FoldiMate: Your New Best Friend

Folding laundry has never been this much fun. 

I consider myself a pretty lucky guy. I’ve got a great wife who has always managed our household while I was hard at work. And, now that I’m retired from work, she has continued to do so. I do have a few responsibilities, however, one of them being folding my laundry. And, while I don’t claim to be an expert, I am able to get by, perhaps because most days you can find me wearing a pair of lightweight fishing pants and a t-shirt.

Let me make this clear —I do not wish to pretend that I enjoy folding my laundry, and it can get embarrassing when my clothes look like a pile of wrinkles. But there’s a solution on the way, and I am excited!

My new best friend is called FoldiMate, which is an automatic laundry-folding machine! Here’s how it works —you simply put a shirt or a pair of pants onto a tray that pulls it into the machine. The machine then folds each item, and perhaps ten to fifteen seconds later, a perfectly folded stack of clothing appears on a tray at the bottom of the machine.

Splurge If You Can

The manufacturer is expecting to distribute the FoldiMate by year-end and hopes to keep the price under $1,000. At that price, it’s apparent that the FoldiMate is not for everyone. But it does have a place for those who can afford the price —spoiled guys like myself, young families with lots of laundry, and people with disabilities immediately come to mind.

Either way, I find the concept fascinating, check out the video for yourself!

“I started this journey seven years ago with a humble goal: to help out with laundry folding in my home. After recently trying out one of our early prototypes, my kids started fighting over who will be using FoldiMate when we’ll have it in our house,” says Gal Rozov, Founder and CEO of FoldiMate.

FoldiMate can fold clothes ranging in size from child age 6 to adult XXL. It’s actually fun to watch it fold all kinds of shirts, blouses and pants, even towels and pillowcases. FoldiMate can actually fold a load of laundry, about 25 articles, in about five minutes — perfectly. It works best with average size clothing. Some items can’t be folded in the machine like very small or bulky items and bed sheets.

Practically Thinks for You

Technically, the FoldiMate is a robotic laundry folding machine. It’s amazing how this thing works, it’s almost intuitive. Somehow it knows the type and size of the item you’re putting in and automatically adapts to it. All you do is set your item on special clips and the machine does the rest quietly, quickly, and perfectly. Since it’s robotic, items are folded the same way every time and placed into a bin ready for you to take out as a neat stack.

I can’t wait until this product rolls out into the U.S. market, maybe in time for holiday gift-giving, in case someone wants to wish me a very happy holiday season. I can think of friends and relatives that could really use this to make their life a little easier. Initially, only a limited quantity will be produced for their product introduction, but you can secure a spot on their waitlist and be one of the first to get the product. Eventually, the company plans to offer FoldiMate internationally in regions that indicate high demand.

FoldiMate has been styled to blend in with any home decor so you can place it in your laundry room, bedroom, family room, anywhere you want to fold your laundry. There are even plans to have a commercial model so customers can use FoldiMate at laundromats.


“It’s imperative to us to understand our customers’ wishes. We designed a chic appearance after learning that many people plan to use FoldiMate in their bedrooms, spare rooms, or living rooms.” explains Rozov in a recent press release. He continues, “We realized that it needs to look less like an appliance as not everyone has space in their laundry room, and even if they do, they don’t necessarily want to fold there.”

Creating a Buzz

The latest prototype was unveiled at CES 2019, the world’s largest technology show held in January in Las Vegas, Nevada. Media attention was phenomenal zeroing in on technology that makes life’s chores easier. Following the event, the company started conducting research by having consumers bring their own laundry, use the product, and provide their feedback in order to determine if product manufacturing can be initiated.

The company, FoldiMate Inc., is headquartered in Los Angeles, California while their R&D team operates out of Israel. Their mission is to simplify household chores using innovative technology and robotics. FoldiMate is the company’s first robotic product and I can’t wait to see what else they come up with to make housework easier! Check out their website at foldimate.com.