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Danielle LaPorte: Says It’s All in Your Heart

A deeper compassion for yourself leads to deeper care for others.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

Today, many of us have no choice but to be workaholics. With increasing costs of living, more requirements at work, and striving to take care for our loved ones, work has become synonymous with modern life. Long gone are the days of self-reflection and peace and quiet. We plan vacations and embark on missions to escape from the stress of everyday life.

Author Danielle LaPorte used to be the same way, she was glued to her work and couldn’t find time to spend with the people she loved. She decided that was no life to live and became committed to loving herself and being more mindful. After exploring the tenets of Buddhist meditation, she began writing and embarked on creating an empire of her own centered on self-love, and the incredible healing power of the heart.

LaPorte is a Canadian entrepreneur, author, blogger, and an inspirational speaker focused on self-help, goal setting, motivation, and creating value. Throughout her career, LaPorte has published three non-fiction books about inspiration, goal setting, self-help, and personal style. Her books discuss her life experiences and how she has found enlightenment. She authored White Hot Truth, a book designed to keep readers spiritually connected in a busy world. She is also the author of The Fire Starter Sessions, helping readers define success on their own terms.

Her most successful guide so far, The Desire Map: A Guide to Creating Goals with Soul has been converted to a daily planner and has been translated into eight languages. It is so popular that 100s of licensed facilitators across 15 countries give workshops on the topic. The book was also turned into an app which reached the Top 10 on iTunes.

Wake up and Live

LaPorte encourages us to live past our 9 to 5 and create a life that awakens the soul. As the former director of a think tank, she knows the importance of thoughts and how they can change actions. She encourages readers of her books and blogs to heal themselves so that they can help those around them.

“We all have the urge to create something genuine that sets us apart from the herd, but at the same time, every one of us struggles to follow a path of spirituality and meaning,” she says.“We all search for a reassurance that what we’re doing is important and serves a greater purpose.” LaPorte pushes this message through her website, mobile apps, and Instagram account.

Through her work, LaPorte empowers her readers and teaches them how to love themselves. “It is only after you accept and truly love yourself that you are able to spread positive energy to others and then others will appreciate your work more.”

She teaches readers the importance of compassion, love, and truth, emphasizing how we must listen to and follow our heart’s desires. LaPorte lets mindfulness and meditation permeate all of her work and believes that we all have an innate wisdom inside of us.

Career Minded to Mindfulness

LaPorte was born in Windsor, Ontario, and grew up in a rural area of Essex County. As an author and entrepreneur, she has lived all over the world in cities like Toronto, Washington D.C., Santa Fe, Seattle, and Los Angeles. Today, she lives in Vancouver with her teenage son.

Danielle’s career started out in retail, at The Body Shop. She was promoted to director of Social Inventions at their Canadian headquarters. After her time there, she joined the Next Level agency as the communications strategist. In this role, she became a regular contributor for Connect with Mark Kelley, a show on the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation Network.

Today, she continues to build her empire creating new apps, teaching courses and workshops, and managing her website and blog on how to tap into your inner self and be a positive force for others.

What a Life!

LaPorte’s company, Danielle LaPorte Inc., is made up of an intimate team of 11. Her blog, DanielleLaPorte.com was named one of the 100 most useful websites for women in 2012 by Forbes. Oprah Winfrey also named her one of her Super Soul 100 Leaders for her ability to show the importance of inner spirituality for readers of all backgrounds. Through it all, LaPorte encourages people to lighten up, reduce stress, and live a life that is worth living. To hear more about how you can live your best life, check out her Podcast.