Genius Pack: Smart Carry-On for Smart Travelers

No ordinary luggage, this carry-on redefines functionality for the modern traveler.

I know, I know, everybody has their own opinion about everything.  But when I see competitors agreeing about a new gizmo or gadget or whatever, I tend to look a bit closer.  And, according to Travel & Leisure and Fodor’s Travel, the Genius Pack G4 is the best carry-on luggage you can find. And, from what I have learned, I couldn’t agree more!

One thing that most of us have in common is that we will do just about anything to avoid those annoying, ridiculous, and costly luggage fees charged by virtually every airline company.  Of course, some of these airlines have already changed their policies so that they can assess you for your carry-on, but it’s usually a bit less, and certainly easier to deal with, than checking in your luggage.

Carry-On Dream Come True

The Genius Pack Carry-On is way ahead of the curve.  Now that the company has released the fourth generation, it seems that they have thought of everything!  Before you watch the video, allow me to share some highlights of the things that are important to me and, in all likelihood, you!

  • The luggage is lightweight, just 7.8 pounds, water resistant, and abrasion resistant.
  • Of course, it’s a 360-degree spinner, with special wheels that result in a smooth roll.
  • The exterior is a high-strength, yet smooth fabric.
  • Your dirty clothes are separated in a zip-out bag that can be compressed by up to 50%.
  • Inside the luggage, there are pockets for socks, chargers, and undergarments.
  • Outside the luggage, there are pockets for water bottles, magazines, and laptops.
  • You can integrate a charger into the luggage to recharge your smartphone.
  • You can add a hidden umbrella that pops up from the top in the event of rain.
  • A zippered expander adds 25% more packing space.
  • There is a handle on the bottom to help you place it into the overhead bin.

I have to agree with the travel experts that this stunning yet practical carry-on offers the most versatility in the marketplace.  The laundry compression technology allows you to pack more, your smartphone will remain charged, and you won’t be stuck in the middle of a storm without cover. There’s even an integrated packing list inside to make sure that you pack everything you need.

The Genius Behind the Brand

It started with newlyweds Alfred Chehebar and his wife shopping for luggage for their honeymoon. There were plenty of brands, but nothing excited them — all choices were basically the same — a travel container for clothes. He saw a lack of innovation and new technologies were not being integrated, so he entered the travel luggage industry and turned it on its head.

He became the founder and CEO of Genius Pack in 2013 and built the brand from the ground up with one purpose in mind: to bring to market the greatest functioning carry-on luggage ever built. It had to be designed to excel in quality and aesthetics with an affordable price point. His team pulled it off and after its launch, started creating related travel gear with those same high standards. The company forgoes traditional wholesalers and retailers and passes the cost savings directly to the consumer.

“We put all of our emphasis, all of our focus, all of our efforts toward creating the best carry-on we could imagine,” says Chehebar in a SiriusXM interview. “All the products we created were to fill a purpose, fill a need, and to stay consistent with our brand message which is to introduce extreme functionality throughout all of our products.”

Designed and built in the U.S.A., Genius Pack actually holds 17 patents which far surpasses conventional carry-ons in features and functions. The company’s goal was to create a convenient and hassle-free carry-on to make a more enjoyable travel experience. That, along with the extreme functionality and meticulous attention to detail clearly makes Genius Pack the go-to luggage choice for the serious traveler.

Genius Pack has drawn rave reviews by both media and consumers. GQ magazine calls the line, “The 8 best items for traveling light.” While PeopleStyle simply states, “We Found the Best Suitcase Out There.” The New York Times describes it as “Innovative Luggage for the Honeymoon.” Business Insider lauds it as being “The best carry-on luggage for families traveling with kids.”

What’s New?

If you travel with your smart devices, you’re going to love what Genius Pack has been busy creating. The company recently announced their Genius Pack Supercharged which incorporates in-demand features for modern day travelers. An upgraded version of Genius Pack’s Aerial Carry-On, it is ultra-lightweight, includes a built-in combo lock, and has a unique charging capability.

It features dual USB-ports that can charge cellphones up to four times. Devices and gadgets can now be charged all at the same time. Its power pack is removable and TSA-friendly. Also included is an all-in-one charging cable capable of charging iPhone, Android devices, and the luggage itself. The carry-on also features eight wheels for added stability, durability, and smooth gliding action over different types of terrain.

If you are an avid traveler, treat yourself and check out the Genius Pack G4 and their other travel products at geniuspack.com!