Jim Rooney: Staff Writer

Jim Rooney is a ‘Throomer’ (‘thriving boomer’) and is also one of our staff writers.


If that’s not enough, Jim is a husband and father of two extraordinary young adults and a recent retiree after thirty-three years in financial advisory at Merrill Lynch. While the industry changed ‘light years’ in his time, Jim never really has. His role evolved from ‘Retail Stock & Bond Broker,’ to ‘Financial Consultant,’ to ‘Financial Advisor,’ and finally to ‘Wealth Manager,’ and all throughout he was a steady presence and a voice of wisdom to his clients, especially during the most difficult market periods. In both prosperous and challenging times, Jim was concerned primarily with the welfare of his clients and was proud to be a member of the “Thundering Herd.”


Since his retirement in 2017, Jim has been enjoying his family and home life, and indulging in his varied interests including reading literature, watching sports, sharing food and wine with friends, and particularly writing. Because of his lifelong passion for positivity and success stories, he’s especially enjoyed writing about the extraordinary people he’s been assigned at Throomers. He’s done his best to profile them in interesting, entertaining and honorable ways.