CINEMOOD: The Family Entertainment Experience

Access an endless library of movies and shows and project them up to 12-feet wide on any flat surface.

How to keep your kids and grandkids entertained: Switch on the CINEMOOD smart projector and watch the good times roll. It’s a wireless portable mini-cinema that projects onto any flat surface. It looks like a small cube with rounded corners and has the ability to stream a broad range of content from TV shows to pre-loaded, kid-friendly cartoons. It’s not only great for kids, but for adults too and provides a much-needed solution for families with special needs.

CINEMOOD is the world’s first noiseless, ultralight standalone content projector. It combines the high-quality image of a projector with child-friendly portability and fits in the palm of your hand. It’s so easy to use, even a young child can control it.

“We created a safe and smart cinema for the whole family. The variety of CINEMOOD’s content is endless,” says co-founder, Paul Zhuravlev.

CINEMOOD is getting a lot of press. According to Forbes, “For a pocket-sized projector that’s portable, multifunctional and free of any cables, it doesn’t get much better than this.” Vogue says, “This Pocket-Sized Home Theater Projector Is a Parenting Game Changer.” And GadgetFlow calls it, “The ultimate viewing experience, wherever you are.” Watch the video to see this amazing device in action …

A Smart Little Cube

CINEMOOD offers something for the whole family to enjoy including movies, cartoons, TV series, and digital books that can be projected onto a ceiling, wall, or any flat surface. The mobile projector’s compact size is suitable for car and airplane travel, camping, and backyard gatherings.

The device displays clear, beautiful images without blue light which means CINEMOOD projectors have a safer viewing experience than smartphones, computers, and televisions. This is great news for those who have sensory sensitivity. The 3-inch projector only weighs 0.5 lbs. and creates up to a 12-foot screen projection. Included are built-in 2.5-watt speakers and it connects to headphones and speakers. It has a five-hour rechargeable battery life and comes with 16 GB of internal memory.

With the integration of WiFi connectivity, Mike Bukhovtsev, co-founder and CEO says that it “marks the acceleration of our ability to provide families a truly unlimited, cinema-style entertainment experience —no matter where they are.” He continues, “There is virtually no limit to the content our users can now access and project.”

The newest feature is screen mirroring so you can easily show your family and friends videos and photos from your phone to CINEMOOD’s screen.

Great for All Ages

Its award-winning design was specially created with young viewers in mind. CINEMOOD comes preloaded with 120+ hours of family-themed content including 65 titles from Disney such as Frozen, Lion King, Cars, and Toy Story. Additional content is available with the purchase of CINEMOOD Smart Covers which are silicon covers shaped like cute cartoon characters. Each cover has a hidden Near Field Communication (NFC) tag that triggers downloads of the character’s content to the device. Plus, the CINEMOOD walled-garden platform ensures only age-appropriate content is projected.

Children enjoy the cartoons, digital books to read at night that also teach how to read, lullabies, audio stories, shadow puppet show tutorials promoting motor skills development in toddlers, and preschool level educational videos – all without any advertising.

Adults will appreciate CINEMOOD’s WiFi connectivity allowing access to the Internet web browser for more content discovery. Several online services are included such as Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, YouTube, Ameba TV, and more. Just think, you can stream from your personal Netflix account or download Netflix and other content directly to the device for offline viewing. You’ll have the ability to create an endless library of movies, shows and videos, and can also watch movies via a flash drive.

Something Old, Something New

The inspiration for the amazing device came when Bukhovtsev was showing the oldest of his two daughters an “old school” projector and how it worked. Realizing how outdated it was compared to today’s technology, he came up with the idea of CINEMOOD as a new twist to something old. He also wanted to create something healthier, safer, and an alternative to today’s popular devices.

“We entered the market in a fundamentally new category of content distribution devices, not as a hardware upgrade for a typical pocket projector, but instead to establish the concept of a portable movie theater,” says CINEMOOD product director Dmitriy Matrosov. “This developed into CINEMOOD, which gives users access to fun, educational content, the streaming services of our partners, and a huge library of new movies and TV series.”

CINEMOOD is currently available through top retailers such as Amazon, Target, B&H, Home Depot, HSN, and directly from the CINEMOOD website, with more U.S. retailers being added. Apps for iOS and Android are available to control CINEMOOD from a distance, to manage YouTube casting, send video messages to the device, and set a sleep timer.

The Company

CINEMOOD is an international company founded in 2014. Its vision is to help families spend more quality time together enjoying entertainment and educational content delivered by innovative products that are user- and kid-friendly.

Based in Moscow, the founders of CINEMOOD are very passionate about hardware design and engineering, achieving an intuitive user experience, and spending quality family time with their own children.

Learn more about this magical little device at cinemood.com. It makes a great gift for your loved ones or treat yourself to one. It’s like going to the cinema without going to the cinema!