Foodie Fantasies from LG

Soon, intelligence-laden kitchen gadgets will be coming our way, taking homemade to a whole new level.

The rumor mill says that LG, the multinational electronics company headquartered in South Korea, has not been spending all of its time manufacturing some of the best TVs, kitchen appliances, and audio devices in the industry.

The Ultimate Home Brewery Machine

As a matter of fact, at industry tradeshows in 2018, LG introduced a new concept machine called HomeBrew, a craft beer machine. Using pods similar to the coffees pods introduced by Keurig several years ago, you can create fresh craft beers right in your own home.

If you know anything about brewing beer, you are aware that this is a time-consuming process that requires a lot of time and legwork throughout the various stages of the process, from boiling, to mixing, to cooling to carbonating, and, finally fermenting. HomeBrew is by no means an instant solution, but it’s much more of a hands-off approach, and it dramatically reduces the timeline to a matter of weeks before reaching perfection.

I really enjoy my beers, leaning towards IPAs and Pale Ales. I prefer draught beer, and, like many others, I bought a system around a decade ago which, after one or two uses, found its way to the garbage can. However, with a growing number of craft breweries in every corner of America, I discovered it’s much easier to step up to the bar versus sitting around and waiting for your homemade concoction.

But the HomeBrew sounds pretty impressive. First, all you do is select a pod among a variety of choices such as American IPA, American Pale Ale, English Stout, Belgian Witbier, or Czech Pilsner. Then you add some water, press a button or two, and pretty soon, you have your very own fresh draught beer! As if that’s not enough, the machine cleans and sanitizes itself when it’s finished brewing! What could be easier than that?

HomeBrew was released in South Korea 18 months later. Meantime, we are patiently waiting for LG to listen to the reviews, iron out the kinks, and introduce HomeBrew in the USA. A word to the wise, however, HomeBrew is a luxury item; the anticipated cost is over $3,000! My advice, just like boats, find a rich friend and convince him or her to make the purchase!

Soft-Serve Ice Cream … in Minutes

If you thought the experts at LG have been sitting around since then, think again. At the 2019 tradeshows, the imagineers at LG introduced their latest concept machine called SnowWhite, another pod-based system that offers a choice of frozen desserts, including soft-serve ice cream, sorbet, gelato, yogurt, etc., in a matter of minutes.

When I was growing up, my family would drive to Carvel’s when we were in the mood for some ice cream. We would inevitably enjoy a vanilla or chocolate cone and take home some of those legendary Flying Saucers. These days, when the mood strikes, it’s off to Dairy Queen for a cone or a blizzard. Of course, we have the option of loading up on Ben & Jerry’s or Häagen Dazs, but there’s something special about freshly made soft serve.

Can you imagine having to walk into your kitchen to make some of the best fresh ice creams you’ve ever imagined? Well, the buzz I am hearing is that it’s a real possibility!

Assuming everything works out as anticipated, you would pick out two or more pods, one for the type of dessert you want, and a second (or third, or …) for your favorite flavors. Wait two to five minutes and voila! Your favorite dessert is dispensed and ready to enjoy! And, as if this isn’t enough, this machine also cleans itself after delivering fresh desserts.

The Future of Homemade

What could be on the horizon for LG as they think of ways to fulfill our food fantasies? We have already explored those incredible backyard pizza ovens and the fantastic dry agers for your favorite steaks. What could be on the horizon? Perhaps an appliance that does it all, combining the functions of a high-speed blender, slow-cooker, mixer, food processor, digital scale, sous-vide machine, steamer, and smartphone? Stand by, my friends, this is a reality, and one you will be learning more about in the not so distant future!

Life is definitely good at LG. The company is looking to take the challenges out of creating high-quality gourmet foods and beverages in the home environment. They are no doubt on the cutting edge of brilliant ideas and stretching the limits of smart technology to make things easier, more convenient, and fun in the kitchen. Imagine inviting friends over for the weekend and serving up your homemade brew or out of this world ice cream; that’s where technology is leading us, enabling anyone to create masterful food fantasies with a flick of a switch, press of a button, or voice command.