Morning cup of coffee, gift box, necktie and eyeglasses for greeting card on Happy Fathers Day.

Father’s Day 2019: The Coolest Gifts To Blow His Mind

Happy Father’s Day to one and all!

I have some unique gift ideas that most dads will be thankful for.  Let’s see if any spark your interest!


We need to start with the ultimate “fun” gift for anyone and everyone. Yes, we are talking about the Ben & Jerry’s pint lock. As it says on the Ben & Jerry’s website, “they can steal your heart, but don’t let them steal a single scoop . . . ” It’s only $9.99 if you buy it directly from their website.


A few years ago, I went on the greatest trip of my life – an African safari!  It seemed like I had to buy a new wardrobe because you are only allowed to bring a small duffel bag that will easily fit on the little airplanes that take you from one camp to another!

I read an article that had mentioned this special travel underwear whose slogan is “17 countries. 6 wees. One pair of award-winning underwear. (OK, maybe two).”

Several years later, my drawer is filled with Ex Officio underwear!  They come in a variety of styles and colors, and they are the most comfortable underwear I have ever tried.  In fact, they are so well made, that they seem to last forever.  Now this underwear doesn’t come cheap, typically going for around $20 a pair, but if you search hard enough or go to your local Costco, you just might get lucky!


If your father enjoys an occasional beer or two, I have to think that, like me, they want it cold, real cold.  There’s nothing worse than a warm or room temperature beer!

But I can’t stand those sleeves or covers or whatever you call them, because, in my opinion, they’re really annoying and don’t work very well.  So, when I drink bottled beer, more often than not I end up drinking way too quickly or throw the beer out when it gets warm.

Well, I found the answer on Shark Tank, and it’s called Bottlekeeper!  They have almost 7500 reviews, an average rating of 4.5 stars out of 5, and cost $35 and up!  Check it out!


For years and years, I’ve been using a money clip to hold my cash, driver’s license and credit cards. I always found wallets to be too bulky and annoying.  And, these days, the trend has been for smaller, thinner wallets, but I was unable to find any to my liking . . . until now.

I was flipping through the Kickstarter campaigns, and stumbled upon a company called Garvini, and a wallet they call the Cavare.  It’s the perfect solution and my old money clip hasn’t seen the light of day since it arrived at my house.

Garzini offers a variety of “magic wallets,” made with a premium leather in a choice of colors. They are small, thin, and easily hold eight or ten cards without causing any bulk. According to the manufacturer, it has room for up to 22 cards, notes, bills, and coins!

The Cavare model starts at $55!  Check it out!


Does your favorite father enjoy cooking? Is he always searching for “the perfect steak?”

Have you heard the term “sous-vide?” This is a method of cooking where food is sealed in an airtight container and cooked in a water bath at a regulated temperature. Sounds like a mouthful, huh? The real question is does it work?

According to many experts, the best sous vide machine is made by a company called Joule and, according to the thousands of 4.5 to 5 star reviews it has earned, it must really work. This looks pretty easy to handle, the end result looks incredible and . . . could someone buy one for me?  It goes for $199.

Take a minute or two to watch this video:


Well, if your father enjoys an adventure and  you are willing to pony up around $2,500 . . . are you still there?

Yes, the ultimate experience for dad (with the assistance of an experienced pilot), is to fly a jet fighter. In fact, depending on how much you are willing to pay, you can have a choice of several types of jets!

OK, I must admit, this one is not for me. But it might be for your dad. Sit back and enjoy! Check out their website here.