Steve Morello Q&A

YOU’VE OBVIOUSLY EXPERIENCED A GREAT DEAL OF SUCCESS IN YOUR LIFE. WHAT WOULD YOU SAY IS YOUR GREATEST ACCOMPLISHMENT, AND WHY? For me its always hard to give absolutes, like the best or the most. I like to measure my life, my accomplishments by the sum of the whole. The people who have told me that I have influenced their life, places I have contributed to preserving, memories I have accumulated, the overall experiences I have had. My life isn’t over so maybe that greatest accomplishment is yet to come. LIKE EVERYONE ELSE, LIFE IS NOT ALWAYS SMOOTH. CAN YOU TALK ABOUT A SETBACK OR TRAGEDY YOU’VE ENCOUNTERED, HOW YOU DEALT WITH IT, AND THE IMPACT IT HAS HAD ON YOU? I guess everyone has felt the loss of a loved one or disappointments that are part of the life experience, personal things that would have less meaning to your readers but there is one thing that seems to be an occupational hazard, leaving people. Being in the places I get to go to and seeing the remarkable things I