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Dynafocals: Intelligent Opticals For Eyeglass Wearers

New affordable breakthrough eliminates annoyances like switching glasses, head tilting, and blurred vision for nearsighted eyeglass wearers.

Over the years, our vision changes. This is known as presbyopia, which is the gradual loss of our ability to focus on nearby objects that occurs with age. Nearly a billion of us already have this condition. More and more of us are, or will be, wearing eyeglasses full-time, while others resort to using reading glasses for close-up activities.

You can buy reading glasses anywhere, using whatever level of magnification you see fit. In fact, many people buy several pairs of reading glasses, and switch them up depending on distance, print size, and lighting conditions. Nevertheless, our vision is not a constant — it changes over time, and we typically replace our eyeglasses every few years.

A New Era for Eyesight

Given the popularity of reading glasses, it was just a matter of time until somebody figured out how to combine the world of high-tech with reading glasses, effectively creating smart glasses with a mini computer inside.  Think about the potential impact — you will no longer need eyeglasses to see in the distance or read things more easily, no more raising and lowering your head or eyes to improve your vision, and it will no longer be necessary to buy replacements every year or two.

Enter Dynafocals™, the smart eyeglasses that instantly adjust to your needs by changing the focus based on what you view, whether nearby or in the distance. Think about that for a second — you will only need one pair of glasses, even if you currently use progressive lenses or bifocals.

What’s unique about wearing them is there’s a non-contact range-finding sensor built into the frame that measures head posture, viewing angle, and eye convergence to the working distance. This is communicated to the frame’s nose pad which auto-adjusts the eyeglass frame’s height for optimal viewing. As a matter of fact, the Dynafocals can determine whether you are reading or using a computer and can adjust accordingly.

Smarter Eyewear

And, yes, in terms of bells and whistles, the Dynafocals comes standard with wireless charging and smart features. All the electronics and smart functionality are housed in the temples. The interchangeable temple system allows for DynaFit™ for fitness tracking and DynaSound™ with special mic and speakers for private music listening, phone calls, and integration with Alexa, Siri, and Google.

Dynafocals will be available as sunglasses and prescription glasses in a choice of four colors and three fashionable shapes. The company is also making their technology available for licensing to frame manufacturers for use in their own frame designs and colors.

According to the Indian News, “the company is said to have chosen the lightest cellulose acetate propionate plastic for the smart glasses. The pneumatic design of Dynafocals avoids any moving parts in the front of the glasses.  It packs a 100mAh battery, which is claimed to offer about five to seven days of regular usage. Dynafocals is water resistant and can be worn in the rain.”

Does it sound too good to be true?  Well, perhaps, but the Dynafocals earned the prestigious Innovation Award at the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show, as judged by a preeminent panel of independent industrial designers, engineers, and members of the trade media.  And the reviews are off the charts!

A Visionary Idea

Dynafocals was developed by PH Technical Labs, a technology company based in Dallas, Texas. The company prides itself with creating innovative products in the wearable space and has developed many first-of-its-kind products in the world. Some of their notable customers include Apple, NASA, Google, Microsoft, and Intel.

Shariq Hamid, the company’s founder and CEO along with Ram Pattikonda, the chief technology officer, were reaching into their 40s when they experienced nearsightedness. Looking at phones all day, they decided a solution was needed, one where the eyes could remain at the same level and the glasses would self-adjust. At first, they considered making smart lenses, but they would be too bulky to wear comfortably and be very noticeable. They decided to focus their efforts on designing sleek, comfortable frames with built-in smart features that move standard progressive lenses.

Shariq Hamid

Shariq Hamid

According to the company “combined with bifocals and progressive lenses, Dynafocals will improve your vision experience for reading, computer use, and all visual tasks.”

Going to Market

Dynafocals are expected to hit the marketplace shortly at a cost of around $250. They also come with a rechargeable cord, case, presentation box, and instructions for your eye doctor for the type of lenses needed.  They will be available through optical practices worldwide, and other distribution agreements are being implemented at this time.

Importantly, we at Throomers do not pretend to be physicians or experts with health-related issues, and strongly recommend that you speak with your own eye care professional before making any changes to your eyewear. Watch the cool videos at phtl.com/dynafocals.