drive thru neon sign

Drive-Thru Oddities: Auto-Friendly Services

All kinds of industries are becoming more auto-friendly by offering drive-thru services, even some that might seem unusual.

Did you know that the very first recorded use of a drive-thru was the Grand National Bank of St. Louis, Missouri, in 1930?

Of course, since that time, drive-thrus have become a prevalent part of our culture. Drive-thrus first appeared at McDonald’s in 1975, and today we find them at most if not all, fast-food chains, groceries, pharmacies, dry cleaners, coffee shops, even liquor stores.

Here are some of the more unusual drive-thrus:

Funeral Homes

Can you believe this? Based on my impeccable research, there are several funeral homes where you can drive up to a window where curtains open automatically, and you can pay your respects to the deceased.

VOTING – Several states throughout the U.S. allow people with mobility issues to drive up and cast their votes.


New Orleans Original Daiquiris is a drive-thru bar in the wonderful state of Louisiana where it is legal to have an open alcoholic beverage in a moving vehicle provided the paper top remains on the straw!

Wedding Chapels

Where else, of course, it’s Las Vegas! Drive-thru wedding chapels have become a thing, and, as you might expect, popularity is soaring these days.


Believe it or not, drive-thru places of worship have been around for years.

Law Firm

The Kocian Law Firm in Manchester, Connecticut, was the first law firm to open a drive-thru branch, which was very convenient for injured clients.

Floating Drive-Thrus

Hungry aquatic adventurers, jet-skiers, and boaters can pull up and order creative burgers at a fast-food floater in the lagoons of Dubai.


Nature lovers will enjoy a drive through an ancient tree! There are a few to choose from in Northern California. Up until 1969, you could drive a highway through one of those big green giants.

With social distancing now in vogue, do you think we will be seeing more unique drive-thrus in our future?