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Jim Blackburn: Your Potential & How To Become The Person You Are Meant To Be

Becoming the person you are meant to be is not about becoming a better person.  It is about potential. Expanding and adding to the unique and significant talents and human qualities that you already possess.  Said differently, it’s about realizing your unfulfilled “potential” with “potential” being defined as… “our existing, but hidden and not yet developed, human qualities and talents that lead to successful endeavors.”

“Your unfulfilled “potential” is like a huge ocean waiting to be sailed, a new continent unexplored, and a world of possibilities waiting to be released and channeled toward some greater good…”

Exploring the Unfulfilled

How do you know when you have unfulfilled “potential” you might be thinking?

You have unfulfilled “potential” if you are experiencing any of the following:

  • Persistent struggle and/or feelings of being overwhelmed and out of control…
  • Unexpected personal and/or professional relationship terminations…
  • Increasing bouts of depression, feelings of guilt, and/or the tendency to be preoccupied with worry…
  • Unpredictable irritability with the people closet to you as well as an inability to feel happiness and optimism…
  • Strong resistance to change… more…

What do all these painful experiences have to do with unfulfilled “potential” you’re asking?

These unsettling experiences and others like them are the results of your inability to adapt how you relate to the changing world around you. That’s right. Your world is continually evolving, and how you related to it in the past will no longer serve you as it did before.

“The world keeps changing. It is one of the paradoxes

of success that the things and the ways which got you

where you are, are seldom those that keep you there.”

 -Charles Handy

So, to avoid these painful experiences and feelings, you will need to change how you view and relate to yourself, other people and the world around you.  And by making these important behavior and attitude changes, you will be initiating the

process of fulfilling your “potential”.

“Change how you view and relate to yourself, other people and the world around you?”  This sounds like a bunch of nonsense you’re probably telling yourself, and I can’t blame you. But it’s true.  So, what’s involved ?

Tapping into Your Potential

You can make these abstract changes by embracing a new form of learning that goes beyond acquiring new knowledge, skills, and capabilities which are commonly referred to as education and training.  This method of learning is a unique process of introspection and self-examination that features a focus on your thoughts and beliefs about yourself, other people and the world you experience on a daily basis. This is how your “hidden and undeveloped human qualities and talents” are identified as well as developed.

Can you ever completely and totally realize your full “potential” is another question that needs to be asked?

The answer is a resounding no.  The reason is that your world continues to evolve which requires that you continually revisit and reshape your thoughts and beliefs about yourself, other people and the world you live in.  And your new thoughts and beliefs become your evolving “potential”.

Finally, a Suggestion.

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