Ellen Rowley: Editor-in-Chief


Ellen Rowley enjoys her role in writing and editing articles for Throomers. She is a seasoned marketing communications professional and previously worked for Xacti, an Internet technology company where she oversaw marketing initiatives and SEO content creation for a large variety of small business platforms and consumer membership/subscription programs.


Among her professional achievements, Ellen had formerly worked for CableRunner NA where she introduced fiber-optic technology developed and patented by the City of Vienna, Austria to U.S. municipalities and assisted in launching pilot projects. She successfully branded and marketed the firm into an internationally recognized industry leader and industry standards developer within a two-year period.


During her tenure as marketing liaison representing the City of Vienna, Austria, Ellen facilitated cooperative programs with mayor’s offices and businesses throughout the U.S. She was instrumental in establishing high-level Austrian/U.S. business forums to promote international trade, joint research, and cultural exchanges.


Much of her career was dedicated to successfully marketing a leading international computer company, MODCOMP, and its systems integration, data acquisition, and process control solutions to markets as diverse as retail, finance, government, aerospace, energy, utilities, factory automation, broadcast, and communication.


Ellen enjoys expressing her creative abilities through art, writing, and cuisine. Among her favorite activities are spending time with family, horseback riding, hiking, and travel. She loves the little things in life but also has a keen interest in researching historical figures and events, cultures, and social issues.