ClimbStation: Wall Climbing and Treadmill in One

Fun and fitness rolled into a single treadwall, now you can safely climb at fitness centers or in the comfort of your home.

I’m always searching the Internet for innovative products, something I would love to own.  And, yeah, you might have guessed, most of the products that I stumble upon are well beyond my price range.  But that doesn’t mean that I can’t tell you all about them!

The Sport of Climbing

Remember in our youth, it seemed like we could climb almost anything be it trees, walls, fences, whatever stood in front of us. We gave no thought to dangers or injury. We just did it without any inhibitions. It’s a different story now that we’re boomers.

For some of us, boundless energy has been replaced with a daily nap. But physically challenging ourselves shouldn’t stop, we can still build endurance and strength, and climbing might just be the answer for a full body workout. Have you ever noticed those climbing walls at local gyms, or amusement centers, or on your favorite cruise ships?

I have … noticed these walls … but … okay, I admit it, I haven’t tried it for myself.  I probably lack the endurance to do so without embarrassing myself, and I’m not comfortable with heights.  So, it’s likely I will continue to take a pass on the climbing walls. If you feel the same, read on…

Recent research shows climbing is more popular than ever and about 1,000 people start climbing every day. These new climbers are pushing the limits of the sport and seek facilities that train indoors. Smaller climbing walls are being integrated into more gyms to accommodate this growing trend.

The sport is not only practiced by professionals but by anyone wanting to challenge themselves. That’s where ClimbStation comes in. I am blown away by ClimbStation, which is the coolest fitness machine I have seen in years.  It’s an awesome alternative that can fit in your home, or local gym, and I for one hope it’s on the way!

The ClimbStation is a climbing wall machine that sorta combines a treadmill with a rock-climbing wall! It can be used purely for fun, or for a full-body workout, or, I imagine, as a torture machine. ClimbStation is ideal if you’re afraid of heights or a have a fear of falling.

From the Ground Up

Around 15 years ago, Kaarle Vanamo came up with the idea of developing a portable or mobile climbing wall that would be suitable for gyms that have limited space, or for sports and entertainment events.  Gathering countless designers and engineers, and with the support of the Finnish government, Vanamo successfully brought the ClimbStation to the public in 2008.

The award-winning ClimbStation has received excellent reviews from the public and professionals alike.  And, Vanamo has not sat back and enjoyed his success.  In fact, the ClimbStation keeps getting better and better as he continues to tweak his invention.

There’s a lot to like with the latest version of the ClimbStation.  Unlike other fitness equipment, the ClimbStation challenges the user with its skill-based technology.  As challenges are met, the machine turns up the goals another notch or two, so the experience never becomes too easy.

The ClimbStation uses what it calls a Kinetic Energy Recovery System, or K.E.R.S., where the machine adjusts its speed according to the weight and speed of the climber.  The technology uses the climber’s weight as an energy source to move the rotating surface and enables further automatic adjustment to the rotating speed.  This technology allows for quicker set up time, and improved safety due to the low voltage requirements.

Wait, it gets better! With ten pre-set difficulty levels, the machine is perfect for everyone, from a novice like yours truly to world-class athletes seeking high-intensity workouts to professional climbers seeking to improve their skills.  You don’t believe me?  Well, check this out:

And, Vanamo continues perfecting his invention.  He is currently hard at work creating a rotating climbing wall designed for outdoor parks and playgrounds.  The wall does not require any external power source due to the K.E.R.S. system. I just don’t see how young children will be able to use the machines when the bigger children (like you and I) can’t get enough!

ClimbStation emulates bouldering and climbing for enthusiasts of every skill level and can actually create a whole new category of customers for gym owners. The belt and mattress can even be customized with images and messages.

The next time you are in your gym, try to convince the manager to take a couple minutes and read this edition of Throomers so that they can learn about the latest and greatest in the fitness industry, and remain a step ahead of the competition.

You can find out more about ClimbStation at www.climbstation.comand can even request a quote for home or fitness center use.