Goss RV: Motorcoach Luxury Travel

RV…motorcoach… luxury travel.  What?! These words don’t go together in the same sentence… do they?  That’s what I said to myself, and to my family, when we talked about taking a weekend trip to the mountains.

Wow, were we surprised. My wife and I have traveled to beautiful places across the world.  From islands to ski slopes, and from wine country to the glamorous Hôtel de Paris in Monte Carlo.  We truly enjoy travel, and we love to explore new places.  Regardless of the location, we’ll often rent a vehicle and start a separate journey on our vacation.

So how does this travel story drift into a story about motorcoach travel?  Well, a friend told us about a motorcoach travel vacation from GossRV Luxury Travel.  Being adventurous travelers, we said “why not. It’s something new. Let’s see what this luxury motorcoach travel is all about.”

We did a little research before we started our weekend trip and felt we had a pretty good idea of what to expect.  Holy smokes, were we wrong!  Our family wasn’t traveling in in bus, an rv, or some strange thing on wheels.  We were traveling in a full-size luxury suite while hanging out watching the scenery from a giant comfy, leather sofa.

A quick aside (more on this later…) When the motorcoach arrived to pick us up, it was much larger than we expected!  The photos on the website showed the coach and all its different areas.  But when we saw the motorcoach in person, it was massive. No ducking down, squeezing, or trying to get comfortable in a small space.  Nope!  Just walk right into a 50-foot glamour machine that had bedroom, bunks, kitchen, and a full bathroom.  It looked like a hotel suite with a Jeep being pulled behind it.

We headed to the North Carolina mountains and actually enjoyed the drive on the way.  How was this possible?  To start with, we had our driver, Philip.  He was a total sweetheart.  Philip explained the rules – there were no rules… other than relax and enjoy the ride to our destination.  Our daughters loved talking to Philip and watching television, while my wife and I had wine and cheese.

The three-hour drive seemed like 30 minutes.  No crowded plane with seatmates.  No waiting in lines, no getting bumped, and trying to get comfortable.  We were relaxed and comfortable watching the scenery go by, saying “that’s beautiful, we don’t remember that.”  We’d been to Highland and Cashiers many times, but missed so much of the beauty on the way.

We arrived at our motorcoach resort.  Again, seeing the photos on the resort website, it looked very nice, but we still were not sure what to expect. Going through the front gate and into the resort area, we were blown away.  This certainly was not campground in any way. Immediately we noticed the vastness, features, and style of the resort.  From the lake with a small par-3, to massive mountain-style clubhouse at the top of the resort, every parking space had a beautiful outdoor living area with fireplaces and grills; think backyard loggia with all the relaxing elements.  Many of the parking spots even had small, elegant homes. We were floored.

Once we got parked, Philip started pushing buttons.  “Wait, this thing gets bigger.  A lot bigger?!?”  The walls started to move out.  Two big awnings opened from the side, and then the televisions popped out everywhere. Where did these tv’s come from?  We had a three on the inside and one on the outside.  Yep, under the awning, was a pull-out audio-visual system… right next to a pull-out grill.

Now it’s time to relax. So, we visit the clubhouse.  Think beautiful ski resort clubhouse with a great pool area looking out over the mountains.  We could see for hundreds of miles in every direction.  The heavy wrought iron chairs were so comfortable, the pool was perfect temperature, and the view was magnificent. Our daughters were having a great time. We were sipping cocktails.  Live was good.

Heading back to our coach in the golf cart provided, we drove by other spots to see how others did this motorcoach luxury thing.  We saw beautiful buses with second cars next to them.  Porsche, Ferrari, Mercedes-Benz… these were the cars that others had brought with them.  I remember thinking “I now realize why we have a pull car. We can go explore this area in the Jeep we have with us.  Let’s go outside the resort and look around.”  We took some time and visited some of the local towns.  More beauty, more fun, more experiences we hadn’t done in the past.

For two days and nights, we relaxed.  We were with our daughters and our goldendoodle, who’s part of the family. We had a beautiful location with plenty of surrounding, scenic venues and great restaurants.  We had 24/7 access to Philip. If we needed Philip, he was staying in a nearby hotel and was available any time.  We had fun!

On our last day, we knew the time was too short.  We needed more – more great meals, more good wine, and a lot more relaxing times at the pool.  But, the girls had to get back, so we headed back home, knowing this would be the first of many luxury motorcoach trips we would take.

As we look into other trips, we’re seeing so many neat options.  From the Grand Canyon to the Pacific Coast Highway, and from areas in Northern Michigan to upper New England, there’s so much to see and to do, right in our back yard.

Our next motorcoach trip will be a week. We’re going to visit more beautiful locations and stay in more amazing resorts.  What a great, new way to travel.  We can’t wait to get started this summer!

The travel company – www.GossRV.com.

The resort – http://mountain-falls.com/photos-videos/