Dr. Laura Louis: Love Doctor & Relationship Expert For Improved Relationships

This love doctor breathes life back into damaged relationships.

Love is in the Air

Dr. Louis is a renowned relationship expert who believes in the power of love. She has been operating for more than ten years as a licensed psychologist, consultant, and public speaker, helping people all over the world rebuild trust in their partners, believe in themselves, and understand their personal value. Her passion led her to create Atlanta Couples Therapy, a counseling service focused on rebuilding relationships.

Dr. Louis’s personal specialty is strengthening marriages that have experienced infidelity. She’s helped hundreds of couples who have felt unfulfilled, distressed, and uncomfortable in their relationships to reconnect and focus on better days ahead. For this reason, Dr. Louis is affectionately known by peers and clients as a “Marriage Architect,” molding problematic relationships into powerful ones through conflict resolution and communication.

Love is Dr. Louis’s business. In addition to her couples therapy mission, she is the author of Marital Peace, a book on how to lay the foundation for a solid and meaningful relationship. She also conducts training, seminars and workshops, about marriage, understanding your partner, and public speaking. To date, she has spoken at over 200 workshops and seminars across the world, in places like London, Cambodia, Haiti, Mexico, and Brazil.

Last Resort

Most people come to see Dr. Louis when it’s a little too late. She said she likes the challenge. “As a couples therapist, I see people who are filled with resentment towards their partner built up over the years. In all honesty should have come to see me years ago, but I know that there is so much that can be overcome,” she says.

Dr. Louis doesn’t want troubled couples to wait to come to therapy, that’s why she takes a proactive approach. She encourages couples to attend marriage classes, relationship workshops, and intimacy seminars so they can truly understand their mate. Through Atlanta Couples Therapy, Dr. Louis helps couples get a grip on their relationship sooner rather than later. “It doesn’t matter if you’ve been dating for years and are considering marriage or have been married for 40 years, if there are issues in your marriage — they need to be solved.”

Believing in marriage didn’t come easy for Dr. Louis. “Almost everyone in my family is divorced,” she said. “I truly had to take time and understand and focus my energy on having a strong marriage.” And she’s been happily married for 10 years. She works with her husband, as he manages the business development and the IT aspect of Atlanta Couples Therapy.

Marriage is Priceless

Marriage starts beautifully, but often times ends in divorce. In fact, approximately 50 percent of marriages in the United States will end in divorce, equating to a divorce every 13 seconds. “Divorce is dangerous territory,” Dr. Louis says. The top reasons that clients seek her couples therapy services are due to a lack of communication, financial strain, power struggles, sexual intimacy, and infidelity. She says that most issues, unless they include violence, can be talked through. “I believe in couples coaching. If there is an issue that needs to be resolved, let’s get the help that we need,” she says.

Dr. Louis hosts a Marriage Academy and a relationship training session every month. She also hosts other classes like 5 Ways to Keep Chaos out of Your Relationship, which includes training on how couples can communicate better, rekindle their flame, and resolve their conflicts. Atlanta Couples Therapy also hosts parenting expos and family workshops focused on relationships.

In all of her courses, seminars, and classes, Dr. Louis creates a safe and supportive environment for her clients. She utilizes psychological theories like cognitive behavioral therapy to help clients challenge unproductive and self-defeating thought processes and to create treatment plans. She also utilizes the Gottman Method, which assesses a couple’s dynamics, predicts indicators of divorce, and attempts to reconcile these relationship deficiencies. The Gottman Method urges partners to shy away from ‘criticism, defensiveness, stonewalling, and contempt.’

In the Books

Dr. Louis’s expertise comes from spending over a decade studying relationships and the psychology of people. She received her bachelor’s in psychology from Florida State University, her masters in counseling from Fordham University, and a PhD from Howard University in Washington D.C. She is also accredited by the American Psychology Association, and has extensive experience working with patients with depression, bi-polar disorder, and schizophrenia.

She has worked with youths and adults at counseling centers, schools, churches, and community agencies. Dr. Louis spent time working as a forensic psychologist for the City of Atlanta Municipal Court and for a domestic violence shelter in New York. She’s also taught family counseling, general psychology, and multicultural therapy at colleges throughout the nation.

Still, with all her experience, Dr. Louis feels most at home when she’s talking about relationships. She speaks at local churches and community centers about how to build a strong marriage and how to love your partner the way they need. Her combination of clinical expertise, passion for love, and knack for people have helped Dr. Louis to perfect the art of keeping love alive. Learn more about Dr. Louis at www.drlauralouis.comand get sound advice from her YouTube channel at youtube.com/drlauralouis.