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Ivana Taylor: The DIY Queen of Marketing

This determined self-starter rocked the small business world with money-saving DIY marketing strategies.

“The number one mistake small business owners make is that they think they have to sell everything to everybody. You’ve got to know who the right people are and you’ve got to stop talking about your product, selling is out, contribution is in.”

Just when you thought Gary Vaynerchuck was the only online digital marketing sensation ever to set foot on the face of this earth, meet Ivana Taylor.

Who is Ivana Taylor?

According to Fast Company’s 2010 Influencers Project, Taylor ranked number twenty-one out of over thirty thousand internet professionals. But what is it that makes Taylor such an accomplished online persona in the digital marketing industry?

Among her long list of accomplishments, Taylor is an author, publisher, content contributor, book editor, marketing consultant, and overall digital marketing.  Taylor also instructs marketing classes at Cleveland State University and Akron University in her home state of Ohio.

Taylor is the publisher of DIYMarketers.com, an online digital marketing publication that specializes in helping small business owners with the best tools, tips and strategies for doing marketing on a budget. While these are some of Taylor’s major accomplishments, her journey to the top wasn’t very easy.

Rough Start

“My background story is somewhat related to how I started my marketing site. When I was growing up, my mom and I were always looking for great deals. So you know, forever looking for a way to look good on no money. I had your basic marketing trajectory. I studied marketing in school. I went to work in the manufacturing world where there was never enough money to to spend on marketing programs,” says Taylor.

Today, her expert advice can be found on websites such as AMEX Open Forum, Marketing for Success, and Biz2Credit.com where she blogs about how to succeed in the online world of sales, customer service, customer retention, surviving the pitfalls of the American economy, lead generation, and even entrepreneurial mindset. One article she published titled, “A Simple Exercise to Change Your Attitude About Opportunities,” found on the AMEX Open Forum, really accentuates Taylor’s nifty forte in making sense out of marketing and helping business owners choose the best marketing strategies to get and keep their ideal customers.

When Things Don’t Go as Planned

While Taylor excels at helping those who struggle with choosing the right methods of marketing to gain conversions, a term coined in the industry to signify sales and profit, like most of us who set sail on a plan, things didn’t work out the way she had intended.

Taylor states on DIYMarketers.com that, “The original idea behind DIYMarketers was to show small business owners all the amazing technology that allowed you to multiply yourself and to do big brand marketing on a budget. As time went on, the opposite became true; there was too much technology, too many options. And that’s when people started asking my help in choosing what tools to use, how to use them, and how to leverage their time.”

Today, she works with brands who are looking for creative ways to build long-term relationships with small business owners. Sometimes that involves creating content that helps small businesses understand how to use particular tools and platforms and sometimes she’ll coordinate with other small business influencers to implement entire relationship building campaigns that include webinars and social media events.

Feeding Her Passion for Business Books

While working on developing a marketing strategy for MrExcel.com, Taylor put on her author hat, and along with CEO Bill Jelen, co-authored the book Excel for Marketing Managers which she and Bill published in 2006. According to the book’s summary on Amazon.com, this publication promises to teach “Marketing Managers the math functions to produce budgets and forecasts and how to use survey analytics to quickly spot trends using pivot tables and other analysis tools.”

Because of her proven industry track record and passion for business books, Small Business Trends, an award-winning online publication for small business owners, asked her to serve as their Book Editor where she and a panel of business book enthusiasts gather together to provide weekly reviews of the most current marketing industry topics and books for growing small businesses. In addition to her role as Book Editor, the online publication had also extended her the opportunity to spearhead the annual Small Business Book Awards which she leads every year.

Business Solutions Via Chat

To further emphasize her passion in helping small business owners maximize their profit and leverage their time strategically, Taylor hosts a weekly tweet chat every Monday she titles “#BizapaloozaChat.” This LIVE Twitter Chat was created to allow access to entrepreneurs to learn from other successful business owners. Experts and influencers from all spectrums of business join the chat to help teach what it takes to be successful and answer all the challenging questions from the chat members that have to do with business and marketing. It’s a fantastic way to build relationships with entrepreneurs whose status exemplifies where they aspire to be and a fantastic mentoring opportunity for those who are seeking business mentorship.

Have it Your Way

When asked by Constellation, the leading competitive energy company that provides power, natural gas, and renewable energy for homes and businesses, of what advice she had for small business owners, Taylor says, “Never take on a job that isn’t structured in a way for you to be successful so always know what it takes for you to be successful and make sure you work that into the structure of the contract. If the client does not want to do that, then you already know you can’t be successful. So, your reputation and how successful you are is your best marketing tool.”

Taylor remains committed to helping small businesses build their brand for less money, so they can make more money. Find out more about Taylor and how to market your brand yourself by visiting her website.