Danielle LaPorte: Says It’s All in Your Heart

A deeper compassion for yourself leads to deeper care for others. Work Smarter, Not Harder Today, many of us have no choice but to be workaholics. With increasing costs of living, more requirements at work, and striving to take care for our loved ones, work has become synonymous with modern life. Long gone are the days of self-reflection and peace and quiet. We plan vacations and embark on missions to escape from the stress of everyday life. Author Danielle LaPorte used to be the same way, she was glued to her work and couldn’t find time to spend with the people she loved. She decided that was no life to live and became committed to loving herself and being more mindful. After exploring the tenets of Buddhist meditation, she began writing and embarked on creating an empire of her own centered on self-love, and the incredible healing power of the heart. LaPorte is a Canadian entrepreneur, author, blogger, and an inspirational speaker focused on self-help, goal setting, motivation, and creating value. Throughout her career, LaPorte has published three non-fiction books

Daniel Gartenberg: Get a Sleep Coach

Relaxation Sounds and Meditations. Stop that Racing Mind & Fall Asleep! There are 3 wind down options available in the Sonic app that are designed to promote relaxation. Whatever you find best for you is what we recommend. 1) Progressive Muscle Relaxation provides you with a way to practice relaxation and it works by both relaxing your muscles and your mind, making it easier for you to fall asleep. 2) Body Scan Meditation is designed to help you develop a mindful awareness of your bodily sensations, and to relieve tension wherever it is found. Research suggests that this mindfulness practice can help reduce stress, improve well-being, and decrease aches and pains 3) Binaural Beats produce an auditory illusion by playing slightly different sounds in each ear and is used to induce meditative and relaxing states. The following are tips to help you relax before falling to sleep: Getting ready for bed is not just putting on your nightclothes! Preparation for a good nights sleep begins earlier than you think. It is not reasonable to expect simply to get into bed

White Noise, Pink Noise, and Fan Sounds For Sleeping

The Sonic Sleep Coach app includes soothing music and sounds to help you fall asleep and stay asleep. We created high quality sounds, such as the Sonic Pink Noise, that are designed to relax the mind after a long stressful day and put you in the right mindset for sleep. Such rituals can reduce how long it takes you to fall to sleep because your brain can associate certain music or particular sounds to falling asleep. This is known as stimulus control therapy, or more broadly, classical conditioning, where a stimulus can act as a trigger to induce a behavior. Our sound landscapes, which we call a “Sleep Tent” also blocks out noise pollution while you sleep to make your sleep more regenerative. Noise pollution can often wake you up during the night with or without conscious awareness of these sleep disruptions.  Our unique pink noise and white noise fan sound are designed to block out more frequencies of sound than your typical fan noise or white noise. But we also include these types of sounds, along with a fan noise,

Social Wellness: Meaningful Relationships

“The secret to a meaningful life is meaningful relationships” – Anonymous Sociologists have noted that the people you spend the most time with largely impact your life. For example, surrounding yourself with those who smoke may make you more likely to start smoking. The five people we spend the most time with can influence our mindset, and other habits too – both good and bad. Choosing friendships with people who you admire or want to imitate can help support the lifestyle you desire. Social wellness involves meaningful, balanced relationships with family, friends, and co-workers. It takes mindfulness and careful time management to prioritize healthy, meaningful relationships. In the pursuit of financial success, it’s all too easy to lose connection with friends and family. Interestingly, social wellness is a key aspect to mental health, and largely plays into our financial success. Close friends and family help us put things into perspective, keeping our goals and pursuits in line with our personal values.  social wellness What really is social wellness? Social wellness refers to the quality and stability of your relationships with others.

How To Survive A Panic Attack

Do you experience panic attacks and do not know what to do? A person can experience a panic attack when they least expect it. This can cause a great deal of fear and anxiety for the person. Here are six easy steps a person can follow when a panic attack strikes unexpectedly and how to overcome anxiety Take A Break: The first thing a person must do when experiencing a panic attack is to stop whatever they are doing. A panic attack can be very uncomfortable and can affect a person’s everyday thinking. Take a break to help regain your sense of comfort. Take Deep Breaths: A person should take some deep breaths to help feel better and to get rid of some of the excessive fear and anxiety. There are also many kinds of breathing exercises a person can learn to follow with the help of a mental health counselor. Taking some deep breaths can help a person relax right away. Distract Yourself: A person should try to distract themselves from the panic they are experiencing. A person could

Dr. Joel Kahn: The Amazing Mimicking Diet

Can you make money while sleeping? Build muscle while lying on a hammock? Finish your work project while partying at the bar? These things seem too good to be true. Here is another one. How about gaining the benefits of fasting, including losing fat pounds, while eating? The good news is that this is no fantasy and is the hottest science in the research on fasting. And it is something you can start using this week. The articles on fasting are everywhere but it is easy to be confused by terms used. What’s the difference between intermittent fasting, water fasting, juice fasting, and time restricted feeding?  The potential medical benefits from taking a break from eating for a period of time have been suggested in both animal and medical research projects. For example, in one of the Blue Zones of longevity, Okinawa, the expression Hara Hachi Bu (eat until you are 80% full) is a part of the culture. Can you match this or even exceed the purported benefits of the Okinawan Diet while “cheating” the system by eating a

Dr. Nicole Avena: Our Love Affair with Sugar

Her pioneering research reveals how foods we love hijack our brains into addictive-like eating. Have a sweet tooth? If so, you may be one of the millions of Americans who may be consuming too much of the sweet stuff and we’re not just talking about the sugary white granules, but also the sugar hiding in many foods and beverages we love. Craving the Sweet Stuff Various studies show excess sugar consumption increases the risk of developing obesity, dental decay, diabetes, metabolic syndrome, heart disease, cholesterol levels, and hypertension. With all these risks, you might think to reduce or eliminate sugar intake. But have you noticed how hard that is to stick with? We are constantly bombarded by clever marketing tactics promoting foods that are clearly bad for our health. Alas, too often we make exceptions and indulge in just one more bite of that sweet lusciousness. At the grocery store, we walk through aisles of sugar-laden foods, trying to determine which are healthier choices. How do we know we are making the right choice? Surrounded by sweet temptations, we often

Kristen Ulmer: Extreme Skier and Fear Expert

Her mind over mountain techniques propelled her beyond the limits of fear. Step into the U.S. Ski and Snowboard Hall of Fame and you will find a fear and anxiety expert. Her name is Kristen Ulmer. But with years of painstaking training and perfecting, the New Hampshire native’s rise to the top is anything but an overnight sensation. It’s also anything but ordinary. Ulmer believes her particular knack in the maintenance of fear and anxiety was a result of her willingness to ski some of the world’s most dangerous lines and jumping off foreboding cliffs. Able to channel her fear, Ulmer has accomplished amazing feats such as jumping off 70-foot cliffs and being the first female to mountain ski a descent of Wyoming’s Grand Teton in 1997. Additionally, she’s an ice and rock climber, paraglider, adventure cyclist, and kiteboarder. In a 2000 Women’s Sports and Fitness Magazine poll she was voted as the most extreme woman athlete in all disciplines in North America. Finding the Passion Ulmer was born and raised in Henniker, a small ski town in New Hampshire. Her

The Importance Of Sleep

Modern life has disconnected us from our sleep — here are some ways to fix it. After studying sleep for 10 years as a PhD in Cognitive Psychology, I’ve seen this disconnect first hand. People should understand and talk about their sleep like we talk about our diet and exercise. But we live in a society that admires the sleep-deprived workaholic and disregards the fully rested and more thoughtful among us. It can be hard to focus on our sleep health, so I’ve compiled 10 main takeaways from my decade in the sleep world. Hopefully these tips will help you improve the quality of your sleep, your health, and your overall well-being. 1) Don’t underestimate the Circadian Component. People generally have an idea about how much sleep they need (called the homeostatic component of sleep). For example, I know I need about 8 hours. But people often know little about their individual internal 24-hour clock, aka the circadian rhythm. Here’s what you need to know. Everyone has a 24-hour cycle that is impacted by this weird German word called zeitgebers.

Help Relatives With Their Anxieties And Depression

Do you know a friend or loved one who suffers from fear, anxiety, and depression and do not know what to do?  It can be frustrating to watch someone you know suffer and not be able to help them. Here are six ways to help the person cope in these kinds of situations and the best way to deal with anxiety. 1.Learn as much as you can in managing anxiety and depression: There are many books and information that will educate you on how to deal with fear and anxiety. Share this information with the person who is struggling with their mental health issues. 2. Be understanding and patient with the person struggling with their fears: Dealing with depression and anxiety can be difficult for the person so do not add more problems than what is already there. Do not get into arguments with the person who is having a difficult time with their anxieties. 3. Talk to the person instead of talking at them:  It is important not to lecture the person who is struggling with anxiety and depression.