Monthly Gift Clubs: Goodies that Keep Coming All Year Long

With a gift club, there’s something for everyone, every taste, every personality, every month! Whew, you made it through the holidays. After all the holiday preparations, entertaining, gift-giving, festivities, and feasting, you or someone you know deserves a pat on the back for a job well done. And there’s no better way to accomplish that than being treated to a special surprise every month. Make it something really special like fine wines, wellness boosts, beauty samples, or grooming goodies, there’s so much to choose from. We’ve put together a list of some of the most popular and unique men’s and women’s monthly and quarterly gift clubs for your perusal. Go ahead, enjoy surprises all year long! The Wordy Traveler Perfect for the traveler who reads and loves tea. Every quarter a seasonal collection box of curated travel-related goodies is shipped. Receive a book, a limited-edition fine art print, ethically-sourced free trade organic tea, and a special gift —all relating to a specific region. This quarterly subscription has an added bonus: every box provides education for an underprivileged woman or girl

Privacy Protection Gadgets: Security in a Digital World

Finding the right products to protect your digital life can be a daunting task, we’ve simplified it for you. We live in rapidly changing times where technology is advancing faster than most of us can keep up with. For boomers, staying abreast of technological innovations for our smartphones, computers, tablets, and online services is becoming more challenging. Meantime, our data and identity are at greater risk of being stolen than ever before. There are some really great solutions available to help keep your data protected and identity safe, and you don’t have to be a tech wiz to use them. It’s important to take steps to reduce the threat of your privacy being hacked and abused. We’ve made a list of some of the top privacy protection gadgets available that even the least tech-savvy among us can easily use. Mic-Lock with SOUNDPASS Microphone Blocker How private are your conversations? The Mic-Lock with SOUNDPASS Microphone Blocker prevents cyber attackers from using your device’s microphone or speakers to eavesdrop on you. Very compact, it comes with a convenient keychain loop. Just plug

Gear for Dog Lovers: Cool Finds for Lucky Dogs

It’s a dog’s life! Make it easier on you and your cuddly canine with gadgets that’ll earn you more tail wags. Dog owners are always on the lookout for ways to enhance their pet’s comfort, activity, and health. New innovations and technology are making pet care options more convenient, easier, and safer for both you and your dog. We’ve come up with a list of well-thought out, highly-rated, essential gear and gadgets that’ll keep your furry friend in dog heaven! The Headlight Harness This patent-pending dog harness provides superior lighting for both you and those in the immediate area with its 80 lumen LED focused beam. The Headlight Harness is just what’s needed for those nighttime walks and hikes. Light is projected up to 100 feet and a reflective stripe make visibility easy and night outings safer. Four points of adjustments provide a no-pull design and a customizable fit for superior comfort. Check it out at the Headlight Harness website or on Amazon. Furbo Dog Camera Over 5,000 vets and professional dog trainers approve of the Furbo Dog Camera. It’s

3D Printing in Plain English

Technology has always intimidated me, I’ll humbly admit. But with the help of a few competent friends, reluctant millennial daughters, and the geniuses at Amazon, Google and Apple, I’ve managed to appear relatively competent while enjoying myself immensely. So now comes the dawning of even more revolutionary changes, including something called 3D printing. While I’m still wrestling with my HP, begging it to print on both sides of a page, there are now printers capable of stamping out automobile and airplane parts, residential buildings, consumer products, and most disconcerting of all, human body parts. In the old days (yesterday?), we simply inserted paper into the appropriate tray and hit the print button, followed by a silent prayer. If all went well, the machine reproducedthe contents of the paper we’d placed on the glass thingy above. When the inevitable paper jam ensued, we’d slink out of the copy room leaving the mess for an office colleague to grumble about. 3D printing operates similarly except that rather than paper, it reproduces three-dimensional items. More than a printer, it’s a high-tech manufacturing machine

FoldiMate: Your New Best Friend

Folding laundry has never been this much fun.  I consider myself a pretty lucky guy. I’ve got a great wife who has always managed our household while I was hard at work. And, now that I’m retired from work, she has continued to do so. I do have a few responsibilities, however, one of them being folding my laundry. And, while I don’t claim to be an expert, I am able to get by, perhaps because most days you can find me wearing a pair of lightweight fishing pants and a t-shirt. Let me make this clear —I do not wish to pretend that I enjoy folding my laundry, and it can get embarrassing when my clothes look like a pile of wrinkles. But there’s a solution on the way, and I am excited! My new best friend is called FoldiMate, which is an automatic laundry-folding machine! Here’s how it works —you simply put a shirt or a pair of pants onto a tray that pulls it into the machine. The machine then folds each item, and perhaps ten to

Bragi By Starkey: Custom Wireless

Lifestyle gadgets, ear computers, wearable technology, oh my! Recently, my wife suggested that I get my hearing checked because I ask her to repeat things on occasion. While I think I have what many refer to as “selective hearing,” I decided that it would be a good idea to see an audiologist, as a matter of fact the audiologist who was featured in our February edition, Dr. Alexandra Tarvin. After testing me, Dr. Tarvin concluded that I had lost a bit of my hearing over the years, perhaps due to too many rock concerts, but my biggest issue was an increasing inability to hear where there is background noise. She made several recommendations, including special ear plugs for future concerts. After addressing my hearing issues with me, Dr. Alexandra Tarvin told me about these revolutionary wireless earphones made by a leading U.S. hearing aid company, Starkey Hearing Technologies, in tandem with a high-end German audio company, Bragi. These earphones were custom-made, meaning Dr. Tarvin would need to take an impression of my ears so that the earphones would be a perfect

Wow the Home Chef with Cool Kitchen Gadgets

Every great cook needs quality tools of the trade, here’s a list of genius kitchen gadgets for the home kitchen. Choosing what to get for the chef in your life who already has everything can be difficult. Using stylish, functional, innovative tools can make culinary craft even more enjoyable for the home chef. To help you out, we’ve put together a list of kitchen gadgets fit for a professional that will inspire creativity in the kitchen. Molecular Gastronomy Kit For the truly adventurous chef, here’s something that will tantalize their inspiration. Molecule-R’s Cuisine R-Evolution makes molecular gastronomy accessible, fun, and easy for anyone. The do-it-yourself kit is fully loaded with everything needed to experiment molecular techniques at home. Take culinary art to the next level and experiment with mixology, styling, and flavoring. Turn any occasion into an elevated event. The kit comes with 20 sachets of food additives, a silicon mold, and three pipettes. Playing with food has never been this fun! Check it out on the Molecule-R website or get it on Amazon. Breville Joule Sous Vide This little

Tapplock one+: The One-Touch Smart Padlock

Swap physical keys for digital ones and protect your belongings the smarter way. Today, all our mobile devices come with advanced security features, ranging from fingerprints to PIN numbers. With all this technology, why do we still keep an assortment of little keys to open up padlocks? If you work at a school or facility, it can become quite an ordeal finding the right maintenance personnel or employees who have access to gated supply cages and locked file cabinets. I recall a time when I forgot my bike’s lock key. There I was in the middle of downtown with my manager, waiting for maintenance to bring bolt cutters at 2am. Perhaps you found yourself in a similar situation. Or, how about going on vacation and realizing your house sitter doesn’t have the gate key. We can go on and on listing similar scenarios, but is there a simple solution to this problem? Meet the Tapplock one+ A highly rated smart padlock, the Tapplock one+, offered at $99, can be opened with your choice of a mobile app, fingerprint, or Morse

Coffee Lovers Gift Guide: In Pursuit of the Perfect Cup

Make gift-giving a smooth brewed experience for you and the impassioned coffee lover in your life. “Love is in the air, and it smells like coffee.” – Unknown Thinking of giving another coffee mug as a gift to a coffee connoisseur? How about surprising them with high quality must-haves that will wow the most experienced barista or novice. We’ve listed some unique finds for every taste – coffee on the go, cold brew, pour-over, French-press style, iced, and more. Take a look at these hot items that are highly rated by users. Wacaco Nanopresso If your coffee lover is always on the go, they can still quench their craving for an espresso anytime, anywhere with the Wacaco Nanopresso. This handy instant espresso machine delivers a powerful 261 psi of stable pressure to extract every bit of flavor and aroma from finely ground coffee beans. Using single-handed power, it takes less effort than other models to produce a fine 2.7 fluid ounce size brew with a dense crema layer. It’s an elegant personal pocket-size wonder to use anywhere you are. Get

Lock Laces: Footloose and Fancy-Free

Forget about lacing and unlacing your shoes, turn them into comfy slip-ons! The Problem with Shoelaces Recently I noticed an article in BuzzFeed entitled 22 Products I Don’t Understand How You’ve Lived Your Whole Life Without. The very first item on the list caught my eye! At the time, I had never heard of no-tie shoelaces that could supposedly be used to convert any pair of shoes into slip-ons that would remain ridiculously comfortable forever! And, frankly, I didn’t buy into the headlines, but it intrigued me enough to look into them a bit further. Let me be candid here —I was never really good at tying my shoes, I know that’s pretty embarrassing, but I like to be extra comfortable and it’s always been too tight or too loose, never just right.  And too frequently, it seemed that my shoes would become untied at the most inopportune times. So, I figured I would look into these things, known as Lock Laces, particularly in light of the fact that they had over 10,000 great reviews on Amazon! You can use them on