Expeditions Unpacked: What the Great Explorers Took into the Unknown

By Ed Stafford, illustrated by Christine Barrie | Published September 17, 2019

In this unique and enthralling book, explorer and survivalist Ed Stafford curates 25 great expeditions through the lens of the kit these remarkable explorers took with them. In an environment where lack of preparation could mean certain death, the equipment carried, ridden and sailed into uncharted territories could mean the success or failure of an expedition. Was it simply a case of better provisions and preparation that helped Amundsen beat Scott to the South Pole? And how has the equipment taken to Everest changed since Hillary’s first ascent?

Through carefully curated photographs and specially commissioned illustrations we can see at a glance the scale, style and complexity of the items taken into the unknown by the greatest explorers of all time, and the impact each item had on their journey. How it potentially saved a life, or was purely for comfort or entertainment, and how these objects of survival have evolved and adapted as science advances, and we plunge further into the extremes.

Expeditions Unpacked offers an intimate view of some of the world’s greatest expeditions, including:

  • Amelia Earhart, first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean (Bendix radio direction finder, parachutes, emergency life raft, rouge)
  • Roald Amundsen, race to the Pole: Norwegian expedition (snowshoes, Primus stove, piano, violin, gramophone
  • Tim Slessor, first overland from London to Singapore (machetes, crowbar, typewriter, Remington dry shaver, tea)
  • Nellie Bly, around the world in 72 days (Mumm champagne, accordion, silk waterproof wrap, dark gloves)

Conquering fears and mountains, adversity and wild jungles, each item these explorers flew, pulled or hauled played a crucial role in their ambitious and dangerous missions to find out a little more about our world. Through each of these objects, we can gain a better understanding ourselves.

ED STAFFORD is the Guinness World Record-holding first person to walk the Amazon River. In 2011 he was awarded European Adventurer of the Year and the Mungo Park Medal by the Royal Scottish Geographical Society.  A former British Army captain, Ed filmed and blogged his deadly journey and engaged followers all over the world for almost two and a half years. His footage was made into a Discovery Channel documentary which was sold to over 100 countries. He also authored the bestselling book, Walking the Amazon– all to great critical acclaim. He has gone on to film seven survival series for the Discovery Channel; in late 2018 his most recent series, Ed Stafford: First Man Out aired globally. Ed is married to fellow adventurer Laura Bingham and lives in rural Leicestershire, UK. He is available for interview.

Expeditions Unpacked: What the Great Explorers Took into the Unknown

By Ed Stafford, illustrated by Christine Barrie

Publishing September 17, 2019 | White Lion Publishing

Hardcover, 240 pages, 200 images | $45.00 US, $59.00 CAN | ISBN: 978-1-78131-878-2

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