Roborock, One Button, One Clean Floor!

Move over robo-vacs. This new cleaning droid outsmarts them all. Some people go for Ecovacs, the Neato, or iRobot’s Roombas. The biggest names in the industry really suck. Literally, they suck the dirt right off the floor. But this week we decided to look into something outside the robotic vacuum zeitgeist: the Roborock S6. “The most reliable and best performing robot vacuum I have ever tested was the Roborock S5. That title now passes to its successor, the Roborock S6,” according to ZDnet. Gadgeteer, TNW, Woman’s Day, Wired, and others give similar glowing reviews. You can watch it in action here… This newest smart vac doesn’t care about its fame. It does not care about its price. It simply cares about completing its task. That task is to clean, to do it well, and to do it with as little effort on the part of its owners as possible. With the suction power at high-end levels and an advanced LDS navigation system, it never disappoints! Unless you’re a cat … Mr. Whiskers wanted us to give a bad review and

Fancy Grooming Stuff For Men

A metrosexual guy is defined by The Meriam-Webster Dictionary as an urban heterosexual male given to enhancing his personal appearance by fastidious grooming, beauty treatments, and fashionable clothes.  As a guy who spends most of his time wearing comfortable Columbia fishing pants and t-shirts, I clearly do not fit into that category. However, you don’t have to be metrosexual to want to go out of your way to find the best personal hygiene products.  Let’s explore some great alternatives. PLANTLIFE Plantlife has been offering all sorts of natural, aromatherapy products for over 20 years, including essential oils, bath and shower products, and soap products.  Check them out at www.plantlife.net.  You can learn a bit more about Plantlife below: Recently, I purchased a six-pack of Plantilife’s top 6 Natural Aromatherapy Herbal Soaps made with pure 100% organic ingredients and pure essential oils.  Ok, I admit it, I like soaps that feel good and smell great, and this assortment includes Lavender, Patchouli, Lemongrass, Oatmeal, Almond, Peppermint and Vanilla Orange.  So far, I’ve tried the Lavender and Eucalyptus, and they receive 5 stars from

FORPHEUS: The Amazing Ping-Pong Playing Robot

Omron, known for their health care technology is using ping-pong to showcase the latest in their industrial automation evolution … and we couldn’t be more excited about this fun way to introduce advanced technology. The company began with blood pressure monitors and now, they are on the cutting edge with their latest artificial intelligence (AI) innovation. If you ever thought that robots were going to take over, this could be the epicenter of the invasion. This global tech company has created a robot that plays with balls —ping-pong balls to be precise! It uses deep learning, a foundation for AI, which is enabling robots to learn much faster and effectively, performing tasks without human interaction and finding their way around unknown environments. You can watch it play ping-pong here… Omron is not intending to market the ping-pong robot, but rather, their technology for industrial uses. “We made the ping-pong robot for the purpose of demonstration, so visitors could actually see the fruits of our challenge of this technological evolution aimed at the construction of new relationships between people and machines, through

Conversations with My Toilet: The Kohler Smart Toilet

Now you can personalize your throne for the ultimate toileting experience. My toilet kicks your toilet’s butt. Or, at least it can really debate it! Why? Because Kohler has once again upped the ante with a new paradisiacal product. Okay, maybe it can’t physically beat its butt (there’s a pun in there somewhere and yes, it’s intended). It does, however, know everything Google’s Alexa does. Walking into the restroom, guests lose their breath as a beam of light comes to life behind a sleek, square and luminous device sitting where a white ceramic toilet should be. It might not be immediate apparent, but this is a wonder of human innovation. If the visuals don’t take your breath away, sit down before it greets you as you faint from the glorious wonder. King of Thrones This year, if you forgot the name of your favorite actor or need to know where to buy the newest gadgets, just ask your toilet. Think some kid with a startup “disrupted” the game? Think again! A whopping 146 years ago, a little plumbing company called Kohler emerged. Today,

CINEMOOD: The Family Entertainment Experience

Access an endless library of movies and shows and project them up to 12-feet wide on any flat surface. How to keep your kids and grandkids entertained: Switch on the CINEMOOD smart projector and watch the good times roll. It’s a wireless portable mini-cinema that projects onto any flat surface. It looks like a small cube with rounded corners and has the ability to stream a broad range of content from TV shows to pre-loaded, kid-friendly cartoons. It’s not only great for kids, but for adults too and provides a much-needed solution for families with special needs. CINEMOOD is the world’s first noiseless, ultralight standalone content projector. It combines the high-quality image of a projector with child-friendly portability and fits in the palm of your hand. It’s so easy to use, even a young child can control it. “We created a safe and smart cinema for the whole family. The variety of CINEMOOD’s content is endless,” says co-founder, Paul Zhuravlev. CINEMOOD is getting a lot of press. According to Forbes, “For a pocket-sized projector that’s portable, multifunctional and free of any

ClimbStation: Wall Climbing and Treadmill in One

Fun and fitness rolled into a single treadwall, now you can safely climb at fitness centers or in the comfort of your home. I’m always searching the Internet for innovative products, something I would love to own.  And, yeah, you might have guessed, most of the products that I stumble upon are well beyond my price range.  But that doesn’t mean that I can’t tell you all about them! The Sport of Climbing Remember in our youth, it seemed like we could climb almost anything be it trees, walls, fences, whatever stood in front of us. We gave no thought to dangers or injury. We just did it without any inhibitions. It’s a different story now that we’re boomers. For some of us, boundless energy has been replaced with a daily nap. But physically challenging ourselves shouldn’t stop, we can still build endurance and strength, and climbing might just be the answer for a full body workout. Have you ever noticed those climbing walls at local gyms, or amusement centers, or on your favorite cruise ships? I have … noticed

Mirror: The Nearly Invisible, Interactive Home Gym

World’s first immersive home fitness system brings live and on-demand fitness workouts into your home. As I clicked through TV channels one evening, something grabbed my attention —a commercial about a sleek looking mirror. But this is no ordinary mirror. Aptly named the “Mirror,” this simple looking glass turns into a boutique gym complete with fitness instructors and classmates right in your home. Wow, imagine that! No more trudging off to the local gym, no more waitlists or sweaty locker rooms, no more paying exorbitant membership fees or waiting for a parking spot. It’s perfect for those of us who want something more convenient.   For months I’ve been contemplating whether to rejoin a gym or invest in a home gym. I prefer a home gym but there’s not much space to accommodate fitness equipment. I haven’t found anything suitable for my needs. Now, I am thrilled to come across this divine solution for my problem. I don’t even need space for clunky exercise equipment. All I need is the space of a yoga mat. Initial cost is $1,500 for

GPS Trackers: Keeping Track of Your Loved Ones

Do you know where your loved ones are? Location devices have evolved into smart high-tech monitoring systems with the simplicity of using a phone app. Keeping track of loved ones is serious business these days. Unlike the old days when we grew up with neighbors and friends watching over us, today is very different with safety becoming a real concern. We’ve all heard the stories of missing children, abductions, wandering elders, and lost travelers. We may not be able to have a watchful eye over our loved ones 24/7 but there is a way to check on their whereabouts. GPS tracking enables parents to locate children and elderly loved ones. It’s a great tool for grandparents who watch the grandkids while mom and dad are at work or when the kids come over for summer vacation. It’s perfect for keeping family or friends informed when traveling or going on a big adventure. For families, the wonders of technology have been put to good use with advances in tracking devices, GPS systems, communications, and phone apps. Quality Matters When safety is

Kingsford SteakAger: Steakhouse Quality at Home

Now you can really have it your way —the finest dry aged beef made right in your kitchen. Peter Luger’s … Pappas Brothers … Bern’s … Gibson’s … CUT, each and every one a worthy destination for those searching for the very best in steak. What if you could duplicate these iconic restaurants in your own home for a fraction of the price?  Not Possible?  Think again… A Superior Steak One of the most universal myths about the finest steakhouses in America is that the unique flavor and textures of their steaks come from some special grades of meat that are only available to restaurants.  In actuality, the secret to great steak is dry aging.  Steakhouses have known about this for decades, and it’s one of the many reasons why people simply give up when trying to duplicate it at home. Dry aging is a process by which large cuts of beef are refrigerated with consistent air circulation taking anywhere from several weeks to several months, resulting in a much more flavorful and tender steak.  And now you can age your steaks,

Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet: Grill Mastering

High-end outdoor kitchens having all the accoutrements of indoor cooking are raising the bar on backyard grilling. The warmer weather has finally arrived, and it’s time for barbecue. Actually, as a resident of South Florida, it’s always barbecue season! I love my brisket and, if you haven’t already checked out our article featuring Steven Raichlen, now is the time to do so. I also enjoy just about anything else you can cook on the barbecue.      American Craftsmanship One of my favorite companies is Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet, which makes custom outdoor kitchens that are downright gorgeous, and can liven up anyone’s backyard.  Forbes calls it the the “Rolls Royce of Grills.” You can see and feel the difference that sets Kalamazoo grills apart from the rest. It’s all in the details, they take pride in their quality, craftsmanship, and performance, and ship directly from their workshop in Michigan to homes all over the world. Kalamazoo has been in business for over 100 years, focusing on custom food and dairy processing equipment. Almost 20 years ago, Kalamazoo decided to expand operations,