of Sarah Jane Adams aka Saramai Jewels, where anti-aging is taboo and wrinkles are worn as proud stripes. Little did British-born Adams know posting a photo online would spark the beginning of a social media phenomena. Was it an image of a famous celebrity or soccer star? No, it was simply a photo of her sporting a red Adidas varsity jacket, a gift from her daughter. The Beginning of Something Big The photo was uploaded and tagged with Adidas and Advanced Style, a popular blog about older women with a sense of style. Surprised at how well it was received, she began posting photos and selfies on Instagram daily. Things took off like wildfire and four years later, she has an enviable following of over 182,000. How did she cultivate such as following? Turns out her non-conformist eclectic fashion sense appeals to a broad demographic of women, mainly aged 15 to 40. Her mashup of vintage, hippy,

Taylor Hagood: “Football” Season

September has arrived and I cannot help myself. I must write about the sports that both begin their seasons at this time of the year and that go by the same name: football. Both are part of my life, or, in a sense, lives, for mine seems to spread into so many different kinds of places and situations. To begin at the beginning . . . Archie and Ole Miss My earliest memory of anything football-related is a game played on a television in my grandparents’ house in Mississippi. It was either a bowl game or “The Egg Bowl,” which is the name for the annual clash between Ole Miss and Mississippi State (traditionally played on Thanksgiving) for a golden trophy shaped like an egg. It must have been one of those games because extended family was there—my Arkansas cousins. Those cousins were University of Arkansas Razorback fans, but they were pulling for Ole Miss that day. I can remember my father and Uncle Bert watching, and I suspect my grandfather was watching from his great golden velvet chair (which

Nicholas McCarthy: In Concert with History

He’s building a legacy of inspiration in challenging others to look at things in a completely different way. Try doing something with one hand. It can be anything in your daily routine. Painfully inept at it, aren’t you? Now sit down in front of a piano with one hand behind your back and play Beethoven’s Waldstein Sonata. Exactly. Now imagine being born with one hand, hearing this scrumptious piece played on a piano for the first time, and immediately deciding then and there to learn not only how to play it on the piano but do it in concert for thousands of adoring music aficionados. That’s a pretty unlikely goal, yes? That’s because you’re not Nicholas McCarthy, who did precisely that. The level of confidence that must have taken is gargantuan, but not surprising coming from him. The Epiphany At the tender age of twelve, McCarthy heard his best friend playing this beautiful piece of classical music on the piano and shortly thereafter declared to his parents a lofty future plan to become a concert pianist. They looked at their

Taylor Hagood: Cousin Elvis

I was dating a lady from Long Island. She was making her first ever trip to the South, proper, and after a day or two of measured acclimation for her in Ripley, Mississippi, I decided to take her to Memphis. As we started off, rolling past green cotton fields and winding up into hills ragged in the red-clay way of that part of the state, I set myself in determination. Today would be the day I would visit Elvis Presley’s home, Graceland, for the first time. I had been by the house many times since childhood. It was a joke in my family that my grandmother could never keep straight which side of the road the house stood on, depending on which direction we were driving. She may have skipped a few grades and started to college at age sixteen, but directional matters often give her trouble. She would always say she had once seen Elvis pull up to the famous Graceland gate, and I remember stopping there when I was little not that long after he died. The home

Lila Lazarus: Up for the Challenge

Feeling right at home outside her comfort zone, she makes every day a new adventure. Best known as an award-winning health reporter and television news anchor for 30 years in Michigan, Maryland, and Massachusetts, Lila Lazarus spends little time being idle. Outside of the newsroom, she takes on some impressive challenges that most of us only dream about. “I’ve worked to inspire people to live a healthier lifestyle. And I don’t just talk the talk, I walk the walk or even run the run! I truly have a passion for everything ‘Good Health,’” she says in her Lila’s Good Health blog on the St. Joseph’s Mercy Health System website. A Passion for Challenges Her enthusiasm for adventure and pushing physical limits has taken her to swimming a 5-mile stretch in the Straits of Mackinac to raise funds for Mentor Michigan, a statewide organization that improves the lives of young people by matching them with mentors. Every fall she can be found climbing the magnificent red rock walls and spires of the Grand Canyon, a 48-mile climb. Her many feats have

Happy Father’s Day from the Luckiest Dad

First, I want to say Happy Father’s Day to all dads. Hearing our children call us “dad, daddy, papa,” or whatever name, is one of the greatest gifts we’re given.  It’s often said but cannot be said enough…regardless of our world, our children’s comments and hugs quickly change the day (even when they’re teenagers with attitudes😊.) Second, thanks to CHOA and the team at Sibley for everything you do. You’re the superstars. You live in a world with so much on your shoulders, yet your spirit, talent, and caring never cease to amaze. Third, thanks to Sibley for asking me to write about Taylor, knowing ahead of time that I’m going to be a little schmaltzy. It’s great to be given a blank canvas on which to express the feelings of being a father. I have the greatest Father’s Day gift – two amazing daughters who are each, in their own unique ways, my heroes. Emerson, 12, is my hummingbird, who throughout the entire ordeal with Taylor, stayed positive and brightened everyone’s day.  Taylor’s story is a miracle, and the

Unlocking the Communication Code of Aging Parents

“The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.”                                                                 -George Bernard Shaw If boomers think they had issues in the past communicating with their parents, try adding in their new role as caregiver.  They have quickly discovered how unprepared they actually are for the volatile conversation about provocative topics that dominate the last phase of life.  Not surprising, they are coming for these experiences frustrated, confused and deeply upset about “what went wrong” despite their best intentions. While it would be convenient to blame this all too common disconnect between generations on the eccentricities of their aging parents, the real problem can be traced back to the messages boomers are sending them.   For the most part, they are based on outdated assumptions about the psychology of older adults.  No matter how hard they try, they cant’ avoid delivering the wrong message.  What can make this better? The good news is that by updating their understanding of the  psychological agenda of their aging parents, boomers can use these new insights to dramatically improve the receptivity and effectiveness

Goss RV: Motorcoach Luxury Travel

RV…motorcoach… luxury travel.  What?! These words don’t go together in the same sentence… do they?  That’s what I said to myself, and to my family, when we talked about taking a weekend trip to the mountains. Wow, were we surprised. My wife and I have traveled to beautiful places across the world.  From islands to ski slopes, and from wine country to the glamorous Hôtel de Paris in Monte Carlo.  We truly enjoy travel, and we love to explore new places.  Regardless of the location, we’ll often rent a vehicle and start a separate journey on our vacation. So how does this travel story drift into a story about motorcoach travel?  Well, a friend told us about a motorcoach travel vacation from GossRV Luxury Travel.  Being adventurous travelers, we said “why not. It’s something new. Let’s see what this luxury motorcoach travel is all about.” We did a little research before we started our weekend trip and felt we had a pretty good idea of what to expect.  Holy smokes, were we wrong!  Our family wasn’t traveling in in bus, an rv,