James H. Blackburn



A common thread throughout Jim’s life is his evolution as an author and learning facilitator as his insightful, provocative and opinion-shaping counsel has been life changing for the many people who have sought out and benefited from their visits with Jim.


Jim’s Story…   In 1965, Jim began his professional life as a school teacher/athletic coach, then transitioned into the financial services industry for a 25-year career as a Sales Person, Sales Manager, and General Manager.


In 1995, at age 52, Jim turned the page on his professional life as he left the financial services industry and founded what ultimately has become SURVE Partners, a distinct and innovative consultancy focusing primarily on the art and science of personal and professional development. His motive for this dramatic professional transition was based on his increasing awareness of his own personal struggles with finding meaning, fulfillment and happiness as a highly paid professional with an international insurance company. As a result, he has created and pioneered unique learning processes that contribute directly to the significant increase of a person’s ability to work more productively with and through others while at the same time feeling more fulfillment and meaning in his or her work.


“Seeds of Intent”… In 2011, Jim wrote and published his first book, “seeds of Intent”, which became an Amazon “Best Seller” in November of that year. He wrote this book for the person who has a desire to live a more purposeful and fulfilling life while experiencing less stress, anxiety, worry, and/or concern. The book has had many powerful reviews including one from Kirkus Review, a professional book review company known as the world’s toughest book critic.


While this book has been impacting the lives of many people, Jim’s personal drive for continuous growth has resulted in the publishing of the 4th edition in 2015.  This latest edition is much more reader friendly as it serves as a unique tool contributing to a person’s transition into the life he or she is meant to live.


Adjunct Professor and Radio Talk Show Host… While Jim’s qualifications and skills as a personal and professional development facilitator are well documented, he has also served as an Adjunct Professor for the University of Iowa and the University of North Carolina Business Schools.  And finally, Jim has hosted an international talk radio broadcast on the VoiceAmerica Business channel that was heard throughout the U.S., Canada and Eastern Europe.


Education… Jim received his undergraduate degree from Kent State University with post-graduate studies at The Harvard Business School and The American College.